Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Hibernation Season

Blanket of Snow

The holidays are almost over.
We have one last eve of parties to welcome in the New Year.
Then we can rest !
For many of us winter weather will remain, without benefit of twinkling holiday lights or merriment .I am more of  warm Sunshine person.
I don't like being out in the cold ! I do enjoy the beauty of a peaceful snowfall . But ,in Maryland  much of our cold weather is "wintery mix". Most  days aren't the winter wonderland sort , spent by a cozy fire. Instead we have icy gray days spent scrapping  windshields so we can drive through slippery slush to work or grocery .

For me it's time to hunker down and hibernate.
Like all hibernating animals, I eat plenty of high fat food  to prepare . Homemade holiday cookies help me put on a extra layer of  fat . I'm heavy to begin with. I could probably survive my hibernation without eating a bite. Instead I just go on  my annual "this year I resolve to eat healthy" plan.  This plan is regularly  abandoned about the same time the Easter bunny arrives with the chocolate eggs!
However,I don't plan to spend my days of hibernation sleeping .
When the mother bears emerge in the spring they have given birth .
I hope to do the same. Not to little cubs of course !
I hope to use my time indoors to give birth to new bead designs and inspirations.

How do you spend the days between the Winter holidays and the return of Spring?
Will you be as busy as ever ?
Do you take time out to hibernate?.
either way ,
may  you give birth to many wonderful new beadie creations
and may you
Bead Happy in 2013 !


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ABS December Challenge

Winter Garden

It's time for the December ABS challenge !
In fact, for me ,it's wayyyyy  past my usual entry time !
 All week I've felt like Lewis Carroll's white rabbit
 "Oh dear ! Oh dear! I shall be too late !"
Why am I in this hurry up and wait mode?  Because I wasn't prepared!
Each  month I eagerly wait for ABS to post their new inspiration .
I always seem to be inspired by one aspect of the picture .
My muse gets a light bulb idea and I hurry off to my bead stash to pick out the "go with" components.
But ,this month I couldn't get those squiggly branches out of my head .
Alas  nothing black and squiggly to be found !  Maybe I could just twist some wire into the desired shapes? No, I did something close to that last month . I like my monthly ABS playtime to be a time to try something new. I figured I would just have to come up with another idea .But, my muse is VERY stubborn!
She knew just what she wanted .The perfect thing would be some curved tube beads .I found them on-line and I ordered them right away. Then I waited ...and waited..and waited !
I know the  mail can be  very slow during the holidays. However, I was short the billion extra dollars it took for "express "shipping. So I waited some more .I would like to say I waited patiently ,but that would be a big fat lie ! Every day I hurried  to the mailbox. Then finding no beads I grumbled and groaned extremely loudly ! The design was in my head and it wanted to come out .I needed those beads!
After fourteen long,long days they arrived ! Two weeks of frustration.But, at last I have created  my December entry.
 The moral of this story...
try to keep some of everything you can ever imagine you might need in your bead stash !
Even if your family thinks you are nuts or you have to build an addition onto your house to hold the stuff.
When it comes to beads, More is More!
I find "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”
Who wouldn't agree its best to be prepared ...what a good excuse to keep a huge bead stash !
this week stock up
hit "buy me"
Bead Happy!

Monday, December 3, 2012

ABS Ornament Big Reveal

Merry Memory

Time for the ABS Ornament Blog Hop!
This year I knew I wanted my design to be a way to keep a memory .
However, I seem to be very short on time.
I think came up with the easiest ornament  to make ever !
But, it is really versatile and you can make use of your orphan beads!
How to ? Just curl a wire loop to form a  "holder '
Then string a nice assortment of beads on the wire.
Form a  loop at the top and add a bow if you like.
Your ornament is almost finished
Just add a special photo and that's it !
If you wonder why I used a beach themed bead with my daughters deer photo,it is because those are tiny Key Deer. They only live on Big Pine Key .We vacation every year in the Florida Keys and last summer she was able to get very close to the deer for her best photos  of them ever!
It was a moment to remember.
Next year I can make a new photo holder ornament or just change the picture in this one.
I think these would be perfect to hold my grand-children's annual  photos with Santa too.
I can also imagine a garland of ornaments to hold Holiday cards.
These would be great as little gifts or to tie on a big gift .
You wouldn't need a gift tag you if used a photo of the recipient !
Easy projects are welcome during the busy holiday season.
I think I'll be making more of these .
this week
Check out more fun and fancy ornament creations
at the ABS hop
Bead Happy !


