Friday, December 31, 2010

Bead Connections

pendant by sculptedwindows
I talked a little last week about how beads seem to connect people.
This week I had the most wonderful proof of that ! My mailman delivered a surprise package.Inside was a gift from someone who has been buying my beads for years.Our acquaintance began as buyer/seller . However,we have become cyber -friends.When she was blogging (I wish she still had time to!)I faithfully read her blog.I think she usually reads mine ; )   I found we had more than just beads in common.My friend Cathryn cares for many cats including a feral colony. I work for a veterinarian center that endeavors to find forever homes for  the various kittens and older cats that happen on our door step.So I suppose you could say we have a bead /fur friendship!!! But, when I opened my gift I realized it was much more.

Cathryn had sent me the gorgeous necklace and earring set in these photos . She said it reminded her of me . She knew from my blogs and bead designs I LOVE all things ocean .
But ,here's what's  amazing. I have not shared here or anywhere on line that in November my family lost a beloved member.
My ex-husband Ron,died very suddenly and completely unexpectedly .We were married for 13 years.We have two wonderful children ,two  grandchildren and are expecting a new grandchild in March.We remained  close friends for 46 years.I am still coping with my personal loss.And I am dealing with the grief of my children ,grandchildren  and mutual friends.Most holidays were spent together at our daughter's home.This Christmas was a very hard one for us all. Ron also loved everything ocean .On my daughter's tree we hung a "remembrance ornament " , a shell exactly like the one on the necklace ! Any "just because" gift is a true treasure.Cathryn's kind gesture helped my heart to heal a bit.Her caring gift arrived  just when it was most needed.
The connection that made her send something so special just when I  needed it is amazing enough.
But ,that's not all ! I was very impressed by the work of the Kristie Lou Brigham who made the very  unique pendant .
I hurried  to look at  her blog and  on-line shops!
Beyond amazing !!!!! Kristie donates part of the sale of pendants like mine, to the Turtle Hospital in the Florida  Keys!!! I visit that very Hospital every year when I go to scuba dive !!! In fact, my younger daughter is considering applying for a job there when she graduates from  college in the spring !!! 

Some of you may think that what I perceive as bead connections, are mere coincidences . But ,I believe that when we create things with our hands we put a bit of ourselves into each item .As our creations move on to other hands a bit of our energy goes with  them .

I really have no words to explain how deeply I  have been touched by Cathryn's gift .
All I can say is 
Cathryn ,I thank you from the very  depths of my heart .

as the New Year begins....
take a moment to enjoy more of  the Beautiful Art of Kristie Lou Brigham
she creates wonderful clay faces and  fabulous wire wrapped pieces !!!
be sure to  visit the Turtle hospital blog to see what wonderful work they do
and of course ...
Bead Happy !!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Another year is almost over. Where does time go!!!
Much of my time goes to working with my polymer clay !!!
One of the very best parts of creating beads and pendants, is the connection I feel with the wonderful people who use my work in their designs.I also like to imagine who might be wearing my beads. My items have gone to places all over the world ! It's lovey to think of the connections we make when we create a piece of jewelry . Sometimes I am able to interact with my buyers .Many have become cyber-friends throughout the years. Others I never do get to know.But, I feel a connection just the same .
I put my heart into every bead I make. I believe that somehow that energy travels with my beads wherever they go !
As the year winds down, I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with beaders everywhere .
Sharing my love of making and designing with beads brings me great happiness.
I look forward to another year creating new and old bead styles and interacting with new and old friends.
I hope you have all had a year filled with blessings and beads!!!
Wishing you Happiest of Holidays
Bead Happy ,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

White Christmas

We do get plenty of snow in Maryland.But, we don't always have a White Christmas.This year we may have some snow on the ground for the holidays.The temperature has hardly risen above freezing!!! We've had several days of snow flurries and even an inch or two of the white stuff! My yard is a treasure trove of snowy inspiration.I found some lovely muted colors ,interesting patterns and even some cute little bunny tracks !

