Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolution


Time to bid 2011 farewell .Where did the year go ?
The older I get ,the faster time goes by !
It's  time for New Years resolutions
"A firm decision to do or not to do something "
I should be resolving to eat healthy ,eat less ,organize my beads ,make better use of my time, etc, etc.....
I try this every year I follow through ?     NO !

This year I have decided to concentrate on on a different type of New Year's resolution !
Resolution can also refer to " The fineness of detail that can be distinguished in an image" and  "The term resolution is often used for a pixel count in digital imaging "
You know pixels,those tiny dots that combine  to  make up a complete picture .
This year I have decided to concentrate on the dots that make up my life . All those colorful little incidents , precious small moments and tiny details that make up the minutes, hours and days of my life.
It is these tiny "pixels " of  existence that combine to make the big picture.

I noticed that as 2011 ends my friends are evaluating  their year by the big picture. They say they had a ''terrible year " "a disappointing year " "a difficult year"  We are all wishing each other A "Happy New Year"
We are hoping that  those  who were unhappy with the way 2011 progressed,will find fulfillment in 2012.
Who knows how individual big pictures will turn out.
But, should we focus on that ?
Wouldn't we be more content if we  focused on the dots of wonderful , the pixels of pleasant times  our lives hold ?
My 2012  resolution is , the fineness of detail should be savored .
Whatever your big picture may be for 2012,
may  it contain many ,many wonderful and joyful  little pixels
and may you
Bead  Happy !!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

From My House to your House

Somewhere I  read the the phrase
"saving the world one bead at a time"
I honestly don't remember where I read it.  
But ,that phrase remains always in my heart.
There are many things in this world that need changing .
I think  understanding and personal connection can motivate change.
Our beads do connect us the world over.
Beads create not just jewelry ...they create true friendships.
We may never meet face to face ...but still, we are good friends 
for  this Christmas Eve post I am quoting a  John Lennon song
I believe the words ring true  no matter what holiday you celebrate this season
"And so this is Christmas  ,    And what have we done
Another year over,   And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas   ,   I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one  ,  The old and the young
A very merry Christmas ,   And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one  ,  Without any fear "

This week may we all join  hands across our  keyboards 
and Bead Happy for a better world !


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anytime Ornaments

It's the Season of gift giving.
If you are reading my blog chances are you made many
or even most of your gifts.
I don't think anything is as wonderful as a gift you created yourself .
Taking the  time to make something with a particular person in mind is actually a gift itself ...a gift of love and caring.
Plus, you don't risk giving people something  they already have !

But, what about those people you don't know so well?
What about those people you just want to give a little "thank you"  ? 
Get out your stash of beads ,trinkets and trims !
Not to worry ,you still have time ! Don't bother with crimps or knots.
Just string a nice combo on wire and twist a loop at the top for hanging.
Don't think Christmas ornament...Think All Season Greeting!
Create something unique to decorate a house year round 
Bead-utiful little strands of beads can brighten up any corner.
Those that include crystals make rainbows when they catch the light.Who couldn't use an extra rainbow ???
Do you have a few men on your list? Check out your local hardware store.Nuts, bolts and other tool time stuff can look great with a few select beads !Fishing lures are awesome on bead ornaments . Lots of small sports items can work too. 

Ornaments are a super way to use up those orphan beads you have gathering dust .If you simply wire your creations together, you can made a big batch in no time flat . Be sure to make some extras,for those people who slipped your mind . Any you might have left over are sure to come in handy for Birthdays or other occasions through out the year. 
Great  beadie ornaments aren't just for Christmas Trees!
this week whip up some Anytime Ornaments 
Bead Happy !


Saturday, December 10, 2011

ABS December Challenge

Midnight in New York
This month's ABS challenge certainly had me stumped !!!
The inspiration picture is Chrysler Building,1928-1930 by William Van Alen.
I love the Art Deco style.I have many vintage and reproduction pieces in my stash of "misc.stuff for jewelry design". But, as you might expect my collection is made up of stylized flowers and swirly leaves...nothing as purely graphic as the Chrysler building !

