Friday, September 28, 2012

This week there is a change in the air. The days are still warm.
But, I can feel a change .The leaves on the trees are still green.
But, there is the slightest hint of autumn color .
The field corn was harvested this week.
The lush seas of green ,are now tawny golden stubble.
Ripe red tomatoes have disappeared from the farm stands.
Plump orange pumpkins are appearing .
My worktable is changing too . I've finished working in fall  hues.
All of  my fall clay blends have been transformed into beads.
I have set out a selection of rich red and green clays .
I stacked up a pile of pearl white and and few squares of gold and silver.
I'll start with Christmas shades and work up to winter jewel tones.
But, first I'm going to take a break .
This weekend my Hubby and I will be "down the ocean " as we say in Maryland.
As a child I spent  part of every summer in Ocean City, Maryland .
I played in the sun and surf by day.
By night, I reveled in the sights and sounds of the boardwalk .
When I grew up (am really a grown up? ) I learned to scuba dive .
My beach allegiance changed to tropical climates with coral reefs to explore.
But, once a year I like to revisit my childhood haunts .
My Hubby and I go to the Ocean City Wine Fest held every September.
It's a chance to sample wines from small private vineyards in a  beach setting . We love it !
We always treat ourselves to some wonderful Maryland seafood meals.
We walk the beach and some years it's even warm enough for a swim!
It's a welcome break between seasons.

When  I return I'll have to start right in on preparation for the very busy holiday season .
But, this weekend  is reserved for a bit of rest and relaxation .
While relaxing ,I will raise a glass of wine to all my beadie friends .
I am so thankful for the many wonderful people I've met on-line .
This week
a toast to all of you
my cherished bead friends
may you always
Bead Happy


  1. Yes the season is changing. Mother Nature tends to go on her merry way from summer into autumn and right on to winter. It does keep crafters of all arts and crafts preoccupied, doesn't it? :)

  2. Lovely post ... makes me think of where I grew up along the Pacific NW coast. Seafood is a way of life, and I don't think I could live anywhere I couldn't incorporate it regularly into my diet. I do miss dungeness crab -- I just can't get used to eating crab with shells, soft or otherwise!