Saturday, October 27, 2012


Watch out ! Here it comes ...
the Biggest gift giving season  of the year!
I was already buying my "Happy Holiday" presents  and "Thank You" Hostess gifts. Then and what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Three pregnant co-workers! Yes 3 !
Yikes! My budget was already busted from early holiday shopping.
How to say " I really care about you"&" Welcome new baby " on a shoe sting?
Easy , hurry on over to ETSY . I found the perfect things !
Handmade almost guarantees unique .
I can't tell you what I bought. I haven't given the girls the gifts yet.
But ,I found awesome gifts for three new little Baltimore babies .
And I ordered some items personalized too!
Perfect gifts ,all purchased while drinking my morning coffee in my jammies.
Does shopping get any better than that?
I plan to buy almost all " handmade" for Christmas .
It's certainly the best way to find something different for the"have everything "folks on my list .
For my Granddaughter's American Girl dolls ,ETSY is a wealth of well made, unique outfits .
I already already sent "Felicity "an adorable Minne Mouse dress and ears for Halloween.

But ,what does all this have to do with Beads?
Because Beads make the very best gift tie-on !
A great focal bead and a length of pretty ribbon comes off the box to become an instant necklace or  wrap bracelet . Substitute hemp or thin leather cord for the guys on your list.  A simple wire hook can transform most  art beads into splendid ornaments . You can even use a chain in place of ribbon. Try securing the "bow loop "with a twist tie or bit of left over wire!
If you really can't choose a gift, many shops now offer gift certificates . A beadie wrap would certainly make a special presentation for them.
Spend some time shopping handmade. You'll find wonderful ,unique gifts .
This week get ready
to dress your gifts in beads
Bead Happy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mood Waves

This week was a bad week at work !
Without getting into the boring details and rehashing issues that have been"hashed " enough ,here's why.
Some decisions were made that the staff did not care for at all.
Rather than discuss this face to face in an open meeting,opinions were texted back and forth. And when I say texted ..I mean the airways were on fire ! Venom spewed from those phones!
I usually love virtual commutation . Because of  my children's busy schedules, many weeks that is the only way we have time to share .
I have discussed time and again the joy my internet friendships bring me. But beware...there is a danger in a quick text or e-mail.
The recipient can't see your face or read your body language.
Your statement can be rapidly passed from person to person. Like that whisper game children play ,by the time the content is passed around it might bear very little  resemblance to what you meant to say.
 Like waves on the ocean, the ripples grow bigger and bigger until they finally crash on the shore. That's what happened at my work .
A tsunami of anger came crashing down.
I guess ...I hope we got it all straightened out .
But, I'm not certain how easily anyone can forget harsh words..forgive maybe ...but forget? 
I suppose every workplace deals with office politics ,gripes and grievances. When they surface I try to ride the waves  safely to shore .
I try not to get caught up in the undertow.
But, I find the process exhausting and depressing .
I spent my entire week balancing sad and mad.
Thank goodness for beads !
I've been working on some calming peaceful neutrals.
I just couldn't stress my overworked brain with bright  bold colors.
I'm going to create more beads in soft bronze and cheerful gold and try to recuperate from a terrible  week at work.
This  week 
create in colors that suit you mood 
Bead Happy

Friday, October 12, 2012

What Bugs You ?

Does something in particular bug you ?
I try very hard not to "sweat the small stuff "
Life is  full of  big hungry caterpillar events .
We need to concentrate on turning as many of these into butterflies as possible .
In general,it's a waste of time to worry over  life's little stink bug moments.
However, sometimes the small irritations are hard to ignore !
What happened to  basic good manners?
Do people have to talk on their cell phones while I'm trying to wait on them? Or worse ...while they are supposed to be waiting on me !
Could people keep their phone's volume down in public?
I don't need to hear those loud rockin' ring tones .
(unless I love the song...LOL!)
Could people just wait 2 seconds for me to bag my things at the self checkout .Do they have to let their canned goods slam into my bread!
Is it possible to simply be kind and respectful to others?
This week I was told by a pharmacist ,that a customer asked her to call other stores to see if she could purchase her pills for less elsewhere.
I'm all for trying to save money .
But, she told the pharmacist in a haughty tone that she didn't have "time to waste " calling around herself because she was "at work ".
Where did she think the pharmacist was!
Oh my......
this recount of  life's annoyances  could go on and on .
all the itchy-bitchy bites I try not to scratch!
my secret remedy ?
working with  beads is a form of meditation for me
when I'm making beads,designing with beads
even reading about beads
Life's little irritations cease to bother me
then it's all about the Beads !
this week
sooth your little irritations
Bead Happy !

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October ABS Challenge

Round and Round

Time for the October ABS challenge !
Each month I eagerly wait to see the newest ABS challenge selection. Each month a different aspect of the art inspires me.
Usually one particular thing about the picture grabs my attention.
If the chosen piece has flowers , I will be making flowers !
Those of us who make beads can often whip up something special to "go with "our inspiration.
This is one thing I love about the challenge.
It's a monthly kick in the pants to try something different.
There is also the fun of  sorting through my copious stash of beadie stuff to find forgotten treasures.
This month I was struck by the colors and the graphics .
If you look closely,there are so many colors!
There are also strong geometric shapes .
To keep that feel I picked out some heavy wire and a few round vintage elements.
The shapes and colors had my brain spinning....spinning?
ah ha! I remembered a bead type I had not made in ages...lentil swirls ! A perfect way to spin all those lovey colors into one bead .
Just for fun I added an ammonite swirl bead created by Mother Nature. I couldn't resist adding some bits of sari silk that  matched perfectly.
I loved making the lentil swirls . Creating them was a nice break from holiday florals .
Thanks  ABS  for helping me recall that technique.
this week
revisit an old favorite design
Bead Happy,