Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vacation Souvenirs

I'm back from my vacation . I hate to see it end.
Although I did miss my clay!
I brought home all the usual souvenirs , tee-shirts ,sea shells etc.
We take tons of pictures,my snapshots and my daughter's more professional looking photos .
I also brought home a year's worth of inspiration !
This is the one souvenir I know I will really use!

Deep in the midst of winter blizzards, I will be creating beads influenced by the textures and colors I found in Florida.
I keep some ideas in the form of photos .Some are saved as tangible objects... shells ,bits of bark,pebbles etc.
But, most of my vacation inspiration is just filed away in my mind. I store it there ,ready to be used when I need it.

Many people keep neat little sketch books to record ideas. They have a lovey record of shapes, texture, colors and things to try . I envy the artists who keep these journals. They have a wonderful way to refresh their memory and jump start their muse. Many artist's journals are wonderful works of art in their right .

Keeping an art journal is definitely on my to do list.
I highly recommend the discipline.
It seems so worthwhile to take a few seconds to record moments of inspiration.

Each year when I return from vacation, I put back in my suit case a list of things I want to do the following year and things I should remember to pack .I think I should add "Art Journal "to that list .
But, in all likelihood I will not follow through . I will probably continue to bring home most of my inspiration souvenirs stored in my mind and treasured in my heart.

However,wherever you store your ideas
I hope you will sort through them this week,
select something special ....and
Bead Happy , m.e . :)

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  1. You've given me something to think about. Most of my fondest memories are tied to either songs I heard at the time or books I was reading or events. For instance, when I hear the song "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers, I am immediately transported to Adana AFB, Incirlik, Turkey and the pool where I made my first dive off the high dive board. I can remember the smell of the pool--that mix of chlorine and suntan oils and lotions (this was before SPF lotions!) and of icy Coca-Cola in the distance.

    I need to look into doing an art journal for my creative muse.