Friday, June 25, 2010

Go with the Flow...

This month's PCAGOE challenge theme is "faux"
we have some wonderful entries !
Voting begins July 1
a chance to win great prizes just by voting !!! Check it out!

My entry is a Faux Tide Pool Pendant.
My inspiration was a wonderful rock formation at Bahia Honda State Park

I wanted to show you photos of the real tide pool .
But, when I arrived this year it was high tide!
The rocks were covered with a shimmer of clear sea water.
I couldn't see the pool as I recreated it for my pendant .
But,I did see it in a new and very beautiful way.
I am happy with my realistic tide pool pendant .
But, I also like the more muted images of the rocks underwater.

Some people prefer very realist art .
Others prefer images that are more about color,light, shape or mood of the inspiration.
I am not really drawn a particular style .
I admire artists who can reproduce exact images.
But, I also love art that seems to portray just the essence of a thing.
Art captures a moment in time .
As the tides of life ebb and flow ,we can return to a special moment again and again through art.

I will return to Bahia another year to show you the tide pool revealed.
Until then ,I hope you will enjoy the images of the rocks viewed though crystal seas.

Enjoy your week ...just go with the flow
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation Souvenirs

I'm back from my vacation . I hate to see it end.
Although I did miss my clay!
I brought home all the usual souvenirs , tee-shirts ,sea shells etc.
We take tons of pictures,my snapshots and my daughter's more professional looking photos .
I also brought home a year's worth of inspiration !
This is the one souvenir I know I will really use!

Deep in the midst of winter blizzards, I will be creating beads influenced by the textures and colors I found in Florida.
I keep some ideas in the form of photos .Some are saved as tangible objects... shells ,bits of bark,pebbles etc.
But, most of my vacation inspiration is just filed away in my mind. I store it there ,ready to be used when I need it.

Many people keep neat little sketch books to record ideas. They have a lovey record of shapes, texture, colors and things to try . I envy the artists who keep these journals. They have a wonderful way to refresh their memory and jump start their muse. Many artist's journals are wonderful works of art in their right .

Keeping an art journal is definitely on my to do list.
I highly recommend the discipline.
It seems so worthwhile to take a few seconds to record moments of inspiration.

Each year when I return from vacation, I put back in my suit case a list of things I want to do the following year and things I should remember to pack .I think I should add "Art Journal "to that list .
But, in all likelihood I will not follow through . I will probably continue to bring home most of my inspiration souvenirs stored in my mind and treasured in my heart.

However,wherever you store your ideas
I hope you will sort through them this week,
select something special ....and
Bead Happy , m.e . :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Get Out !

Last week I talked about my ABS entry. I think my design was a success :)
I try to enter the ABS challenge every month. Using the paintings as inspiration, forces me to think outside my comfort zone .
I allow myself complete freedom to create.No rules.Lots of FUN !!!
Most of my pieces are complete flights of fancy. I keep them to wear myself.They do get attention ! Although, most of the beads are styles I wouldn't make for my store .

I seem to spend a great deal of time in the box...the Flower Box that is !
But , gardens do produce the unexpected ,sometimes even a weed can be wonderful.
I really liked the flowers I made for my entry . Now I can't seem to stop playing with the design.
I've been making "Charming Bell " floral beads all week !
I haven't had a dangle style bead in my shop for a long time .
I don't know why . I think I've been too busy tending the garden of beads I already have .
I am so happy I got out and tried something new ! (maybe my customers will be too... lol!)

We all need to get out and explore new territory now and then .
That's the way to find new inspiration and renewed enthusiasm.
Entering contests and challenges is a great way to stretch you wings.
Taking a class to learn a new skill is wonderful too.
Amazing what is offered on line !
There is a whole world of contests and classes available at the touch of your keyboard !
Soooo easy excuse not to stretch your skills!!!

Of course live inspiration does work wonders !
I'm about to head to the Florida Keys for a week of scuba diving and relaxing.
Key West wrote the book on outside the box inspiration !!!
I plan to return with a ocean of new ideas !
This week take time to get out of your box and stretch yourself !
try at least one new thing
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Do You Wear Glasses ?

I suppose you could say I see the world through rose colored glasses.
Most shapes and colors make me think of flowers ! I love flowers !
I love to make flowers, both real and fantasy blossoms.
When I saw the Art Bead Scene inspiration piece for this month, the dancer's skirt made me think flowers ...of course !
"Chilperic" by Toulouse -Lautrec is full of wonderful shapes and colors
But, not everyone will see them the same way.
Every artist seems to wear their own pair of glasses
Some view the world as a series of graphic shapes. Some may see everything as splashes of colors . Others may wear glasses that magnify every little detail .While some may see a vague and interesting blend of things .

One of the things I love the most about the ABS challenge is that we all look at the same painting. But ,we all see it through our own glasses .
I look forward every month to the amazing variety of entries
After all , isn't that one of the wonders of art,
A chance to view the world through another's eyes .
Take a moment to put on your favorite glasses this week
Bead Happy , m.e . :)

my ABS entry
The Flower Dance