I should be thinking ahead to spring designs and colors.
However, I couldn't help but make a few frosty designs this week.
We may search and search for a certain type of inspiration. Sometimes we find what we had in mind .But, sometimes we find something entirely different . I had a table full of red and pink clay all ready to start Valentine hearts and flowers. But, those will have to wait ......
This week I'm dreaming of a White Christmas !
May all your holiday dreams come true...
Bead Happy,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

The weather has turned bitter cold at my house.
I'm staying inside where it's cozy and warm !
Most of my flower inspiration has been coming from photos and my memory.But, I did venture outside to enjoy my yard with a sparkling dusting of snow. I'm so glad I did!
I discovered a tiny treasure,a frozen rose bud made more beautiful with a coating of frost !

I was hoping to find some winter white inspiration in my snowy garden. But, I found something unexpected ! I love the mulberry tones of the frozen rose bud. And I love the special sparkle the frost gives it . In the summer these roses are pink and velvety.
I never expected to find one lone bud in my winter garden.
It's unique look really inspired me . All week I've been working in a mulberry palette . I've been adding metallic inks and glass micro beads to add that frosty feeling.
The color seems a bit Victorian to me . Nice for last minute Christmas designs!Perfect for some old fashioned Valentines Day creations ! Funny how beaders are always looking ahead to the next holiday!

Holidays are a time for tradition .They are a time to celebrate cherished rituals .
This is the time of the year I want to enjoy all the expected holiday treats and trimmings!
But , in the midst of your celebration
don't forget to keep an eye out for the unexpected
and be sure to
Bead Happy !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Romance

For me Christmas is a time for spiritual reflection . It is a time to celebrate the magic of childhood. It is a time to celebrate the joy of good friends and family .
It is also the season of shopping ,decorating and cookie baking !!!

But, I've been thinking that to me " Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more "

This week my dear hubby patiently helped hang the lights,greens and other various "have to have up for the holidays" decor. I am a confessed Holiday Over Decorator.I have HOD!Helping me is no small feat.My hubby is patient as the gift buying $$$ go flying out of our budget every time I hit "pay now " . Most of all ,he is patient with my holiday excitement and high stress level.

When I was younger I measured "how much does he love me " by things like dates ,dollars ,gifts and flowers! . Now I'm much older and I hope wiser.I realize love is better measured by the being there,the patience and the support.
For me love=laughter,especially the ability to laugh together at life's little trials and tribulations.
I did have to kiss my share of frogs . But, I did find my prince!

So I've been thinking, that Christmas is a time for Romance.
Maybe it's the wine and flowers romance of a new love.
Maybe it's patient pleasures of many years together.
But, it is a season of Romance all the same.
this week it's time to hang the mistletoe
hug your honey
bead happy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I had a wonderful, warm and restful trip. This post is a bit late.That's because ,I returned home to find my computer had gone wonky!
How can something break when it's not even being used
My son mumbled and grumbled.But, he finally has it working !!! whewww...that's one thing I'm thankful for ! Of course, I have many more important things to be thankful for as well . I won't bore you with my list.Suffice it to say, I am healthy,happy and so is my fami
ly !

While I was a way, I visited
the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden.The place is a true treasure chest of tropical flora and fauna.The garden also has a collection of Cuban "chug's".These boats were ingenuously crafted from whatever was at hand and used to flee Cuba. One could imagine these packed tight with people, willing to risk so much, just hoping to find a life with more freedom and opportunity.It was a very humbling experience. A reminder not to take my Thanksgiving Day for granted.

The weather in Key West was amazing !!! PERFECT!!! I really relaxed and soaked up the sun! I brought home some great holiday gifts and some not so great Extra pounds ! Key West has so many fabulous restaurants! I also returned home with heart and head full of tropical bright,romantic night and sea-ational inspirations.
I'll have to keep my ideas on hold for now . There is turkey to eat ,and then more shopping to do! One of the joys (or maybe hazards )of selling on ETSY & Artfire is that, while I tend my own shop, I find the most wonderful handmade gifts in the other stores !! I'll be shopping at my key board this year .I know I can find a gift that is unique and very special for everyone on my list.! And I won't even have to get out my PJ's !!!
Provided my computer keeps working ,I'll be back on Dec .4 to visit with you .Until then,
Have a Wonderful Holiday,
Enjoy an extra piece of the pie
Count your blessings
Bead Happy !

