Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Hibernation Season

Blanket of Snow

The holidays are almost over.
We have one last eve of parties to welcome in the New Year.
Then we can rest !
For many of us winter weather will remain, without benefit of twinkling holiday lights or merriment .I am more of  warm Sunshine person.
I don't like being out in the cold ! I do enjoy the beauty of a peaceful snowfall . But ,in Maryland  much of our cold weather is "wintery mix". Most  days aren't the winter wonderland sort , spent by a cozy fire. Instead we have icy gray days spent scrapping  windshields so we can drive through slippery slush to work or grocery .

For me it's time to hunker down and hibernate.
Like all hibernating animals, I eat plenty of high fat food  to prepare . Homemade holiday cookies help me put on a extra layer of  fat . I'm heavy to begin with. I could probably survive my hibernation without eating a bite. Instead I just go on  my annual "this year I resolve to eat healthy" plan.  This plan is regularly  abandoned about the same time the Easter bunny arrives with the chocolate eggs!
However,I don't plan to spend my days of hibernation sleeping .
When the mother bears emerge in the spring they have given birth .
I hope to do the same. Not to little cubs of course !
I hope to use my time indoors to give birth to new bead designs and inspirations.

How do you spend the days between the Winter holidays and the return of Spring?
Will you be as busy as ever ?
Do you take time out to hibernate?.
either way ,
may  you give birth to many wonderful new beadie creations
and may you
Bead Happy in 2013 !


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

ABS December Challenge

Winter Garden

It's time for the December ABS challenge !
In fact, for me ,it's wayyyyy  past my usual entry time !
 All week I've felt like Lewis Carroll's white rabbit
 "Oh dear ! Oh dear! I shall be too late !"
Why am I in this hurry up and wait mode?  Because I wasn't prepared!
Each  month I eagerly wait for ABS to post their new inspiration .
I always seem to be inspired by one aspect of the picture .
My muse gets a light bulb idea and I hurry off to my bead stash to pick out the "go with" components.
But ,this month I couldn't get those squiggly branches out of my head .
Alas  nothing black and squiggly to be found !  Maybe I could just twist some wire into the desired shapes? No, I did something close to that last month . I like my monthly ABS playtime to be a time to try something new. I figured I would just have to come up with another idea .But, my muse is VERY stubborn!
She knew just what she wanted .The perfect thing would be some curved tube beads .I found them on-line and I ordered them right away. Then I waited ...and waited..and waited !
I know the  mail can be  very slow during the holidays. However, I was short the billion extra dollars it took for "express "shipping. So I waited some more .I would like to say I waited patiently ,but that would be a big fat lie ! Every day I hurried  to the mailbox. Then finding no beads I grumbled and groaned extremely loudly ! The design was in my head and it wanted to come out .I needed those beads!
After fourteen long,long days they arrived ! Two weeks of frustration.But, at last I have created  my December entry.
 The moral of this story...
try to keep some of everything you can ever imagine you might need in your bead stash !
Even if your family thinks you are nuts or you have to build an addition onto your house to hold the stuff.
When it comes to beads, More is More!
I find "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”
Who wouldn't agree its best to be prepared ...what a good excuse to keep a huge bead stash !
this week stock up
hit "buy me"
Bead Happy!

Monday, December 3, 2012

ABS Ornament Big Reveal

Merry Memory

Time for the ABS Ornament Blog Hop!
This year I knew I wanted my design to be a way to keep a memory .
However, I seem to be very short on time.
I think came up with the easiest ornament  to make ever !
But, it is really versatile and you can make use of your orphan beads!
How to ? Just curl a wire loop to form a  "holder '
Then string a nice assortment of beads on the wire.
Form a  loop at the top and add a bow if you like.
Your ornament is almost finished
Just add a special photo and that's it !
If you wonder why I used a beach themed bead with my daughters deer photo,it is because those are tiny Key Deer. They only live on Big Pine Key .We vacation every year in the Florida Keys and last summer she was able to get very close to the deer for her best photos  of them ever!
It was a moment to remember.
Next year I can make a new photo holder ornament or just change the picture in this one.
I think these would be perfect to hold my grand-children's annual  photos with Santa too.
I can also imagine a garland of ornaments to hold Holiday cards.
These would be great as little gifts or to tie on a big gift .
You wouldn't need a gift tag you if used a photo of the recipient !
Easy projects are welcome during the busy holiday season.
I think I'll be making more of these .
this week
Check out more fun and fancy ornament creations
at the ABS hop
Bead Happy !


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

a life remembered....

This will not be my usual blog about beads and beading .
I am trying to heal a broken heart .
On December 17 a tragic single  car accident took the lives of 3 young people and  badly injured 2 others. One of those lost was my 21 year old co-worker Tyler . He was driving the car.
I had already prepared my blog post for Saturday the 24, so I decided to post it.
But since Tyler's  death , he has been in my thoughts every day.
All who knew him are devastated by his loss .
I suppose some reading his age as 21 might think..ah he was drinking.
But ,no he was not . But, he was speeding. The Mom in me has been feeling very angry with him for being so foolish .But as we have discussed at work ,which of us  has not behaved foolishly in our youth ?
This week we are all trying to come to grips with the fact that Tyler won't be coming back to work. It just does not seem real yet .
It is very difficult to believe his smiling face remains only in our memories.
Tyler managed our boarding kennel . He was exceptional with our clients and a joy to work with .  But, most of all he truly loved the animals.He cared for each as though it was his own.
And the animals loved him back .They came to board purring,woofing and wagging ,because they loved being with him .It is possible to fool people,but not animals. They knew what kind and honest  person Tyler was.
In January Lori Anderson  is hosting a "Memories and Thanks " blog hop .
I had already signed up with no idea of who my design would honor . Now I know it will be Tyler ,
One client wrote in a memorial
 " Tyler is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting to bring your dog to you "
That might be my inspiration . I am so very grateful to have known Tyler and been blessed by his ever present smile.

part of healing is moving forward ...
and so I shall....
On December 4 ABS is hosting an ornament blog hop 
You'll see some awesome  designs using art beads .
this is my 2011 ornament

here's a sneak peek at  what I'm working on this year

 come back here on Tues Dec. 4 to see the ABS blog hop reveals
 get some Ornament inspiration 
 Bead Happy