Friday, June 26, 2009

The Inspration Bubble

I'm on inspiration over load !!!
From one week of vacation I stored a year's worth of ideas!
All the floral and fauna of Florida keys are spinning in my mind.
The colors and textures above and below the ocean enchanted me!
My brain can't wait for my fingers to touch clay again!
I'm been looking through our photos trying to decide where to start.
This one made me stop and think...
I won't be making clay bubbles .
But , I am very inspired by this memory ,
not by the shapes or even the colors.
I'm affected by the moment itself.
A fleeting few seconds of magic,a mood.. a atmosphere.
This inspiration may not affect the outside of my designs...
But, I think it will affect to soul of them.
:) m.e.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Business Trip....

I'm about to set off for another great day off scuba diving . Last night the sunset at Mallory Square was spectacular . My daughter is in photographer's heaven ! We can't take two steps without her stopping to take a picture! She has taken over 800 shots of floral ,fauna and fish!!!

I am storing away a years worth of wonderful inspiration .
I look forward to to translating my vacation memories into clay creations .
In fact.....
since I 'm using this trip as a source of design and color inspiration...
couldn't I somehow deduct the cost as a business express ? ? ?
off to dive ...see you next Friday
:D m.e.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Packing for Vacation

I'm soooooo excited !
I'm leaving for the Florida Keys tomorrow !
My vacation time is almost here ! !!
However, there is a stress factor involved .I have to get everything ready !I have to PACK !!!!
I'll admit, I find myself obsessing over what to take .
I have to be sure we have all our scuba gear , clean clothes,
camera ,suntan lotion,toothpaste ,deodorant, ...............
the list goes on and on .....
what if my glasses break ..better take spare pair !
what if I get a blister...throw in a few bandages !
we might get sunburned...pack the aloe gel !
what if I forget something I need!!!!!!!
what if I do ? ??
Dive shops rent gear
They DO have stores in the Keys !
and changes of clothes....
" no shoes , no shirt , no problem!"

I REALLY need a vacation..
I think I'll revise my list

Things to Bring on Vacation:

sense of humor
flexible schedule
ability to compromise
relaxed attitude
open mind

I think that's better ...
did I forget any thing ???
:) m.e.

Friday, June 5, 2009

What bugs me...

I never seem to have enough time !!!
Good news is, I am very busy with orders for Custom Wedding Cake toppers !
Bad news is , I am sadly neglecting my blog :(

It really BUGS me when I find a great blog ..
return hoping to read more interesting "stuff "
only to find that the blog is rarely , if ever updated !!!

I promised myself when I started I would post daily...
well ....
maybe every other day...
how 'bout trying for 3 times a week...

alas I have become my own Blog Bugger !!!
I'm not finding the time post here !
Perhaps no one reads my blog anyway.
But, I have my personal goals to reach!

I here by swear, I WILL post something new here EVERY Friday !

I WILL achieved the goals I set for myself.
(even if it means lowering the bar )
if you're out there,
have a Wonderful Weekend
I 'll be back next Friday !
really ....
I will ........ :D m.e.