Saturday, June 12, 2010

Get Out !

Last week I talked about my ABS entry. I think my design was a success :)
I try to enter the ABS challenge every month. Using the paintings as inspiration, forces me to think outside my comfort zone .
I allow myself complete freedom to create.No rules.Lots of FUN !!!
Most of my pieces are complete flights of fancy. I keep them to wear myself.They do get attention ! Although, most of the beads are styles I wouldn't make for my store .

I seem to spend a great deal of time in the box...the Flower Box that is !
But , gardens do produce the unexpected ,sometimes even a weed can be wonderful.
I really liked the flowers I made for my entry . Now I can't seem to stop playing with the design.
I've been making "Charming Bell " floral beads all week !
I haven't had a dangle style bead in my shop for a long time .
I don't know why . I think I've been too busy tending the garden of beads I already have .
I am so happy I got out and tried something new ! (maybe my customers will be too... lol!)

We all need to get out and explore new territory now and then .
That's the way to find new inspiration and renewed enthusiasm.
Entering contests and challenges is a great way to stretch you wings.
Taking a class to learn a new skill is wonderful too.
Amazing what is offered on line !
There is a whole world of contests and classes available at the touch of your keyboard !
Soooo easy excuse not to stretch your skills!!!

Of course live inspiration does work wonders !
I'm about to head to the Florida Keys for a week of scuba diving and relaxing.
Key West wrote the book on outside the box inspiration !!!
I plan to return with a ocean of new ideas !
This week take time to get out of your box and stretch yourself !
try at least one new thing
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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  1. I'm waiting for that big paycheck to hit so I can purchase some of your charming bells beads! I LOVE them!

    Like you, I'm trying to get out of my box. More on that later.

    Have a great vacation!