I have mentioned before that the ABS challenges are great tools for learning about new artists and renewing acquaintances with old favorites.Off I went to research the history of the Chrysler building.
I figured I might as well have a lesson in architecture  while I was waiting for a light bulb moment .I was happily admiring photos when my light blub did light ! There it was! A photo of the building at night.
Gorgeous Graphics in black and silver splendor !!!
I still had silver fingertips from my recent Guilders Paste experiments! How 'bout a polymer clay bib to mimic those great windows.Somewhere  in my stash was some really interesting metal ribbon. I bought it some time ago. But,I never seemed to find the right design for it .Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,some vintage chandelier crystals I had just purchased !  Ah...just the right little touch of bling.

The whole combo just shouted New Years Eve to me !
I will be celebrating at home with friends and family. I plan to "dress casual'. I think this necklace will be just right with a  black turtle neck .

When the crystal ball drops at midnight 
I will be toasting  2011 ,welcoming  2012
I will be thanking ABS for another Great year of Fabulous challenges!
this week get ready to welcome 2012 with a New Year's design
Bead Happy !


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ABS Ornament Blog Hop

Winter Rose

New for my tree this year
a shiny ,shimmery Winter Rose ornament !
I glammed up the branch with Guilder's Paste.
Then I wire wrapped it with  Swarovski crystal "ice",
added silver metal leaves and  one of my polymer clay Rose beads.
The hanger is a wonderful piece of recycled sari silk ribbon.
I  think it looks very pretty.
But, to quote the Grinch
Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!

What makes this ornament extra special  to me ???

I picked up the branch on a walk with my daughter.
Not a milestone day, just a quiet summer day after her college graduation
We walked and talked about her hopes and dreams for the future.
Every year when I hang this on my tree, I will remember the time we spent together that day
Someday she will hang it on her tree ...remembering as well.
I love collecting "memory "ornaments from trips and special events.
But, some of life's simple moments need to be treasured as well.
A branch , a stone ,maybe a fabric reminant ...anything can be
"gussied up" to  become a lovely reminder of a special time .
This week  make a memory
Enjoy the Wonderful ABS Ornament Blog Hop
Bead Happy !!!

visit these blogs for the Ornament Extravaganza !

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ABS Ornament Blog Hop ~sneak peek

***my ornament components ***

My Ornament blog is posted But the link seems wonkie
please click here

Coming  12/7  the ABS Ornament Blog Hop !!!
Wonderful  Unique Handmade  Ornaments
Don't miss the fun !!!
It's sure to be an eye candy feast.
Plenty of inspiration for your Holiday muse.
Fabulous ideas to decorate your home
and remember,
Handmade ornaments are Wonderful  gifts !
here's a sneak peek at the things I used to make my ornament.
come back on December 6 to see what I created
why I used this branch ....
I'll have links to all the other participants Ornaments Extraordinaire !
see you back here Wednesday 12/7
til then
Bead Happy !

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Virtual Craft Show !!!

***My Give-away ***

Time for the first annual Virtual Craft Show !!!!!
Check out Lori Anderson's blog everyday  from 11/26-12/3
for Great  Give-a ways and some Wonderful bargains!
You can shop for Unique gifts and have a chance to win Awesome prizes!!!
70  Fabulous  Prizes !!!  New ones listed daily ! How cool is that ?
My give- away?
Three of my Poinsettia Pendants.
Three glamorous silk ribbons with metallic edges .
Sting together for a simple necklace
(great for those" oops I forgot someone " gifts)
Add to  your own show stopping jewelery designs
or use as a tie-on for your most extra special gifts !
Plus, I'm giving away one amazing  pine scented candle guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood !