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Frosty Focus

Brrrrrrr....Morning Frost on my garden this week! The bright annual plants are gone.The frost creates a sparkling fairyland in the early morning hours. My garden is now clothed only in shades of green . I have been enjoying working with this palette. Green florals have been popping up all over my work table !
I love the change of seasons . The crisp morning air and frosty foliage do inspire me.
This season has a more subtle beauty than it's flamboyant sister Summer. Late Autumn seems to invite me to slow down . It says to me relax ,rest , restore .
As winter approaches I like to get comfy, cozy and create . I make most of my holiday items in late summer and early autumn. By this time of year I am usually able to kick back a bit .
This year I need to recuperate and recover.This fall both my husband and myself had surgeries.Last week a good friend died very suddenly and unexpectedly.
Most years I welcome frosty mornings and the promise of snowy days ahead.Normally I relish time to work with the colors of the season...deep jewel tones , bright whites, subtle muted blends. But, this year I need a quick dose and Sunshine and Bright color !
I just need enough to perk me up after a difficult Autumn. Tomorrow My hubby and I are flying off to the Florida Keys for a Week of Warmness !!! We go there yearly to scuba dive. But, I'm still not 100% after my surgery .This visit I'm just going to soak up Sun and Fun.I hope to take my Muse along to capture a bit of the colorful Keys.I 'll be wanting to use it after the holidays.That's when my bead creations will need to jump into Spring /Summer mode !
I'll be back here next Sunday to share the inspiration I find .
If you're still in Holiday overdrive
this week take a moment to relax
enjoy the signs of the season
Bead Happy, m.e.

PS: my shops will stay open while I'm away .I'll be able to answer any inquires and I will be listing new items. I will be mailing any purchases on Monday 11/22.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seasonal Sensations

Time for PCAGOE'S monthly challenge! This month's the theme is "Seasonal"
Members have created Awesome Autumn and Wonderful Winter creations !
Check them out! Voting starts November 1
Don't forget you can win GREAT prizes just for voting !!!

My entry is a tribute to Winter's special beauty.I made a Winter Wonderland Bib pendant in a Poinsettia design.I chose a Snowy day pallet of white and silver highlighted with lot's of Icy Swarkie crystals.Amazing how colorful and bright these neutral tones can seem!Simply strung on a lovey ribbon or enhanced with lot's of beads and bling,I think this would be a perfect necklace for the Holidays !!!

I usually have a finished design in my mind when I am making beads and pendants. When they go to new homes, I wonder if their final use will be anything like I imagined. For me that's part of the special magic of creating jewelry components. I give each piece a start and someone else gives it life! Unfortunately I don't often get to see the buyer's finished designs . I am always extremely thrilled when someone shares pictures of a finished piece with me ! I am so happy when I see that my bead babies have good homes !

Make someone smile,
take a moment to share some of your creations this week !
Bead Happy ,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amusing Muse

I always love working with polymer clay. I find the creation process FUN . But,there are times I seem to be especially amused by the process. I have really been enjoying making my new"Bib "style pendants.These larger pendants give me more space to"play in the garden "

Outside my window,my summer garden is fading into lovely muted hues . As the garden prepares for a long winters rest , it has a special subtle beauty . I thought this week I would create a sort of "understated statement" piece . I was imagining a pendant inspired by my changing garden. I started out by arranging some clay blends in the colors I was finding in my garden .I sorted out shades of red from lipstick red to deep maroon . Greens from dark forest to a black pearl .My intention was to combine some of these shades for a pleasant muted palette .

