Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding the Right Seasoning

Most of my inspiration is filed away in my head.
But, sometimes my old brain computer starts running really slow.
Those are times I really need to reboot !
Mother Nature always seem to help clean out the cobwebs,or delights and inspires me with her magnificent cobwebs...LOL!
Either way,when I need a jump start ,a bit of time spent outdoors usually does the trick ,
The only problem, this week it's still summer in my backyard !
But, to keep up with my shop I'm in the midst on making Autumn designs !
I needed some Fall spice in the wrong season!!!Mother nature didn't let me down .I managed to find some nice Autumn colors in the my Summer garden ! Fall florals are now blooming on my work table !
Are your designs still in Summer mode or are you working on some Fall finery too?
Where do you find right seasonings for your creations ?
this week hope you find just the right thing to spice up your work
Bead Happy , m.e .

1 comment:

  1. Very nice flower photo. I love the color of the wood chips next to the bright oranges and green, a very inspiring color combination.