Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rainy Day Dessert

A big Thank You to to everyone who gave me advice about Picnik alternatives .
I still haven't decided what to use. But, I did find the missing collage feature. Thank you Maneki!
At least  I do have until April to find a new favorite.
Right now, I feel like I'm having a Rainy day....
I'm a little moody and melancholy about the whole
" learn a new photo edit method" issue.
I am really not motivated .I'm sad  and I'm  Mad !
But ,this week I'm letting April showers bring polymer flowers!
I am  thoroughly enjoying my handmade toggle venture.
I've been working on a new design...
what else ...a flower  toggle !!!
I like to think I'm not ignoring the photo editing issue.
Instead,I am just redirecting my energy in order to rev up my motor.
It's an effort to start up my "learn new stuff " machine !
I find sometimes a task I am not looking forward to, goes a bit smoother if I allow myself a little fun before I tackle it .
It's Like eating desert first ..LOL!
Of course there is the danger  I'll ignore the task at hand.
But, I don't think I will.
I just need to set it aside and have some fun until my rainy day feelings pass.
this week
try  eating your "dessert tasks" first !
and Bead Happy


Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Picnik !!

My blog this week was going to be about color.
Technically  about lack of color.
I  should be working on Spring pastels.
It's time for Sweet Florals and Romantic Hearts.
But, somehow I got sidetracked by Moonlight madness.
This week I set aside my pinks and purples .
I concentrated instead on night time neutrals,
blacks,silvers and moon lit whites.
Valentine's day is right around the corner.
does anything say Romance better than Moonlight  ?
This morning I was up extra early ... coffee in hand
ready to write about  Romantic  neutrals
neutral colors that is
not neutral feelings...LOL!
and then .....
my favorite photo edit program Picnik is closing in April!!!
Already this morning ,the collage feature seems to be missing !!!

I think this might be a case of be careful what you wish for
I've been talking the last few weeks  about branching out ...
exploring new options ,trying new techniques
I did NOT mean I wanted to try  new  photo edit options!
I learn clay skills fairly easily. But ,not computer skills !!!
I was finally comfortable with Picnik .
Now I have to find AND learn how to use something new !!!
I have no idea where to start
this week
I would be grateful if  you would
share your ideas about  photo edit programs
Bead Happy !!!!

new.... but non-collaged toggle pics

Saturday, January 14, 2012

ABS Inspiration


Time for the ABS monthly Challenge
I instantly fell in love with this month's beautiful wallpaper design .
Joy of joys , so many wonderful flowers and leaves !!!
Just my thing. I only had to decide where to start ......

 I grew up in an big old Victorian house that saw years of change and updates.No ,we didn't have William Morris wallpaper.
But, we did have pieces of furniture and knickknacks from the era.
All the design elements seemed comfortable and familiar to me.
But ,somehow I kept being drawn to that trellis design. Why?
Because, it made me think of the little twisted wire fences that graced my grandmother's gardens.Those low little fences didn't keep anything out or keep anything in .They were just decorative,like garden jewelry.
I wonder if they still sell rolls of that low wire fencing ? It always got bent out of shape and quickly developed aged patina . Maybe it wasn't as lovely as I remember . Still ,I smile when  I think of those gardens .
I was determined to make a wire trellis fence for my necklace.
It took me  hours of sore hands and wasted wire to finally recreate that  twisted, aged fenceing from my past. No matter how frustrate I became I could not,would not veer from my design idea!
I WAS going to make a piece of wire fenceing !

Is it better to know something may be impossible or better to not realize ?
"How to" classes  and  tutorials do give us basic skills and tecniques to draw from.
But ,I think there are times when we should just branch out .
Times to experiment until we are able to create what we envision.
If we don't realize we are attempting the impossible maybe it will become the possible!

I am happy my little trellis necklace.
When I wear it, I am for moment, back with my Grandmother in her gardens.
Thanks for the memory ABS!
this week
make a memory
go with your vision
even if you aren't sure how
Bead Happy,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Branching Out

If you enjoy creating and you like to sell what you create,
it is probably wise to develop your own style.
Customers keep returning if they know you make things they like .
It's as simple as that !
However, recognizable style should not equate with stagnant .
Here's a case in point ...
visitors to Lynda Mosley's shop can expect to find Glamorous Sophisticated creations with a Heirloom feel .
But, check out  her latest creation ! Rock and Roll earrings!!!
WOW!!! Unexpected ...but , I would recognize those as Lynda's work anywhere ! She dared to go  out on a limb and came up with a  Far-out fresh and refreshing design !!!

Make 2012 your year to  Branch Out !
Experimenting with new concepts and materials breaths life into our work .
Take your muse on a mini creativity vacation.
Return to your tried and true designs with new delight .
I think  it will show .
Even my staple Rose Beads seem to bloom a bit fresher after a jewelry making break.
Cruise the blogs and bookshelves for new ideas.
Better yet, join a challenge
signups start today for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party
Art Bead Scene has a wonderful inspiration this month !
even if you are happy climbing the same tree...
go out on a limb !
this week Branch Out
Bead Happy,