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

a life remembered....

This will not be my usual blog about beads and beading .
I am trying to heal a broken heart .
On December 17 a tragic single  car accident took the lives of 3 young people and  badly injured 2 others. One of those lost was my 21 year old co-worker Tyler . He was driving the car.
I had already prepared my blog post for Saturday the 24, so I decided to post it.
But since Tyler's  death , he has been in my thoughts every day.
All who knew him are devastated by his loss .
I suppose some reading his age as 21 might think..ah he was drinking.
But ,no he was not . But, he was speeding. The Mom in me has been feeling very angry with him for being so foolish .But as we have discussed at work ,which of us  has not behaved foolishly in our youth ?
This week we are all trying to come to grips with the fact that Tyler won't be coming back to work. It just does not seem real yet .
It is very difficult to believe his smiling face remains only in our memories.
Tyler managed our boarding kennel . He was exceptional with our clients and a joy to work with .  But, most of all he truly loved the animals.He cared for each as though it was his own.
And the animals loved him back .They came to board purring,woofing and wagging ,because they loved being with him .It is possible to fool people,but not animals. They knew what kind and honest  person Tyler was.
In January Lori Anderson  is hosting a "Memories and Thanks " blog hop .
I had already signed up with no idea of who my design would honor . Now I know it will be Tyler ,
One client wrote in a memorial
 " Tyler is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting to bring your dog to you "
That might be my inspiration . I am so very grateful to have known Tyler and been blessed by his ever present smile.

part of healing is moving forward ...
and so I shall....
On December 4 ABS is hosting an ornament blog hop 
You'll see some awesome  designs using art beads .
this is my 2011 ornament

here's a sneak peek at  what I'm working on this year

 come back here on Tues Dec. 4 to see the ABS blog hop reveals
 get some Ornament inspiration 
 Bead Happy

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twas' the night before...

Ho Ho Holidays

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring," except for my mouse.......
Because I Love,Love ,Love on-line shopping !
In every other way ,the holiday season is about old fashioned traditions for my family .
We like to do things the same way ,year after year .
It seems to connect the generations past ,present and future.
Even the small  details are important to me. do e way year after year.
For example ,that's the only time of the year I make mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch .I'm ashamed to admit it.
But,the rest of the year my family gets those instant pkts.
Baking cookies is a ritual of remembrance.
I use the time worn recipe cards written in by hand by friends and family .
My tree is not decorator fancy .Rather it is a hodge podge of ornaments that each recall a special time ,place or person .
The idea of merry shoppers happliy  picking out gifts  from stores decked out in lights and greenery  is a lovey vision.
But , reality is more like swarms of stressed out shoppers pushing and shoving to grab the best deals .
To that tradition I say " No Thanks!"
Here I sit with a hot cup of coffee , dressed my cozy pj's, mouse in my  hand.
Great bargains to be had..easy to search for the weird and wonderful...perfect gifts a plenty
What's the Cherry on the my Christmas Cake of  gift giving?
I  can select from wonderful handmade and one of a kind items.
since I have a shop on ETSY I shop a lot on ETSY.
In fact,often if I make $10 I spend $15!
Not really good business management ...but, FUN!
One of my BBB (Best Bead Buddies ) Sarah from Saturday Sequins is hosting a Holiday Craft Fair on her blog ..lots of great links to gift goodies.
this week shop
but don't drop
hurry on over to the Saturday Sequins blog
Bead Happy !

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Artisan Whimsy Metal Prong Challange

A Mermaid's Cuff

I always post a new blog entry on Saturdays.
This week I'm early . I have a very good reason why.
I have discovered a wonderful new bead group, Artisan Whimsey.
Check it out ...lots going on over there
This is my entry in the Metal Prong Challenge
Believe me, for moi this was a challenge!
For a long time I've been wanting to learn to solder .
It seemed like it would be a very useful skill.
But, I just never got "round tuit ''
Maybe because it involved flames.
My attempts at glass bead making were less than a success!
It seemed impossible for me to succeed if fire was involved.
However, when I read  Staci Louise Smith's  prong setting tutorial ,
I decided to take a risk .