I  Love,Love ,Love shopping on line .
No more wasting my time and gas money !
No more fighting crazy mall crowds!
Plus, I can find truly Unique gifts ...
no chance of giving Aunt Suzie something she already has if I pick a  one-of -a -kind item!
(no,I don't really have an Aunt Suzie ..but ,you get  the point )

I also feel good about supporting the  online community of artists and crafts people .
Handmade items seem to have a special feel so often lacking in our cookie cutter world.
So much hustle and hurry to make a zillion of this and a billion of that.
Don't misunderstand , I'm glad someone created a zillion computers like mine ...helps bring the price down ..LOL!
But, for holiday giving I prefer to slow down and make my gift more personal and meaningful .
A gift created by hand seems to me to embody the true  spirit of  holiday giving.
I really enjoy searching for that perfect gift for everyone on my list
I don't think the fact I can search here at my computer,in my P.J.'s,
with my cup of coffee; in any way detracts from the love and care I try to put into  choosing each present.
this week
hurry over the the Virtual Craft  Show
check it out Daily for Great Gifts
Bead Happy !

come back on Sunday 12/4
     for a Sneak Peek  of my 
ABS  Ornament Blog Hop creation !

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Harvest Time

Amber Waves  of Grain

This is the Season  of  the Harvest .
Summer's bounty is being stored away for the long winter.
It is the time to rest from the labor of the growing season .
It is a time to give thanks for what we have harvested .
Since the first nomadic people settled down to plant crops, this has been true.

However, most of us are removed from field and farm .
We don't labor in the fields or survive winter with stores from hay stack or root cellar.
But, I think even for jewelry designers this is the season of harvest.
A time to store all the inspiration planted throughout  the Spring and Summer.
A time to gather in all the new tecniques and materials we want to keep .

It is a time to give thanks for our blessings.
A  time to reflect on all the bounty  life has brought us.
including ..yes ...our beads.
My beads add a bit of "fun money " to my income
But, more importantly  they bring me happiness.
Because of beads I have made good friends the world over.
Throughout the year I have learned about politics,religion, world events ,art and much more! I like to call this my "beaducation"
Not less important , because of my bead connections I've just plain had FUN.
I have reaped a bountiful harvest of  laughter and joy !
this week
take stock of  your Summer's Harvest
count your blessings
Bead Happy !

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Eclipse of the Heart

Time for the Art Bead Scene Challenge !
This month's painting is
Madonna Pietra degli Scrovigni by Marie Spartali Stillman 
I immediately searched my stash for elements that would  reflect the colors and shapes in the painting.
I had some brass filigree components that seemed to suit  the painting's theme.
The saucer beads mirrored the pleats on the sleeves perfectly!
I found some lovely kyanite disk beads that had all the shades of green.Best of all the shape reminded me of the crystal ball in the painting !
I can never resist a touch of nature in my designs .
With the help of saw and Dremel I had a "branch bead "
For the  blossoms I added some fresh water pearls.
But, how to tie it all together?
I kept thinking  about this quote
"The woman is a character from the Italian poet Dante. She was described as a heartless lady dressed in green."
 Was she really heartless,or did life and love just leave an empty place in her heart ???
empty place in her heart........
ah ha !!! A heart toggle !!!

Lately I have been busy creating handmade toggle clasps .
I have also discovered Gliders paste!!!
Wonderful stuff !!! You can turn anything metallic !
My family steers clear of me whenever I have those little cans of  paste in my hands. They  fear  I'll gild them!
More than once this week I've gone to work with metallic fingertips!

I created a heart toggle impressed with a flower/leaf design  .
Then I "gilded" it with a mix of colors to match my brass beads.
The clasp worked as a focal bead too!
It's refreshingly easy to put on a necklace with the clasp in front !
I am having the best time creating toggles !
And I'm having so much fun with Gilders paste!
I love that I was able to use both in my challenge entry !
this week try using  a new tecnique in your jewelry designs...
Bead Happy !!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Turkey Down the Road ...

