Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is Unreal !

Once in awhile it's interesting to try a new tecnique .My daughter experimented with Raku in a pottery class . I just loved how it looked.It goes wonderfully with the copper and bronze that I'm seeing so much of . I decided to try to "raku "my clay !
I suppose I 'll have to call it a Faux finish . Although, I'm not enamored with the term......

Faux= fake: not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article

I'm not really trying to imitate something. I'm just inspired by it !
My designs and my life find inspiration at every turn . I hope neither my work or my personality seem fake or not genuine . Real polymer clay creations ,real m.e. ! Inspired by life !!!

Some time ago there was on -line a discussion where metal artists criticized the polymer clay community's use of the term Mokume Gane .
I'm too busy having fun with clay too worry about where to draw the line between fact and faux.
How do you feel about it?
for now
Fantasy Flowers inspired by the ceramic tecnique Raku
seems like much too long a title ...
so it's Faux Raku from me this week !

Bead Happy, m.e :)

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