Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can't Eat Just One !

It's time for the PCAGOE monthly challenge !
This month’s theme is “Paints, Foils, Leafs and Inks”
Be sure to check out the fabulous entries and cast a vote for your favorite !

this is a story about my entry :

I was Very Hungry for a challenge entry.
I saw a pretty little caterpillar living in my garden.
It was munching on a lovey leaf.
In the light of the moon I had the beginning of an inspiration.
On Sunday morning the warm sun came up and -pop- out came my idea !
On Monday I made one leaf with foil and paint, and a caterpillar embellished with ink and Swarkies .
My entry was complete .
But, I was still hungry ....
On Tuesday I made a red leaf and and a blue leaf.
But ,I was still hungry !
On Wednesday I made I made a red leaf , a blue leaf and a green leaf.
But, I was still hungry !
On Thursday I made a red leaf , a blue leaf , a green leaf and a copper leaf .
But, I was still hungry !
If this story seems familiar, you may wonder if I have turned into a butterfly !!!
Not yet ...I'm still making leaves !!!

Do you ever try a new tecnique or design that you just want to keep doing again and again ?
You start out with a basic idea.Then each time you try it, you think of a way to improve it or tweak it just a bit .
I think this hunger is an important part of any growth .
Each time we find some delicious new idea we just want to devour every last bite of possibility !
With every bite we grow and grow....
Along the way we create a butterflies !!!
Wonderful creations and inspirations that seem to take flight !!!
Stay hungry this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The World Is Flat !

Early explorers believed the world was flat .
Turns out my world really is !!!

I wish I could sail off in a tall ship to see the world .
Instead, my family's adventures consist mostly of visiting places we can drive to.Unfortunately exploring the world by car can be a bit restrictive !

No matter, I can cross any ocean ,climb any mountian, travel wherever I wish !
I merely have to touch my magic key board.
Off I go to explore the world . On my journeys I see wonderful things and learn more than I ever imagined possible .
Like many explorers, I have a special quest .I don't seek gold or spices from the orient.I search for precious bead information and inspiration !!!I hunt for it far in the jungles of blogs ,high in the mountains of ETSY and deep in the valleys of Google . I leave no search word unturned in my quest for all things beadie.

My exploration has brought me vast riches . I have accumulated a wealth of techniques ,tools and new ideas . I have made friends wherever I have traveled . I have opened trade routes both for myself and to share with fellow travelers.Not a day goes by that I don't don my sweat suit ,pour a cup of coffee and venture off to explore the flat, flat world on my computer screen .
I always have a wonderful adventure exploring the far reaches of the world . I chart my progress with "bookmark " and "save to " !
I delight in the knowledge there are always new things to discover. Each day is an adventure of exploration .

Ancient maps of the flat world were marked with a warning
"beyond this place there be dragons"
These words of caution still hold true .
If you don't believe it, just come to my house when my internet is down !!!
Enjoy your own explorations this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :) photos by my daughter Annie :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Than I Bargained For !

What did you hope for when you became interested in beads ?
Did you want to make something for yourself , give handmade gifts, create a source of income ?
Would your beading remain a hobby or did you dream of it becoming a full time job ?
I suppose I have to pick " all of the above "
With the exception of being able to quit my day job (I wish!),
my bead journey has fulfilled all my expectations and more !
I seem to have gotten far more than I bargained for !!!

Last week Cathryn aka "chilecats"
e-mailed me to let me know she had shared some of my beads with Cherin aka "lanyard lady"
Cherin had graciously included the lovely lanyard she made with my beads in her blog !
WOW !!! :D
Cathryn has been a good customer of mine for forever it seems ..LOL!.
Although we have never met , and probability never will ,we are friends
We follow each others blogs. She has seen my work change (I hope improve)
I find inspiration seeing her designs .

You can really get to know someone by just by looking closely at their creations.I believe our art is truly an expression of who we are.
Your insides come out through your fingers when you create !

Because Cathryn shared her beads, I will get to know Cherin. Hopefully I will soon count her as a friend as well.
The simple act of stringing beads seems to create a universal connection .
Each time I read the world news, I am able put a face of a bead friend near the location of the story . I feel a very personal connection .
We may start out by sharing to make beads , how to use beads.
But ,somehow we end up sharing much more.
We are able to celebrate our differences and marvel at our similarities.
Our fingers are on our keyboards.But, our hands are joined around the world!
I hope as you sit down with your beads this week
you will take a moment to think if you too,
are getting far more than you bargained for !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smooth Moves

When I created my entry for the ABS July challenge, I knew I wanted to make something with movement. The inspiration piece is an Alexander Calder sculpture .
I wanted to include my own a tiny version of a mobile in the design.
I am pleased with the result . It passed the design criteria of a tough critic .
My daughter!!!
She "borrowed " it !!!
Sometimes she says "very nice ....but, I wouldn't wear it "
oh well .... LOL!!! But, this one she wore... in public !!!

I was happy to see that when she had it on, the focal did move as I had envisioned it .
If I were more computer savvy I'd like to post a"'video " .
But , I'm clueless how to accomplice that will have to do.

This week I have been pondering the movement of all jewelry creations .
It's one thing for a design to look lovely positioned flat in a photo . But ,jewelry is made to be worn . It's an adornment that needs to move with the body. A design can look unpractical .
But, I believe a successful design needs to be practical .
It should be comfortable and reasonably easy to wear.
It should look great no matter if we walk ,run ,twist or turn.
My personal design test is to wear my creations for a day.
I do get some strange looks accessorizing scrub uniforms and sweatsuits with elaborate necklaces . But , I MUST be sure a design functions !There are times the general public just doesn't get it . Swarkies go with sweats...right?
How do you test your designs for "wearability "?
I hope you will be creating some Smooth Moves this week !.
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Savor Summer

Summer has Arrived !!!
The Fourth of July is the official Summer Fun Holiday !
We should take a moment to reflect on the freedoms the holiday represents .

But, take a moment to relish the freedoms of Summer as well !
School is out !!! Vacation time is here !!!
Time for tee shirts and flip flops!
Watermelon , homegrown tomatoes and corn on the cob!
Tall cold drinks , backyard barbecues ,naps in a hammock .
For my family, summer means the beach ! Sun ,surf ,seashells !
Since we're from Maryland, our summers mean hard crabs ,beer and a" trip down the ocean"

What does summer mean to you ?
Stop right now and make a list .
Be sure to add the joys of your childhood and all the simple little pleasures of the season.
I know most of us lead busy hustle bustle lives .
We have mile long " to do lists " that never seem to get done .
No matter .... it's SUMMER !
go post your "summer list" on top of your "to dos" !!!
Time to take a vacation from hurry scurry, if only a brief moment everyday .
Take off your shoes and run barefoot !
"take time to smell the roses "
Savor your Summer !!!
Bead Happy, m.e . :)
* my Granddaughter, Caroline, savoring her Summer at the beach :D