But, my muse was looking over my shoulder . Sometimes she gets in a VERY mischievous mood !
While I was trying to pick warm restful shades ,she was whispering about wild and romantic !!!
As usual Ms. Muse got her way! I put the muted colors back on the shelf .
I kept out the lipstick red and pearl black . My design idea morphed from subtle to sensational !
I ended up with a Midnight Rose Romantic design.Not at all what I originally imagined.But, a fun and fanciful creation none the less!!!
I 'm not sure if it's always wise. But, I do always listen to my muse .
Do you ?
Does your muse ever lead you astray ?
This week let your muse lead you to the unexpected
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time for Some Changes

My apologies to those of you who read this little blog .I try to post something new each Saturday. But, last week I was just too exhausted. I discovered I had been suffering from pneumonia as a result of my surgery 5 weeks ago!I'm on a round of antibiotics and feeling much better now !

Autumn has arrived in Maryland .I can't get enough of the beautiful foliage .The photo above is a view from the back door of my work place . Almost makes it worth going to work... LOL!!!!
I'm looking forward to a trip to my favorite orchard. Time for fresh cider and all the wonderful apple varies the grocery stores just don't carry. Pumpkins in all sizes and colorful mums are everywhere. Time for cozy sweaters and soon a warm fire in the fireplace at night .

Bead and jewelry designers do have to stay ahead of the market. I've been making Fall Fashion creations for weeks . I was working on autumn leaves when the temperature was 99 degrees!
Now that The air is crisp and cool ,I suddenly have desired for some summer memories.
I've been working on a new style , large collar style pendants . I love them !I can fit a entire garden on one pendant ! I am really having fun with these !
They look lovely strung on simple ribbon or cording . I know there are some jewelry designers who will add beads and bling for fabulous BIG fashion statements !

This week I also opened a new shop at "Artfire " . Click the icon on the right to visit me there . I'm still tweaking and trying to figure out all the features.
Artfire has lots of terrific shops and I 'm excited to be a part of it .

This week take time to check out some new vendors
You might find some very special items for the Holidays !
and be sure to ...
Bead Happy ! m.e. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Think Southwest

This month's PCAGOE challenge theme is "Southwest" .
Take s sneak peek at the entries so far!
Vote for your favorite starting Oct. 1

The theme certainly brings to mind all sorts of colors and designs!
My mind was in a spin of ideas. Finally I realized that every idea I had shared one common thread . The Southwest seems to hold for me a very spiritual feeling .
The landscape ,culture, even the color always makes me feel a strong connection nature .
So rather than search for a design that represented Southwest to me,I searched for a design that would capture my deep spiritual connection .
I decided to make my version of a Katchina dancer. These ancient Spirit beings are represented in both "dolls" and dancers masks. They are revered for their powerful connection with nature.
I did study the various Hopi symbols and themes. A fascinating journey!
I created my Katchina by just adding elements that spoke to me personally.
The end result is not what I see as Southwest ,rather it is what I feel about the Southwest!
Is your work often a visual representation
or is it based on the "feeling" of a theme ?
Go with your feelings this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Subtle Change

Fall does not officially arrive until September 22 . Of course, most beadie people have been in fall mode for a bit . Some of us may even have started on Holiday/winter designs!
For most the transition is a slow steady process. Slowly we add more rich shades of autumn and use fewer " summer " shades .

At my house the seasons are marked by the corn field outside my front window.At the beginning of August it was lush and green . This week the tan and gold stalks were harvested. Everything in nature is slowly changing .Gradually the green trees around the field will flame into reds and golds . Flowers will give way to seed pods .
Often I have to look twice to notice the daily changes in nature.
I also have to look twice to notice the changes in fashion colors and seasonal styles.
Perhaps there are people who say "today I will put away summery beads and only work in autumn colors". Instant change !
When I was little, we put away our white summer shoes on Labor day .No more wearing white shoes til Memorial day ..lest we commit a huge fashion faux-pas !!!

