Friday, June 25, 2010

Go with the Flow...

This month's PCAGOE challenge theme is "faux"
we have some wonderful entries !
Voting begins July 1
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My entry is a Faux Tide Pool Pendant.
My inspiration was a wonderful rock formation at Bahia Honda State Park

I wanted to show you photos of the real tide pool .
But, when I arrived this year it was high tide!
The rocks were covered with a shimmer of clear sea water.
I couldn't see the pool as I recreated it for my pendant .
But,I did see it in a new and very beautiful way.
I am happy with my realistic tide pool pendant .
But, I also like the more muted images of the rocks underwater.

Some people prefer very realist art .
Others prefer images that are more about color,light, shape or mood of the inspiration.
I am not really drawn a particular style .
I admire artists who can reproduce exact images.
But, I also love art that seems to portray just the essence of a thing.
Art captures a moment in time .
As the tides of life ebb and flow ,we can return to a special moment again and again through art.

I will return to Bahia another year to show you the tide pool revealed.
Until then ,I hope you will enjoy the images of the rocks viewed though crystal seas.

Enjoy your week ...just go with the flow
Bead Happy , m.e. :)


  1. I like this alot! I also like that pendant! The message is distinct and vivid--go with the flow. Sometimes, we have to go with the flow or get storm-tossed badly.

    On a side note, I sent my Bead Soup partner your orange roses that I bought from you oh so many ages ago...She did something unique and creative with them! You can check her out at my blog or visit Dana's Jewelry Design. :D I think you will like what she's done!