Wild Turkeys

Turkey day is just down the road !
Then comes Christmas, Hanukkah and a host of other gift giving holidays!
This Season  is a busy time for everyone !
If you are like me ,you are trying to balance holiday preparation with sales of beadie goodies .
In between the extra cooking,decorating and gift buying there are shops and craft tables to keep filled ! Yikes!!!
I find on- line shopping is a true blessing !
I can shop at my my pj's  !!!
I can get just  what my grandchildren are wishing for and never have to face a crazy ,crowded toy store!
 I can support  "handmade" by purchasing from artists who create wonderful unique items !
Be sure to visit the
"First Annual Virtual Craft Show"  ~ Nov 26 -Dec 3
I'll have  a great give away you can win !
So will the other participants!

What about all those little "oops I forgot about them "
and " just because" gifts ?
Easy !!! Raid  your bead stash !
If you  are reading this blog I'll bet you have a HUGE one !
If you don't.... head straight to over ETSY right now ! LOL!!!

There are more things to make with beads than Forrest Gump had shrimp recipes !
bead bookmarks,bead key chains ,bead zipper pulls ,bead wine stoppers,bead fan pulls....etc....etc..........
And how about those hostess gifts ? What bottle of wine or dessert goodie wouldn't be improved with a fabulous  beadie embellishment?
My very favorite idea ? Tie One On ! What ???
You know, just tie a great bead on any big ,little ,special or ho hum gift with a beautiful ribbon or cord !
When the present is unwrapped the bead and tie become an instant necklace or special holiday ornament !
Even fruitcake is welcome ,if the box is embellished with a fabulous  beadie tie-on .
This is literally the time to think outside the box!!!!  LOL!!!
Think recycled  sari silk ,vintage trims ,suede cording , chain !
Anything that can be wrapped around a gift box !
In a pinch ,when you just need "a little something " the tie-on itself becomes the  gift !
Just slip one in a gift bag ! Volia ' instant present !!!
The trick is Do This Now !
Your life is not going to slow up in the next few weeks!
Gather up lots and lots of beads and ribbons .
Spend a restful evening watching a favorite movie and mix/match beads to ties.
EASY and FUN !
this week get a head start on Holiday gift giving !!!
Bead Happy !!!

ps: The turkey photo was taken by my  BFF who lives in the Pa. woods !
It's not easy to get close to wild  turkeys !!!
Thanks Michele for sharing !

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turning Over A New Leaf

Leaf & Branch Connections

One of my pet peeves is a Ho Hum toggle stuck on an otherwise Great design !!! Why use blah on beautiful???
I am always searching for handmade and found objects to use as clasps on my personal jewelry .
Sometimes I make my own polymer clay toggles.
But , to be honest I've never come up with a shop-worthy design .
My clasps do the job.They hold up on the bracelets I wear to work. However,no style has ever excited me enough to offer it for sale .
Every once in a while, I revisit my toggle idea and hope my muse will come up with a really good design.
For many , many  months she has had nothing at all to say to me about handmade clasps!

My muse and I have been enjoying Mother Nature's Fall Exhibit. What a fantastic source of  inspiration!
My mind is spinning with ideas for color blends.
Ms. Muse must have been impressed too!
She woke me up in the middle of the night with one of those
"slap me up side the head " ideas !
LEAF SHAPED clasps...of course!!!!! 

I found some pretty  little metal branch bars at Lima  Beads that worked  perfectly with my leaves !
My new toggles can double as a focals too !
Asymmetrical styles  are very  popular right now !
Almost any bead creation would be delicious with a little leaf on the side ...LOL!

Just to be sure the design was user friendly, I made one to wear to work .I work at a veterinary hospital.
If a bracelet holds up there it will be fine for normal wear !!!
Sometimes inspiration is very obvious...
sometimes its a bit more elusive.
I knew searching for beautiful Fall foliage would be a good source of  color ideas.
I didn't expect it to lead to my long sought after "shop worthy"   clasp design !
this week
look for the obvious inspiration  shout outs!
but,don't forget to listen for those subtle little whispers of ideas
Bead Happy !!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Golden Autumn

Seasons seem to have colors all their own .
For me Summer is the season of gorgeous greens !
Springtime has a pastel palette.
Winter is about icy blues  and silver  tones.
In Autumn I think in  shades of Gold .

