Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Hibernation Season

Blanket of Snow

The holidays are almost over.
We have one last eve of parties to welcome in the New Year.
Then we can rest !
For many of us winter weather will remain, without benefit of twinkling holiday lights or merriment .I am more of  warm Sunshine person.
I don't like being out in the cold ! I do enjoy the beauty of a peaceful snowfall . But ,in Maryland  much of our cold weather is "wintery mix". Most  days aren't the winter wonderland sort , spent by a cozy fire. Instead we have icy gray days spent scrapping  windshields so we can drive through slippery slush to work or grocery .

For me it's time to hunker down and hibernate.
Like all hibernating animals, I eat plenty of high fat food  to prepare . Homemade holiday cookies help me put on a extra layer of  fat . I'm heavy to begin with. I could probably survive my hibernation without eating a bite. Instead I just go on  my annual "this year I resolve to eat healthy" plan.  This plan is regularly  abandoned about the same time the Easter bunny arrives with the chocolate eggs!
However,I don't plan to spend my days of hibernation sleeping .
When the mother bears emerge in the spring they have given birth .
I hope to do the same. Not to little cubs of course !
I hope to use my time indoors to give birth to new bead designs and inspirations.

How do you spend the days between the Winter holidays and the return of Spring?
Will you be as busy as ever ?
Do you take time out to hibernate?.
either way ,
may  you give birth to many wonderful new beadie creations
and may you
Bead Happy in 2013 !



  1. New year! New challenges! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new designs you bring to life in 2013!

  2. Happy New year to you and all the best with your new design ideas in 2013.