I always ways use beads in my creations...beads as defined as something with a hole through it.
If the object of my beading desire doesn't already have a hole,
my dremel and I can usually remedy that in short order.
But, there are bits and pieces that are too flat or too fragile to drill.
I love putting teeny memorabilia in resin . Most of my resin molds are impossible to drill sideways.
Therefore, objects that I can not make into beads get a front to back hole and become  charms or pendants. But ,if I could learn to make a prong setting ,those pieces could be set like cabochons!
I decided to borrow a torch and soldering supplies from an artist friend.But, I didn't want to ask for any  help. Instead I wanted to see if I could follow the tutorial instructions.
Congrats to Staci ! She made it easy !
My attempts need some fine turning . My prongs are a bit rough and primitive.But, I think that works fine with my bracelet.
I like to imagine it was lost by a mermaid .
Then washed up by tides to be discovered by me....
it is possible...
anything is possible.....
After all I final learned to solder !
this week make one of your impossible dreams come true
Bead Happy !

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Warning

Ice Fairy

This week we had our first local snowfall .
The flakes did not rest tree limbs or grass.
They merely floated from the clouds, then disappered.
When I  left work in the dark, frosty little flakes were glistening in the lamplight.
The icy sparkles brushed my cheeks and then were gone.
Sunrise revealed a frosty world ,but no actual snow.
However, Mother Nature's message was  received "Winter is coming"
Last year we did not  have  typical cold and snowy weather.
The entire season was relatively mild .This year the prediction is for more snow and ice.
I heard more than a few moans and groans when those first snowflakes fell...
oh no comes inconvenience of  those snowy,blowy  days.
This means days of treacherous driving .
It means anxiously listening to the "closed list "
Will the kids have work open?
We can expect freezing fingers as we scrape windshields and shovel walks.
Time to stock up on milk and toilet paper(why do people think they will need more milk and toilet paper when it snows? )
But  remember ...
Here comes the silent beauty of a frosted Wonderland .
Here come the unexpected snow days off .
Here come the cozy hours spent by the fire with cups of hot coco
( maybe that's why we need extra milk )
Here come the snowmen,sledding and children's laughter.
This week I should take warning
Time to  put the ice scraper in the car trunk
Time hunt to up that can of spray lock de-icer
Time to bring extra fireplace wood up to the porch.
Time to check supplies of flashlight batteries and toilet paper !
But, instead I spent my week making a little  Ice fairy and some "ice" frosted  beads.
No matter what our outlook... winter will arrive
this week celebrate Ice and Snow
Bead Happy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Time for the November ABS challenge!
There are times when color seems to give a design all the impact it needs.
I love,love,love color!
For me picking out the exact shades of the inspiration picture ,is always a big part of my creative process.
But, this month I could not do that .
There was no rainbow of hues to match with my bead stash.
I do have plenty of black ,white and gray beads .
That simple, sophisticated palette can certainly be striking .
But ,I decided to creep outside my comfortable box a bit.
I wanted to try letting texture speak for me instead of color.

In the aftermath of the infamous  storm Sandy, all the trees in my area are stripped bare ,
The black branches outside my window seemed to mimic the ABS inspiration choice.
Somehow my muse  found the painting  a refection of the recent weather.
I just let my imagination run wild ,twisting and turning wire to create those images.
Maybe all that  twisting released at bit of of my pent up post storm frustrations!
My art bead is an image of one lone leaf that still hangs on despite the wind.
Vintage chandelier crystals represent the water in the painting.
They also remind me of  rain drops after the storm.

Nature can be a frightening force.
To all that suffered or are still suffering from Sandy's onslaught ,
you are in my prayers.
remember and respect the power of nature
this week
reflect on nature's Beauty
Bead Happy

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Watch out ! Here it comes ...
the Biggest gift giving season  of the year!
I was already buying my "Happy Holiday" presents  and "Thank You" Hostess gifts. Then and what to my wondering eyes should appear?
Three pregnant co-workers! Yes 3 !
Yikes! My budget was already busted from early holiday shopping.
How to say " I really care about you"&" Welcome new baby " on a shoe sting?
Easy , hurry on over to ETSY . I found the perfect things !
Handmade almost guarantees unique .
I can't tell you what I bought. I haven't given the girls the gifts yet.
But ,I found awesome gifts for three new little Baltimore babies .
And I ordered some items personalized too!
Perfect gifts ,all purchased while drinking my morning coffee in my jammies.
Does shopping get any better than that?
I plan to buy almost all " handmade" for Christmas .
It's certainly the best way to find something different for the"have everything "folks on my list .
For my Granddaughter's American Girl dolls ,ETSY is a wealth of well made, unique outfits .
I already already sent "Felicity "an adorable Minne Mouse dress and ears for Halloween.