Folks who deal with  fashions must always think a season in advance .
I make beads for other people to use in jewelry creations ,
I really  must stay way ahead!!!
Right now I need to be finishing up Winter and thinking Spring!
But, the air is turning clear and cool .
The leaves are changing color.
Crisp apples and hot cider and back on my menu !
I have been working on Winter color combos .
Next week my yearly pointsetta beads will come to life .
Then I will start thinking in Spring least I will try my darnedest !
right  now my  world is glowing golden in the Autumn sunshine !
I just had to add metallic clay to each and every project !
Bright gold ,old gold and  brass enticed me !
I added the warm touch of Autumn Sun to my beads this week !!!

Are you are working on projects for the holiday market and coming craft shows ?
Are you creating with the gift giving Winter holidays  in mind ?
Or have you caught a touch of  Fall Fever ?
Fortunately the glow of golden  tones are beautiful all year .
If we indulge ourselves in the shades of Autumn ,
our jewelry will still look lovely in January, June and July!
This week
go for the Gold
Bead Happy !

Saturday, October 8, 2011

ABS October !

Gaea Necklace
Time for ABS October challenge !
This month's painting is a delight of muted color and natural items!
I  adore " Hedgehog in a Landscape" by Giovanna Garzoni
At first glance , I knew I would make some lovely neutral oak leaves...just my style. No brainer ...right ?
Then I began to read about the artist .
Giavanna began painting as a young girl and was one of the first women to paint still life.
In our time, not extraordinary , in hers a very brave move.
Thinking about this , I was drawn to ideas of  strong women .
I mused about womanhood and our close connection to the forces of nature.
My inspiration evolved into a earth mother theme .
My focal idea became a  " Goddess bead".
I somehow saw a heart shape in that hedge hog's face ...don't ask!
I used the heart shape in the pendant and the clasp bead.
Along the way my goddess became a bit more "Greek statue " and less "primitive icon" .
But, I was pleased with the shape and the way the clay developed shading .
I picked some natural silk ribbon for the softness of womanhood . I added  stoneware  worn smooth by the ocean waves.
Pieces that stay strong against the elements and become more beatuiful with age .
I added a snail shell and some acorns,items straight from the painting ,that are ancient fertility symbols.
Then just a few leaves for balance ...
my necklace was finished ...
or was it ???

Goddess beads aren't for everyone or for everyday.
I make no apology for using the frank beauty of the female form  in my creation .
However ,I kept rethinking my design .Was my focal more new young beauty than the classic earth mother  I had envisioned  ?

I took my necklace to my most frank critics , close friends!
My friends range from quirky mixed media artist to prim and proper conservative !
They are kind and rarely say  "what were you thinking "!!!
But, if they say "oh that's nice " ...well ...I get the point!!!
As a whole they liked my design !
One friend ,who happens to be pregnant, loved it !!!
However, she admitted  she probably wouldn't actually wear it .
She thought a more primitive goddess would be closer to  her style.
So we Googled Goddesses  for comparison .
We both loved an ancient design with a  spiral fertility symbolize on it.
back to the drawing board  , ie: clay table.
I created a new softer  looking female form and I used the snail shell to give her a spiral  on the tummy !
I am finally content with my creation !
I followed  that gut feeling and rethought my concept .
Sometimes  a revisit and and redo are in order !
Please don't tell , but my necklace is going to be part of a baby shower gift for my friend !
this week
revisit a not quite right design
refresh, redo
Bead  Happy !

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunshine Smile

Field  of Smiles

I am hesitant to say "I am inspired by nature"
That statement somehow seems so obvious and ordinary.
However, it is certainly true !
I am intrigued by the color blends, interesting forms and textures found in nature.
I usually look at the world through a macro lens .
Even when I scuba dive , I prefer to sit still  and wait for teeny critters to reveal themselves.
I enjoy hunting for the subtle ,small and often overlooked things around me.
But ,sometimes Mother Nature just shouts out loud and dazzles us!!!
Case in point ,this huge field of Sunflowers near my work place.
So glorious,  it just stops you in your tracks!!!
Sometimes there are almost as many people taking photos as there are flowers!!!
Everybody is always so friendly and happy !!!
How can you look and a Sunflower and not smile???
Sunflowers are not complex or  sophisticated .
Sunflowers are just plain and frankly FUN!!!
Nothing at all subtle or subdued about these cheerful blossoms!