I prefer a slow and subtle change as one season comfortably blends into the next.
Take time this week to enjoy the little changes
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This month's ABS challenge piece is "Persia" by George Barbier
What wonderful colors ,designs and very inspiring theme !!!
The work captivated me on many levels. I am so grateful it did !
Beads have historically been used to aid in pray and meditation . They certainly seem to help me to turn off outside worries and focus on inner peace .
This week I was scheduled for surgery . I needed a repair for a very ,very large hiatal hernia .
I was hopeful the procedure would go smoothly with no unwelcome surprises. It did !
But ,I was told I would not be able to return to my day job for 3-4 weeks . I knew the surgery would be a painful one with a tedious recovery . I was looking forward to being "fixed " but ,not to the actual "fixing ".
Last week when ABS posted the monthly challenge picture I decided to focus on beads not pre-surgical testing . I used the time waiting for tests and doctor consuls to plan my entry. The weekend prior to Surgery I created my vision . I really could not take time to worry about a hospital stay ...I was focused on how to fit my chosen elements together!!!
During my hospital stay I wrote both my description and my blog entry in my head !
Very likely I was mumbling about beads under anesthesia ...LOL!
Finally I'm home .The pain meds do muddle my brain . But , catching up with the bead world goings ons gives me a pleasant focus. Writing this blog is helping me clear my mind . (I hope it seems relatively clear anyway !!!) The next few weeks will be spent planning and creating new items to list in my store .
More Bead Meditation !
Hope your beads help keep you focused on all the good things in life !
Bead Happy !
m.e. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding the Right Seasoning

Most of my inspiration is filed away in my head.
But, sometimes my old brain computer starts running really slow.
Those are times I really need to reboot !
Mother Nature always seem to help clean out the cobwebs,or delights and inspires me with her magnificent cobwebs...LOL!
Either way,when I need a jump start ,a bit of time spent outdoors usually does the trick ,
The only problem, this week it's still summer in my backyard !
But, to keep up with my shop I'm in the midst on making Autumn designs !
I needed some Fall spice in the wrong season!!!Mother nature didn't let me down .I managed to find some nice Autumn colors in the my Summer garden ! Fall florals are now blooming on my work table !
Are your designs still in Summer mode or are you working on some Fall finery too?
Where do you find right seasonings for your creations ?
this week hope you find just the right thing to spice up your work
Bead Happy , m.e .

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What to make of it ?

Time for a very special PCAGOE challenge !
The theme is "Transfers "
We each had to choose one of the preselected collage sheets chosen by Piddix. She has some wonderful selections in her shop ! .
We used any "transfer tecnique " we preferred on our clay to create our entry . Many of use had never even tried this tecnique !
Don't miss your chance to vote for your favorite entry !!!!

For me this was an especially difficult challenge.
My big problem, transfers are work is not !
I really could not figure out what to make or how to make it !
Luckily one of our group members Lynda ,is a transfer diva!
She was more than generous with her advice.
I purchased ALL of her AMAZING tutorials .
I learned some great tips and tecniques from her fabulous tuts.
I was finally able to cut ,bend ,poke and prod my transfer pieces into a dimensional piece more like my usual sculpted flowers !
I'm very happy with the result!

There are times when we want to think outside the box . Times to try something completely different . It is good to stretch our creative legs once in awhile .
However ,most of us work hard to develop our style . When we find a new tip,tecnique or inspiration, often the trick is how to make it our own . Instead of thinking outside the box ,we have to figure how to make those ideas fit into our box! We all know square pegs don't fit in round holes. Sometimes tecniques just do not seem to fit our style. We might like the idea very much. But ,we just can't figure how we could use it in our own work .
It might take a little extra shove to get that new tecnique into your own repertoire.
It might even take a big push! But, it's worth a try ,isn't it ?
Is there an idea you love, but have never used ?
This week see if you can find a way to make it fit into your own design box
Bead Happy !
m.e. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feelin' Blue

I think most people who create jewelry and beads assume their creations will be worn to complement clothing . I don't think I'll ever be discussing jewelry meant to be wore while naked on this blog !!!

When we create pieces to complement fashion, we are necessarily influenced by season and current style. We watch the color trends.We are often found working in pastels and brights for Spring and Summer .We might use darker colors and jewel tones in the Fall and Winter.
But ,my mood seems to influence my choice of color too !
Does yours?