But ,what does all this have to do with Beads?
Because Beads make the very best gift tie-on !
A great focal bead and a length of pretty ribbon comes off the box to become an instant necklace or  wrap bracelet . Substitute hemp or thin leather cord for the guys on your list.  A simple wire hook can transform most  art beads into splendid ornaments . You can even use a chain in place of ribbon. Try securing the "bow loop "with a twist tie or bit of left over wire!
If you really can't choose a gift, many shops now offer gift certificates . A beadie wrap would certainly make a special presentation for them.
Spend some time shopping handmade. You'll find wonderful ,unique gifts .
This week get ready
to dress your gifts in beads
Bead Happy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mood Waves

This week was a bad week at work !
Without getting into the boring details and rehashing issues that have been"hashed " enough ,here's why.
Some decisions were made that the staff did not care for at all.
Rather than discuss this face to face in an open meeting,opinions were texted back and forth. And when I say texted ..I mean the airways were on fire ! Venom spewed from those phones!
I usually love virtual commutation . Because of  my children's busy schedules, many weeks that is the only way we have time to share .
I have discussed time and again the joy my internet friendships bring me. But beware...there is a danger in a quick text or e-mail.
The recipient can't see your face or read your body language.
Your statement can be rapidly passed from person to person. Like that whisper game children play ,by the time the content is passed around it might bear very little  resemblance to what you meant to say.
 Like waves on the ocean, the ripples grow bigger and bigger until they finally crash on the shore. That's what happened at my work .
A tsunami of anger came crashing down.
I guess ...I hope we got it all straightened out .
But, I'm not certain how easily anyone can forget harsh words..forgive maybe ...but forget? 
I suppose every workplace deals with office politics ,gripes and grievances. When they surface I try to ride the waves  safely to shore .
I try not to get caught up in the undertow.
But, I find the process exhausting and depressing .
I spent my entire week balancing sad and mad.
Thank goodness for beads !
I've been working on some calming peaceful neutrals.
I just couldn't stress my overworked brain with bright  bold colors.
I'm going to create more beads in soft bronze and cheerful gold and try to recuperate from a terrible  week at work.
This  week 
create in colors that suit you mood 
Bead Happy

Friday, October 12, 2012

What Bugs You ?

Does something in particular bug you ?
I try very hard not to "sweat the small stuff "
Life is  full of  big hungry caterpillar events .
We need to concentrate on turning as many of these into butterflies as possible .
In general,it's a waste of time to worry over  life's little stink bug moments.
However, sometimes the small irritations are hard to ignore !
What happened to  basic good manners?
Do people have to talk on their cell phones while I'm trying to wait on them? Or worse ...while they are supposed to be waiting on me !
Could people keep their phone's volume down in public?
I don't need to hear those loud rockin' ring tones .
(unless I love the song...LOL!)
Could people just wait 2 seconds for me to bag my things at the self checkout .Do they have to let their canned goods slam into my bread!
Is it possible to simply be kind and respectful to others?
This week I was told by a pharmacist ,that a customer asked her to call other stores to see if she could purchase her pills for less elsewhere.
I'm all for trying to save money .
But, she told the pharmacist in a haughty tone that she didn't have "time to waste " calling around herself because she was "at work ".
Where did she think the pharmacist was!
Oh my......
this recount of  life's annoyances  could go on and on .
all the itchy-bitchy bites I try not to scratch!
my secret remedy ?
working with  beads is a form of meditation for me
when I'm making beads,designing with beads
even reading about beads
Life's little irritations cease to bother me
then it's all about the Beads !
this week
sooth your little irritations
Bead Happy !

