Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Birds and the Beads

Sunshine and Shadow

I feel like I should whisper....shhh
here in Maryland we really haven't had winter
We still could .We have had snow in March before.
But, so far the weather has been mild with very little measurable snow fall. Spring should be here soon.
This week I've had birds on the brain .
I'm really looking forward  the return of our spring/summer residents
Last year we had a Blue Bird family in our bird house and a family of Carolina Wrens nesting in a flower pot on the porch  !
This year ,while on vacation ,we are going  to make time to visit the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens .
We've been trying to get there for 10 years !
 Soooo much to see in the Keys  and never enough time!

Spring birds and Tropical birds are flying about my daydreams.
Flocks of Canada Geese call over head, as they slowly start to head north .
My muse seems to have mixed all these species into one !
All week  I worked on  new fantasy bird  beads.
I like these beadie birds for  necklaces with asymmetrical and  eclectic designs. They make cute earrings too!
They have long necks ,short bills and plump little bodies.
 Each bird has a wash of metallic antiquing .
I  am at a loss as to what to name them .I know Google SEO savvy denies a "cute name " is useful. But ,I still like to name my stuff !!!
Maybe this comes from  working the veterinary field .Everyday we see a host of  ''designer dogs"...something -poos and something -oodles!
Do  I long to name my mixed breed birds  robin-eese or  wren-ucks?
Maybe you have an idea  for me? (please be kind )
Do you still pick names for your designs?
Named or nameless
This week create for Spring
Bead Happy ,

Saturday, February 18, 2012


one of my favorite beaches
view from one of my favorite restaurants!

Pictures copy/pasted from live Florida keys Web cams

Last night we purchased the plane tickets for our summer vacation !
 My patient husband haunts the internet from one vacation to the next, looking for the cheapest prices for airline tickets ,rental cars etc.
The only way we can take vacations is to find the best bargains .
To be honest, we really should be saving every penny .
However,for our family,quality time spent together in the Florida Keys is priceless. A large part of the fun is the anticipation! 
We spend hours discussing past and future trips .What activities do we want to repeat,where we do want eat,what new sights do we hope to see? We mark off the days on our calendars.... 113  as of today !  
We laugh about past the time my husband's pants ripped right up the back in the airport!
We remember with awe ,special day a pod of dolphins followed the dive boat and a tiny baby  dolphin kept  jumping out of the water for us to see. (or maybe it wanted to see us!)
We look forward to visiting with shop owners and dive buddies who have become our friends.

Out of the 52 weeks in every year, we only get to spend 2 in the Keys .
As soon as we win the lottery we plan to buy a house there ! LOL!!!
 However, for now we stretch out our enjoyment by spending time anticipating the fun .

Isn't anticipation a big part of life?
We probably should spend less time thinking about unpleasant or unhappy events.
We probably should spend much more time in happy anticipation of things that bring us joy.
We can stretch the promise of every  pleasant moment in life...
not just the big things like vacations .
But ,even life's small pleasures can be enhanced.
Anticipate a special meal,reading a new book ,creating a new bead design......
I look forward to my quiet times making beads .Dreaming up new designs during the day increases the pleasure I get from the creative process.
113 days until I  go scuba diving with my family ...24 hours until I try a new color combination for my flowers!!!
this week
savor the Anticipation
and Bead Happy !