I LOVE COLOR ! A big part of my love affair with clay is the fun of blending pinches of this and that to come up with custom colors.
I am far too undisciplined to measure what I combine. I rarely keep any notes listing how much of this and how much of that make a certain shade.
I admire people who do this .They can reproduce any shade just by following their neatly kept color recipes . I rarely can reproduce a color . For the most part I don't really want to.
I just get in the mood for a certain shade ...mix up a big batch .... work with it until it runs out or I get tired of it !
I'm not sure what makes me yearn for any given color. For the last few weeks I was obsessed with Autumn's rich golds ,reds and coppers. Maybe I needed something more soothing for a bit .
This week I feel like blue ! I am especially loving a nice shimmery steel blue gray mixture I made .
Yes, today I'm feelin' extremely blue and I'm very happy about it !
What color are you feeling ?
Be it blue or bright,
light and fresh,
or dark and deep ...
Bead Happy !
m.e. :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Imagine That !

I love flowers. I love growing flowers .I love looking at flowers.
I love making polymer clay flowers !!!
Sometimes I try to make my creations very "real" looking , mimicking Mother Nature's colors and designs.
Sometimes I just imagine fantasy blossoms and create my own designs and color combinations.
I like to think I come up with some interesting flowers Mother Nature hasn't thought of .
But, who am I kidding !!! The photo above was taken by my daughter at the Key West Botanical Garden this summer .
Can a flower get any more fantastic than that !!!

I realize it's same old ,same old to say "I get my inspiration from nature" How many artists make this statement ? Admit it's kinda boring ...right ? Yeah ,yeah I'm inspired by nature ..ya da ,ya da ,ya da......
But, what else can I say ? Mother Nature always has some surprises waiting for me . She uses color combos and designs I don't think I could dream up if I tried .
I like to call my creations "fantasy flowers " .But , I think the fantasy may really be the dream of being Mother Nature.
I imagine being able to wave a magic wand and bringing to life the wildest wildflowers and creepiest creatures!
"I'm inspired by Nature" might not be the most interesting way to begin a description of yourself . But, Mother Nature is the most interesting and surprising source of inspiration !
With Summer at it's height, her amazing creations are in full splendor .
look carefully around you this week,
discover some of Nature's surprises
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Under The Influence

It's time for a new ABS monthly challenge !

For the last few days I've been under the influence of Jack Savitsky's "Sunrise "
While studying the both the picture and the artist to come up with a design ,I had a moment of insight !
Challenges like the ones ABS offers, should be a part of EVERY Art History course !!!
Why? Because, the process of creating a design "inspired " by a piece of art causes us to really think about the piece and absorb all aspects of it . To be inspired ,I had to discover what
about the painting first caught my eye .How did it speak to me ? What could I design to share my feelings about the work ?
Then I had to think about the small details .Which seem to add to my reaction to the work ? To truely make a " inspired" piece I had to learn about the artist as well .
How did the artist's life influence the art ? What was the artist's vision for his work ?

Creating jewelry designs that reflect my reactions to an artists work has been a labor of love for me. I have thought more about my long time favorites . I have found inspiration from artists I formerly had not paid much attention to. And I have learned about some wonderful artists I was unfamiliar with!
Yes ,yes I could do all this art 101 type study without making a piece of jewelry.
But, that would be like just tasting a delicious food .
Creating a jewelry piece inspired by great art lets me enjoy a full course meal !!!
Next time you come to the design table ,serve a dish of ART inspiration ,
enjoy your meal
Bead Happy ! m.e. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can't Eat Just One !

