Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Can't Eat Just One !

It's time for the PCAGOE monthly challenge !
This month’s theme is “Paints, Foils, Leafs and Inks”
Be sure to check out the fabulous entries and cast a vote for your favorite !

this is a story about my entry :

I was Very Hungry for a challenge entry.
I saw a pretty little caterpillar living in my garden.
It was munching on a lovey leaf.
In the light of the moon I had the beginning of an inspiration.
On Sunday morning the warm sun came up and -pop- out came my idea !
On Monday I made one leaf with foil and paint, and a caterpillar embellished with ink and Swarkies .
My entry was complete .
But, I was still hungry ....
On Tuesday I made a red leaf and and a blue leaf.
But ,I was still hungry !
On Wednesday I made I made a red leaf , a blue leaf and a green leaf.
But, I was still hungry !
On Thursday I made a red leaf , a blue leaf , a green leaf and a copper leaf .
But, I was still hungry !
If this story seems familiar, you may wonder if I have turned into a butterfly !!!
Not yet ...I'm still making leaves !!!

Do you ever try a new tecnique or design that you just want to keep doing again and again ?
You start out with a basic idea.Then each time you try it, you think of a way to improve it or tweak it just a bit .
I think this hunger is an important part of any growth .
Each time we find some delicious new idea we just want to devour every last bite of possibility !
With every bite we grow and grow....
Along the way we create a butterflies !!!
Wonderful creations and inspirations that seem to take flight !!!
Stay hungry this week
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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