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October ABS Challenge

Round and Round

Time for the October ABS challenge !
Each month I eagerly wait to see the newest ABS challenge selection. Each month a different aspect of the art inspires me.
Usually one particular thing about the picture grabs my attention.
If the chosen piece has flowers , I will be making flowers !
Those of us who make beads can often whip up something special to "go with "our inspiration.
This is one thing I love about the challenge.
It's a monthly kick in the pants to try something different.
There is also the fun of  sorting through my copious stash of beadie stuff to find forgotten treasures.
This month I was struck by the colors and the graphics .
If you look closely,there are so many colors!
There are also strong geometric shapes .
To keep that feel I picked out some heavy wire and a few round vintage elements.
The shapes and colors had my brain spinning....spinning?
ah ha! I remembered a bead type I had not made in ages...lentil swirls ! A perfect way to spin all those lovey colors into one bead .
Just for fun I added an ammonite swirl bead created by Mother Nature. I couldn't resist adding some bits of sari silk that  matched perfectly.
I loved making the lentil swirls . Creating them was a nice break from holiday florals .
Thanks  ABS  for helping me recall that technique.
this week
revisit an old favorite design
Bead Happy,

Friday, September 28, 2012

This week there is a change in the air. The days are still warm.
But, I can feel a change .The leaves on the trees are still green.
But, there is the slightest hint of autumn color .
The field corn was harvested this week.
The lush seas of green ,are now tawny golden stubble.
Ripe red tomatoes have disappeared from the farm stands.
Plump orange pumpkins are appearing .
My worktable is changing too . I've finished working in fall  hues.
All of  my fall clay blends have been transformed into beads.
I have set out a selection of rich red and green clays .
I stacked up a pile of pearl white and and few squares of gold and silver.
I'll start with Christmas shades and work up to winter jewel tones.
But, first I'm going to take a break .
This weekend my Hubby and I will be "down the ocean " as we say in Maryland.
As a child I spent  part of every summer in Ocean City, Maryland .
I played in the sun and surf by day.
By night, I reveled in the sights and sounds of the boardwalk .
When I grew up (am really a grown up? ) I learned to scuba dive .
My beach allegiance changed to tropical climates with coral reefs to explore.
But, once a year I like to revisit my childhood haunts .
My Hubby and I go to the Ocean City Wine Fest held every September.
It's a chance to sample wines from small private vineyards in a  beach setting . We love it !
We always treat ourselves to some wonderful Maryland seafood meals.
We walk the beach and some years it's even warm enough for a swim!
It's a welcome break between seasons.

When  I return I'll have to start right in on preparation for the very busy holiday season .
But, this weekend  is reserved for a bit of rest and relaxation .
While relaxing ,I will raise a glass of wine to all my beadie friends .
I am so thankful for the many wonderful people I've met on-line .
This week
a toast to all of you
my cherished bead friends
may you always
Bead Happy

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bead Soup Book

My copy of Lori Anderson's Bead Soup book arrived this week ! 
It is a PERFECT Beadie Cookbook !
It's chocked full of design recipes for every occasion.
Each creation has a list of ingredients and easy directions .

I feel like I know everybody who contributed, from Lori's previous Bead Soup Blog buffets.So before I saw the book I knew I liked  their styles .
No surprise, I'd love the book .
I expected Lori's easy friendly style ,tons of inspiration and great photos . But, I got much more than I expected !
The book is divided into four starting point chapters. I can best describe them as comparable to what to cook if you have left over chicken in the fridge or what to make if you couldn't resist the fresh asparagus at the grocery.
Great ideas for how to think through designs .
Useful tips on how to find inspiration for those " got it clue what to do with it " beads we all have around the house.

One reason I love soup, both the bead and food type , is that you can keep  adjusting  it  until you get it perfectly yummy .You can take a recipe, add this ,subtract  that  and the result will still be good.
The Bead Soup Book recipes will fill your head with mouth watering ideas that you can improvise to  make your own .
All the recipes contain a sprinkling of smiles .
You won't want to miss Zack's Watercress Soup.It's toadily delicious!
Since I live in Maryland, I had an extra big grin when I saw the  "Blue Crab Earrings " and old Fashioned Oyster Stew " necklace !
Colder days and blustery weather are on the way.
Perfect soup weather !
Why not simmer a pot on your stove
and a pot on your work table  ?
this week cook up  something hot and delicious
and Bead Happy


