Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anytime Ornaments

It's the Season of gift giving.
If you are reading my blog chances are you made many
or even most of your gifts.
I don't think anything is as wonderful as a gift you created yourself .
Taking the  time to make something with a particular person in mind is actually a gift itself ...a gift of love and caring.
Plus, you don't risk giving people something  they already have !

But, what about those people you don't know so well?
What about those people you just want to give a little "thank you"  ? 
Get out your stash of beads ,trinkets and trims !
Not to worry ,you still have time ! Don't bother with crimps or knots.
Just string a nice combo on wire and twist a loop at the top for hanging.
Don't think Christmas ornament...Think All Season Greeting!
Create something unique to decorate a house year round 
Bead-utiful little strands of beads can brighten up any corner.
Those that include crystals make rainbows when they catch the light.Who couldn't use an extra rainbow ???
Do you have a few men on your list? Check out your local hardware store.Nuts, bolts and other tool time stuff can look great with a few select beads !Fishing lures are awesome on bead ornaments . Lots of small sports items can work too. 

Ornaments are a super way to use up those orphan beads you have gathering dust .If you simply wire your creations together, you can made a big batch in no time flat . Be sure to make some extras,for those people who slipped your mind . Any you might have left over are sure to come in handy for Birthdays or other occasions through out the year. 
Great  beadie ornaments aren't just for Christmas Trees!
this week whip up some Anytime Ornaments 
Bead Happy !



  1. M. E., I love the idea of an anytime ornament you could make them and use them on the gift wrap for a decoration also. That is the cutest little starfish ornament I have ever seen.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. Gorgeous ornament! Each year I plan to start making some early because I never have time. Looks like I waited too long this year too. Maybe next year :)