If fact ,the Fall season is like that .
Bold , Bright and Beautiful !
Rich , not to be ignored bursts of color !
How can we help but be inspired !
The world that wore green all Summer is suddenly dressed in jewel tones and metallic splendor !
If you live where  the seasons don't change dramatically ,
the wonder of the internet can  let you share Autumn's fabulous fashion show!!!
Try to find even a single Sunflower to inspire you...
it's sure to make you smile!!!
this week forget  the subtle
enjoy Mother Nature's shout out of color
Bead Happy !!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Enjoy the Moment !!!

Three of my neighbors are developmentally disabled men who are also deaf . They are excellent neighbors , always ready to help with any project . One of my dogs was born deaf. He loves those neighbors because they speak to him with body language, something he can perfectly understand .
I love having those men as  neighbors too !
They constantly  help me to remember to enjoy each little moment of my day.

Occasionally hot air balloons float over my house.
I am usually too busy with daily chores to notice.
But, my neighbors never seem to miss seeing them !!!
They get so excited by those balloons,banging and hammering on my door to show me!!!!
This week, sure enough ,they came pounding on my door to show me a balloon!!! I'll admit, I was very busy and a bit annoyed to have to stop what I was doing .
They indicated they wanted me to take a picture for them .
I really didn't feel like taking the time  to drag out my camera.
But , I did take a photo for them.

While I was printing it , I found myself  admiring those clear  bright balloon colors . I was enjoy the change  from the subdued neutrals and muted autumn shades I have been working with .
So  I decided to take a break from seasonal beads and make a few primary brights !!!
The balloon was good bead inspiration and a nice break from my daily routine!
A  moment to celebrate color, beauty and the fantasy of a hot air balloon ride !!!

In this fast paced world we often forget to stop enjoy life's little moments. 
I am fortunate to have good neighbors who remind me to do so!
What might you be over looking as you hurry about your life ???
this week
slow down ..look around
enjoy the small moments
Bead Happy!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Reveal !!!!

Autumn Garden
When  I opened my bead soup mix from partner Melissa Meman
I was in awe !
She made the  focal pendant and toggle herself and they are GORGEOUS!!!
She also enameled the 4 filigree beads! How lucky am I!!!
My mix was so lovely it almost created a design all by itself !
But , I wanted to play with it a bit , so I decided to let my ingredients simmer a while .
The colors sort of whispered Southwest .
But,that somehow didn't fit the beads. I was stumped.
Then on a trip to the local hardware store , inspiration hit me square in the face!
Outside was a beautiful big display of annuals for fall planting . Wonderful blue green kale and deep red  chrysanthemums !!!  PERFECT !!!
My design would be an Autumn Garden complete with the warm golden tones of a sunny fall afternoon!!!
I wasn't expecting to find a design idea the hardware store .
But,you never know how or when inspiration will present itself .
this week find inspiration
visiting the Bead Soup blogs!
the links are below
and remember to
Bead Happy !
My Soup and my Soup mix

1. Aimee Wheaton and Barbara York
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89. Joyce Becker and Kathy Welsh
90. Judy Glende and Karen Sinkowski

91. Judy Riley and Kelly Morgan
92. JuLee Wolfe and Julie Bean
93. Julianna Cannon and Julianna Kis
94. Julie Nordine and Lesley Watt
95. K. Hutchinson and Shea Zukowski
96. Karen Firnberg and Karyn Bonfiglio
97. Karen Williams and Kimberly Roberts
98. Karen Zanco and Polly Barker
99. Kari Carrigan and Laura Twiford
100. Karin von Hoeren and Laura Blanck

