Friday, October 30, 2009

Could this be you?


Do you ever get so caught up in the routine of life that you feel like a robot ?
We all need to find those things that bring us joy and keep us feeling alive .
For me it's my polymer clay. Creating with clay is almost a form of mediation for me.
It clears my mind of daily tasks,troubles and thoughts. In my clay world, I relax and revitalize in the world of my imagination . Taking time out just to play can be a good thing .
Playing with clay is good for me !

Most of my work goes into my ETSY shop .
Every once in awhile I make something just for me .
Below is my glow in the dark Ghost bangle bracelet .
Very easy to make and so much fun to wear !

Ms .Robot is over at my ETSY shop right now ! She's my entry for November's PCAGOE challenge ! The theme is "metallic showdown "
Check out the AWESOME entries !
Vote for your favorite and you'll be in the drawing for some wonderful prizes !

Don't forget to take some time to play today....
Bead Happy ! :) m.e.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Unreal !

Once in awhile it's interesting to try a new tecnique .My daughter experimented with Raku in a pottery class . I just loved how it looked.It goes wonderfully with the copper and bronze that I'm seeing so much of . I decided to try to "raku "my clay !
I suppose I 'll have to call it a Faux finish . Although, I'm not enamored with the term......

Faux= fake: not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article

I'm not really trying to imitate something. I'm just inspired by it !
My designs and my life find inspiration at every turn . I hope neither my work or my personality seem fake or not genuine . Real polymer clay creations ,real m.e. ! Inspired by life !!!

Some time ago there was on -line a discussion where metal artists criticized the polymer clay community's use of the term Mokume Gane .
I'm too busy having fun with clay too worry about where to draw the line between fact and faux.
How do you feel about it?
for now
Fantasy Flowers inspired by the ceramic tecnique Raku
seems like much too long a title ...
so it's Faux Raku from me this week !

Bead Happy, m.e :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Does Size Matter ?

If you only check out the big things in life you miss a lot !
I think you SHOULD sweat the small stuff !!!
Take time to really appreciate nature's finite detail .
Don't just stop and smell the roses ...look closely !
Meditate on the minuscule.
It is " a small world after all "
A world of wonder that many pass by without taking the time to notice .

I love small !

Most of my designs are small ! I like tiny details. I love making small fairies, small figures,small flowers !
But... BIG is in! Big jewelry is in the fashion forecast !
I'm not much of a trend follower . I'm far from a fashionista !
But, I do love making flowers ... so I'm trying out a new design . BIG floral pendants !
of course......... I am adding small details !

Bead Happy ! :) m.e.