Saturday, September 25, 2010

Think Southwest

This month's PCAGOE challenge theme is "Southwest" .
Take s sneak peek at the entries so far!
Vote for your favorite starting Oct. 1

The theme certainly brings to mind all sorts of colors and designs!
My mind was in a spin of ideas. Finally I realized that every idea I had shared one common thread . The Southwest seems to hold for me a very spiritual feeling .
The landscape ,culture, even the color always makes me feel a strong connection nature .
So rather than search for a design that represented Southwest to me,I searched for a design that would capture my deep spiritual connection .
I decided to make my version of a Katchina dancer. These ancient Spirit beings are represented in both "dolls" and dancers masks. They are revered for their powerful connection with nature.
I did study the various Hopi symbols and themes. A fascinating journey!
I created my Katchina by just adding elements that spoke to me personally.
The end result is not what I see as Southwest ,rather it is what I feel about the Southwest!
Is your work often a visual representation
or is it based on the "feeling" of a theme ?
Go with your feelings this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Subtle Change

Fall does not officially arrive until September 22 . Of course, most beadie people have been in fall mode for a bit . Some of us may even have started on Holiday/winter designs!
For most the transition is a slow steady process. Slowly we add more rich shades of autumn and use fewer " summer " shades .

At my house the seasons are marked by the corn field outside my front window.At the beginning of August it was lush and green . This week the tan and gold stalks were harvested. Everything in nature is slowly changing .Gradually the green trees around the field will flame into reds and golds . Flowers will give way to seed pods .
Often I have to look twice to notice the daily changes in nature.
I also have to look twice to notice the changes in fashion colors and seasonal styles.
Perhaps there are people who say "today I will put away summery beads and only work in autumn colors". Instant change !
When I was little, we put away our white summer shoes on Labor day .No more wearing white shoes til Memorial day ..lest we commit a huge fashion faux-pas !!!

I prefer a slow and subtle change as one season comfortably blends into the next.
Take time this week to enjoy the little changes
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This month's ABS challenge piece is "Persia" by George Barbier
What wonderful colors ,designs and very inspiring theme !!!
The work captivated me on many levels. I am so grateful it did !
Beads have historically been used to aid in pray and meditation . They certainly seem to help me to turn off outside worries and focus on inner peace .
This week I was scheduled for surgery . I needed a repair for a very ,very large hiatal hernia .
I was hopeful the procedure would go smoothly with no unwelcome surprises. It did !
But ,I was told I would not be able to return to my day job for 3-4 weeks . I knew the surgery would be a painful one with a tedious recovery . I was looking forward to being "fixed " but ,not to the actual "fixing ".
Last week when ABS posted the monthly challenge picture I decided to focus on beads not pre-surgical testing . I used the time waiting for tests and doctor consuls to plan my entry. The weekend prior to Surgery I created my vision . I really could not take time to worry about a hospital stay ...I was focused on how to fit my chosen elements together!!!
During my hospital stay I wrote both my description and my blog entry in my head !
Very likely I was mumbling about beads under anesthesia ...LOL!
Finally I'm home .The pain meds do muddle my brain . But , catching up with the bead world goings ons gives me a pleasant focus. Writing this blog is helping me clear my mind . (I hope it seems relatively clear anyway !!!) The next few weeks will be spent planning and creating new items to list in my store .
More Bead Meditation !
Hope your beads help keep you focused on all the good things in life !
Bead Happy !
m.e. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding the Right Seasoning

Most of my inspiration is filed away in my head.
But, sometimes my old brain computer starts running really slow.
Those are times I really need to reboot !
Mother Nature always seem to help clean out the cobwebs,or delights and inspires me with her magnificent cobwebs...LOL!
Either way,when I need a jump start ,a bit of time spent outdoors usually does the trick ,
The only problem, this week it's still summer in my backyard !
But, to keep up with my shop I'm in the midst on making Autumn designs !
I needed some Fall spice in the wrong season!!!Mother nature didn't let me down .I managed to find some nice Autumn colors in the my Summer garden ! Fall florals are now blooming on my work table !
Are your designs still in Summer mode or are you working on some Fall finery too?
Where do you find right seasonings for your creations ?
this week hope you find just the right thing to spice up your work
Bead Happy , m.e .