101. Kate Richbourg and Lorelei Eurto
102. Kathleen Lange Klik and Maria Clark
103. Kathy Engstrom and Keri Lee Sereika
104. Kay Thomerson and Loretta Carstensen
105. Kelley Fogle and Laurel Bielec
106. Kelly Ramstack and Sally Anderson
107. Kim Stevens and Tiffany Long
108. Kristi Harrison and Mandy Williamson
109. Kristi Kyle and Lana Kinney
110. Kristina Johansson and Sue Hodgkinson

111. Kym Hunter and Laura Sanger
112. Laura Zeiner and Susan Kennedy
113. Laurel Steven and Mary McGraw
114. Laurie Hanna and Lisa Boucher
115. Lesley Weir and Liz DeLuca
116. Linda Djokic and Tracey Weiser
117. Linda Inhelder and Pam Brisse
118. Linda Landig and Lori Dorrington
119. Linda Murphy and Lisa Hamilton
119.  Line Labrecque and Marianne Baxter
120. Lisa Lodge and Monica Johnson

121. Lois Moon and Melissa Muir
122. Lola Surwillo and Therese Frank
123. Lori Bowring Michaud and Marci Brooks
124. Lupe Meter and Norma Agron
125. Maggie Towne and Marge Beebe
126. Malin de Koning and Susie Hibdon
127. Mallory Hoffman and Shirley Moore
128. Marcie Abney and Patty Miller
129. Marcy Lamberson and Melissa Clarke
130. Margot Potter and Suzann Sladcik Wilson

131. Maria Grimes and Wendy Blum
132. Maria Horvath and Melinda Orr
133. Maria Rosa Sharrow and Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp
134. Marian Hertzog and Melissa Mesara
135. Marianna Boylan and Sandi Lee James
136. Marina Dobrynina and Michaela Pabeschitz
137. Marsha Neal and Miri Agassi
138. Mary Ellen Parker and Melissa Meman   You are Here !!!
139. Mary Elliott and Tamara Soper
140. Mary Hicks and Laurel Steven

141. Melissa Pynn and Michelle Buettner
142. Michelle Hardy and Niki Meiners
143. Michelle Mach and Moira McEvoy
144. Missy Rappaport and Norma Agron
145. Molly Alexander and Poranna
146. Mylene Hillam and Nicole Rennell
147. Nadezhda Parfyonova and Stacey Curry
148. Nan Emmett and Nancy Peterson
149. Nancy Boylan and Natalie McKenna
150. Natalie Monkivitch and Niky Sayers

151. Natasha Lutes and Pam Ferrari
152. Noemi Baena and Penny Ilagan
153. Pamela Petry and Rebecca Sirevaag
154. Pat Haight and Mary McGraw
155. Patty Gasparino and Vonna Maslanka
156. Penny Neville and Sandi Volpe
157. Pepita Bos and Wendy Chamberlain
158. Raida Disbrow and Rebecca Watkins
159. Rebecca Anderson and Sabrina Staub
160. Regina Santerre and Rose Binoya

161. Rhea Freitag and Tari Kahrs
162. Rochelle Brisson and Sheryl Stephen
163. Sally Russick and Tracy Bell
164. Sandra McGriff and Shay Williams
165. Sandra Wolberg and Sara Hardin
166. Sarah Elder and Salla Small
167. Saskia Kaffenberger and Sharon Gardner
 168. Sharon Palac and Shannon Chomanczuk
169. Shay Stone and Suzette Bentley
170. Shiraz Biggie and Tammy Powley

171. Staci Smith and Tracy Stillman
172. Stacie Stamper and Tracy Martin
173. Stefanie Teufel and Vicky Taylor
174. Stephanie Dixon and Stephanie LaRosa
175. Stephanie Haussler and Valerie Norton
176. Suzanne Tate and Terri Wlaschin
177. Sweet Freedom Designs and Tammy Jones
178. Tania Spivey and Tari Sasser
179. Tara Plote and Terry Matuszyk
180. Terri Gauthier and Deana Hager
181. Theresa Fosdick and Tracey Nanstad

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