Sunday, July 21, 2013

Magical Moments

Muse Magic

This week was a hot one in Maryland .
We had that  Summer Season  Sauna weather.  
Life seemed to progressing in slow motion .
I think the inspiration part of my brain melted.
My muse was no where to be found. She was probably  sitting in the shade sipping a  cold drink .
No beadie ideas popped into my head ,no blog topics either .
Honestly ,I had just about decided to skip both beads and blog today.
I poured a third cup of coffee, decided to water my plants,and
whoooa !!!!
Overnight an AMAZING mushroom appeared in one of my orchid pots!
Awesome color ...Awesome texture !!!
Even a heat  addled brain has to be inspired by this cool little fungus .
I have no idea why it decided to grow right now . That orchid has been in the same spot for 3 years!  Most of my collection summer outside . But , I keep a few on the kitchen windowsill all year.
I have no idea what type of  mushroom it is .My Goggle research came up with "Leucocoprinus Birnbaumii ".  Does anybody out there recognize it ?
I 'm not sure if people who are not artist/makers actively seek out inspiration.
But, I'm fairly sure my beadie buddies are always on the hunt for new ideas to play with.
We visit real and virtual places just hunting for that next design or color combo .
Sometimes the inspiration is visual,sometimes its just the feel of a place ...even a sound or smell can inspire. I do get good ideas when I am activly searching .
However ,once in a while an idea comes to me when I least expect it !
Suddenly  I notice ..Wow.. that's an interesting  color ... look at that  unusual shape ...

I  don't know how  or why  that  mushroom popped up just when I needed a nudge.
I suspect it  has to do a bit of Midnight Muse Mischief
Hope this week you find some
Muse Magic inspiration of your own
and I hope you
Bead Happy,


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Benefit of Summer Rain

July is half way over.! The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by.
When I was a child most moms were stay at home moms.
Summer vacation was a unstructured holiday for children .
We  did ,of course, take a few "lessons".
Some of my friends took piano or ballet .
Most of us us went to "dancing class "to learn basic ballroom dance and a few "party "manners. We also went to camp ...maybe a week at girl or boyscout camps or  a week at summer"bible school".
But, we did not have the very organized summer days my grandchildren and their friends have.
Since most moms now work,many children spend the week at day camps.Their summers are filled with all sorts of wonderful and interesting opportunities to learn new skills. They seem to be bubbling over to share all this knowledge. And for the most part I'm all for it . 
But,I do get nostalgic for those long summer days with"nothing to do ".
We made up our own games and adventures.We read books in the shade on hot afternoons .We caught lightening bugs when the sun went down . I wish I still had those carefree days with nothing to do .

Usually by mid July  Maryland  has begun a summer drought . But,the spring rains never seem to have left our area . The good news ...the flowers and vegetables are growing great ! The bad news... the weeds are growing great too!
However ,there is an unexpected bonus. Because it's too wet to work in the garden, I have some extra hours to do whatever I wish . My time with "nothing to do " has been filled with my grown up version a of games and adventures .I've been playing with clay and trying new techniques .
I'm even venturing into an imaginary jungle called Facebook ...will I ever be able find my way around?
This week I hope you can find some time to play
Bead Happy ,

Saturday, July 6, 2013

ABS July

Berry Breezes

It's time for the July ABS challenge

When I design my piece for the monthly ABS challenge, I usually I go on first impressions.
This month I was immediately drawn to the floral patterns on the black background .
I had decided to translate that  part of the painting into a bib style necklace.
But, I took a moment and thought again....
I  keep my monthly ABS creations to wear myself.
I love the idea of designing  something just for fun .
If the piece will be just for me,I don't have to give the slightest thought to function. I can just play !
I have a Summer party to attend next weekend.
It's my grandson's sixth birthday !
I wanted to wear something light and airy ...something Summer fresh and breezy .
Serious jewelry seems out of place at a six year old's Birthday celebration
My idea for a mostly black bib necklace just wouldn't  work for next week. I did want something new to wear.
So, back to that drawing board in my brain .............
I printed this month's painting ,added a few design notes and tucked it into my inspiration journal .
I'd save that idea for another day .
For now I'd make a more playful piece.
From the painting I pulled the graceful leaves and all the lovely shades of green.
I decided to use a cotton ribbon to give a light breezy look.
No clasp is needed . I made this to just slip over my head .
Searching my supply stash for color coordinated elements,I found some gorgeous vintage beads in a juicy chartreuse.
I just could not help seeing those beads as wild berries ...part of Summer's secret bounty.
It might seem to be a big stretch from  Picasso to a Patch of Summer berries.
But ,I do think my necklace fits both the painting and my party plans!
this week pick elements of inspiration
to suit this Summer Season
Bead Happy ,