It's time for the PCAGOE monthly challenge !
This month’s theme is “Paints, Foils, Leafs and Inks”
Be sure to check out the fabulous entries and cast a vote for your favorite !

this is a story about my entry :

I was Very Hungry for a challenge entry.
I saw a pretty little caterpillar living in my garden.
It was munching on a lovey leaf.
In the light of the moon I had the beginning of an inspiration.
On Sunday morning the warm sun came up and -pop- out came my idea !
On Monday I made one leaf with foil and paint, and a caterpillar embellished with ink and Swarkies .
My entry was complete .
But, I was still hungry ....
On Tuesday I made a red leaf and and a blue leaf.
But ,I was still hungry !
On Wednesday I made I made a red leaf , a blue leaf and a green leaf.
But, I was still hungry !
On Thursday I made a red leaf , a blue leaf , a green leaf and a copper leaf .
But, I was still hungry !
If this story seems familiar, you may wonder if I have turned into a butterfly !!!
Not yet ...I'm still making leaves !!!

Do you ever try a new tecnique or design that you just want to keep doing again and again ?
You start out with a basic idea.Then each time you try it, you think of a way to improve it or tweak it just a bit .
I think this hunger is an important part of any growth .
Each time we find some delicious new idea we just want to devour every last bite of possibility !
With every bite we grow and grow....
Along the way we create a butterflies !!!
Wonderful creations and inspirations that seem to take flight !!!
Stay hungry this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The World Is Flat !

Early explorers believed the world was flat .
Turns out my world really is !!!

I wish I could sail off in a tall ship to see the world .
Instead, my family's adventures consist mostly of visiting places we can drive to.Unfortunately exploring the world by car can be a bit restrictive !

No matter, I can cross any ocean ,climb any mountian, travel wherever I wish !
I merely have to touch my magic key board.
Off I go to explore the world . On my journeys I see wonderful things and learn more than I ever imagined possible .
Like many explorers, I have a special quest .I don't seek gold or spices from the orient.I search for precious bead information and inspiration !!!I hunt for it far in the jungles of blogs ,high in the mountains of ETSY and deep in the valleys of Google . I leave no search word unturned in my quest for all things beadie.

My exploration has brought me vast riches . I have accumulated a wealth of techniques ,tools and new ideas . I have made friends wherever I have traveled . I have opened trade routes both for myself and to share with fellow travelers.Not a day goes by that I don't don my sweat suit ,pour a cup of coffee and venture off to explore the flat, flat world on my computer screen .
I always have a wonderful adventure exploring the far reaches of the world . I chart my progress with "bookmark " and "save to " !
I delight in the knowledge there are always new things to discover. Each day is an adventure of exploration .

Ancient maps of the flat world were marked with a warning
"beyond this place there be dragons"
These words of caution still hold true .
If you don't believe it, just come to my house when my internet is down !!!
Enjoy your own explorations this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :) photos by my daughter Annie :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Than I Bargained For !

What did you hope for when you became interested in beads ?
Did you want to make something for yourself , give handmade gifts, create a source of income ?
Would your beading remain a hobby or did you dream of it becoming a full time job ?
I suppose I have to pick " all of the above "
With the exception of being able to quit my day job (I wish!),
my bead journey has fulfilled all my expectations and more !
I seem to have gotten far more than I bargained for !!!

Last week Cathryn aka "chilecats"
e-mailed me to let me know she had shared some of my beads with Cherin aka "lanyard lady"
Cherin had graciously included the lovely lanyard she made with my beads in her blog !
WOW !!! :D
Cathryn has been a good customer of mine for forever it seems ..LOL!.
Although we have never met , and probability never will ,we are friends
We follow each others blogs. She has seen my work change (I hope improve)
I find inspiration seeing her designs .

You can really get to know someone by just by looking closely at their creations.I believe our art is truly an expression of who we are.
Your insides come out through your fingers when you create !

Because Cathryn shared her beads, I will get to know Cherin. Hopefully I will soon count her as a friend as well.
The simple act of stringing beads seems to create a universal connection .
Each time I read the world news, I am able put a face of a bead friend near the location of the story . I feel a very personal connection .
We may start out by sharing to make beads , how to use beads.
But ,somehow we end up sharing much more.
We are able to celebrate our differences and marvel at our similarities.
Our fingers are on our keyboards.But, our hands are joined around the world!
I hope as you sit down with your beads this week
you will take a moment to think if you too,
are getting far more than you bargained for !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)