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Spooky Season

Autumn's Art

At my house the days are still summery  warm.
However, the nights are starting to grow colder .
It's time to think about holiday designs.
First in my  line up are Autumn colors and Fall leaf themes
This week Mother nature sent me my first piece of inspiration.
Every September a weird and wonderful fungus grows under the oak tree in my front yard .
I believe it's called a chicken fungus. It's supposed to be edible and quite tasty. I have never been brave enough to taste it .
I prefer to think of it as an early Autumn Art sculpture .
It signals me that it's time to make a few spooky season beads and pendants . I  have already filled my shop with Fall colored leaf pendants and toggle clasps.
But,every year I like to make just a few glow in the dark Ghosties and Bat Fairies.
These make a quick Halloween necklace simply strung  on a chain or ribbon .
They can also make more intricate designs hauntingly beautiful.
Tip: don't hide your pendants away when they aren't being used.
Many make nice ornaments. I  keep a few little ghosts and bat fairies displayed on twiggy branches. Nice Halloween  decor and I can grab one for a quick gift if I need to !
 However,the real reason I make my spooky season designs , is because they are FUN to create. 
Every year they have a slightly different personality .
They just take on a life of their own as I make them .
Small little somebodies to share the season of spooky with me !
This week make something
Bead Happy !

Saturday, September 8, 2012

September ABS Challenge

Wrist Corsage

It's time for the September ABS challenge
There are months when I have to think long and hard for an idea.
But, when I saw this month's painting, a zillion ideas popped into  my head!
 Flowers ,flowers and more flowers...WOW !!!!
How could I ever narrow down my choices  to just one ?
I suppose I could have made several entries. But, where would I have found time to do that ?
I decided to start,as always, by looking through my stash for beads and findings in the colors of the painting.
I was hoping something would call to me loud and clear . It did !
As soon as I found the crocheted lace I knew I was going to use it .
To me it perfectly mimicked the collar of the dress.That lace begged to be a cuff bracelet .But, how to add flowers without covering the  pattern too much ? I decided to create an art bead bouquet and make a wrist corsage . Does anybody still wear wrist corsages ? When I was growing up they were a sent by  boys to their dates for proms and parties .
I am old !
My bracelet isn't an everyday piece of jewelry . It is more suited for special occasions. My husband and I had our first date in the fall.
I think I will wear to a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant .
(just have to get hubby to take me.... LOL!)
The colors will make it perfect for Thanksgiving too.
 In fact, it is so comfortable ,it might become a tradition for me to wear it to our turkey feast !
I haven't worn a wrist corsage in a long ,long ,long time !
Thank  you for the flowers ABS .
This week
add some flowers to your designs
Bead Happy

Saturday, September 1, 2012



 It's hard to believe it's September !
Labor Day marks the end of Summer at my house .
School is back in session.Soon the leaves will begin to turn.
In a blink of an eye the Holidays will be upon us!
Beadie peeps ,especially those who sell their creations,
are gearing up for the gift giving season.

Nature is already leaving little gifts for us to discover.
I am especially fond of seeds and nuts.Maybe because they remind me if beads! I have several huge old oaks trees on my property .
I love the acorns.My family is not truly thrilled about the loud bang of acorns hitting the roof late at night. However, I grew up with Autumn sound of horse chestnuts hitting our car roof ! To me it is a sound of the season! Acorns are great for all sorts of craft projects.
They make perfect fairy bowls and sturdy elf hats too! 
This time of year I am also gifted with bits of corncobs and nicely carved walnuts.The walnut tree and the corn field are across the street.
They don't belong to me . But, the squirrels  persist on dragging the bounty over to my yard . I sometimes worry the farmer will think we are poaching his corn !
Some of the very best gifts are the "carved " walnut shells .
When they are cut in half ,a sweet little heart shape is revealed.
Some are carved into wonderful vases. Are any squirrel artists on ETSY  I wonder ?
As the days get shorter, the leaves will begin to turn . As a child I collected as many different types of Autumn leaves as I could find.
My children and I always took "leaf walk' in the fall to search for especially nice leaves to decorate the house with . My grandchildren are continuing the tradition. They are planing a leaf walk for later this autumn .
My granddaughter is celebrating her birthday at a local state park this weekend.The children will be having a nature themed scavenger hunt . One of the items on their list will be "find something you think is a treasure"  I can't wait to see what they pick !
This week 
hunt for a gift nature has left for you 
be inspired 
Bead Happy
Squirrel Vase