Saturday, February 11, 2012

ABS Inspiration

Mystic Dream

Time for the ABS February challenge !
I am entranced by Habiballah's painting based on one of Farid al-Din 'Attar's  mystic allegories.The colors are muted ,yet so vibrant .
The elements are fascinating .
Each time I look ,I see something different .
I was immediately struck by the dream like quality of this piece.

Have you ever wakened from a dream that seemed a bit hazy  yet somehow very vivid ?
Have you remembered a dream with elements that were disconnected,
yet seemed to belong together  in your dream's story?

In my stash, I remembered the perfect beads for a dream.
I had a set of large  transparent hollow glass beads.
The flecks of frit on them were just the colors I needed.
I also had some gossamer silk hand dyed ribbon in the right  shades.
I gathered up all my  gemstone beads in  the inspiration colors and spread them out on my bed to see which spoke to me.
I picked pearls ,mother of  pearl ,celestite and new jade.
To add bit more of the misty quality I used some recycled glass beads with a"sea glass "finish . These all fell together in a pleasing random order. However ,I wanted to add birds to my " dream" .
I usually make rather realistic,very detailed birds.
I thought I might pick out specific birds from the painting.
But , my muse was in mystic dream mode. So instead, I made vaguer bird shapes in pearl clay accented  with touch of reddish taupe and a brush of gold antiquing .
My necklace did not really grab the exact elements from the painting. Instead ,I created based on how the painting made me feel.
I am pleased with the dream like feeling my necklace gives me.

On a more practical side ,it doesn't hurt that these are my favorite Summer colors! Maybe I should rename this piece
"Dreaming of Summer/Fantasy meets Fashion " LOL!
One thing I love about jewelry design  ... its such a practical art form .
You can express your inner most feelings and glam up your outfits at the same time !
 I'd say that's a Dream come true !!!
this week dream up  a fantasy / fashion combo
Bead Happy!


  1. Very soft and lovely :)

    They look like swans and they are GORGEOUS! I hope you'll consider making a few sets of these for your shop!

    I haven't started my challenge piece yet >.< I have everything picked out and ready to go.... just...haven't done it yet.

  2. The necklace is gorgeous and it goes along with the insipration painting very well. I agree with Skye the birds do look like swans.

  3. wowowowow! I love the necklace and how you photographed it against the artwork. Lovely. Beth

  4. Yay, your link from ABS is fixed, my dear! I love this necklace design, and the way you framed it with the illustration in the photo above is genius, really shows how you matched the color palette to perfection!