Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Resolution


Time to bid 2011 farewell .Where did the year go ?
The older I get ,the faster time goes by !
It's  time for New Years resolutions
"A firm decision to do or not to do something "
I should be resolving to eat healthy ,eat less ,organize my beads ,make better use of my time, etc, etc.....
I try this every year I follow through ?     NO !

This year I have decided to concentrate on on a different type of New Year's resolution !
Resolution can also refer to " The fineness of detail that can be distinguished in an image" and  "The term resolution is often used for a pixel count in digital imaging "
You know pixels,those tiny dots that combine  to  make up a complete picture .
This year I have decided to concentrate on the dots that make up my life . All those colorful little incidents , precious small moments and tiny details that make up the minutes, hours and days of my life.
It is these tiny "pixels " of  existence that combine to make the big picture.

I noticed that as 2011 ends my friends are evaluating  their year by the big picture. They say they had a ''terrible year " "a disappointing year " "a difficult year"  We are all wishing each other A "Happy New Year"
We are hoping that  those  who were unhappy with the way 2011 progressed,will find fulfillment in 2012.
Who knows how individual big pictures will turn out.
But, should we focus on that ?
Wouldn't we be more content if we  focused on the dots of wonderful , the pixels of pleasant times  our lives hold ?
My 2012  resolution is , the fineness of detail should be savored .
Whatever your big picture may be for 2012,
may  it contain many ,many wonderful and joyful  little pixels
and may you
Bead  Happy !!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

From My House to your House

Somewhere I  read the the phrase
"saving the world one bead at a time"
I honestly don't remember where I read it.  
But ,that phrase remains always in my heart.
There are many things in this world that need changing .
I think  understanding and personal connection can motivate change.
Our beads do connect us the world over.
Beads create not just jewelry ...they create true friendships.
We may never meet face to face ...but still, we are good friends 
for  this Christmas Eve post I am quoting a  John Lennon song
I believe the words ring true  no matter what holiday you celebrate this season
"And so this is Christmas  ,    And what have we done
Another year over,   And a new one just begun
And so this is Christmas   ,   I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one  ,  The old and the young
A very merry Christmas ,   And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one  ,  Without any fear "

This week may we all join  hands across our  keyboards 
and Bead Happy for a better world !


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Anytime Ornaments

It's the Season of gift giving.
If you are reading my blog chances are you made many
or even most of your gifts.
I don't think anything is as wonderful as a gift you created yourself .
Taking the  time to make something with a particular person in mind is actually a gift itself ...a gift of love and caring.
Plus, you don't risk giving people something  they already have !

But, what about those people you don't know so well?
What about those people you just want to give a little "thank you"  ? 
Get out your stash of beads ,trinkets and trims !
Not to worry ,you still have time ! Don't bother with crimps or knots.
Just string a nice combo on wire and twist a loop at the top for hanging.
Don't think Christmas ornament...Think All Season Greeting!
Create something unique to decorate a house year round 
Bead-utiful little strands of beads can brighten up any corner.
Those that include crystals make rainbows when they catch the light.Who couldn't use an extra rainbow ???
Do you have a few men on your list? Check out your local hardware store.Nuts, bolts and other tool time stuff can look great with a few select beads !Fishing lures are awesome on bead ornaments . Lots of small sports items can work too. 

Ornaments are a super way to use up those orphan beads you have gathering dust .If you simply wire your creations together, you can made a big batch in no time flat . Be sure to make some extras,for those people who slipped your mind . Any you might have left over are sure to come in handy for Birthdays or other occasions through out the year. 
Great  beadie ornaments aren't just for Christmas Trees!
this week whip up some Anytime Ornaments 
Bead Happy !


Saturday, December 10, 2011

ABS December Challenge

Midnight in New York
This month's ABS challenge certainly had me stumped !!!
The inspiration picture is Chrysler Building,1928-1930 by William Van Alen.
I love the Art Deco style.I have many vintage and reproduction pieces in my stash of "misc.stuff for jewelry design". But, as you might expect my collection is made up of stylized flowers and swirly leaves...nothing as purely graphic as the Chrysler building !

I have mentioned before that the ABS challenges are great tools for learning about new artists and renewing acquaintances with old favorites.Off I went to research the history of the Chrysler building.
I figured I might as well have a lesson in architecture  while I was waiting for a light bulb moment .I was happily admiring photos when my light blub did light ! There it was! A photo of the building at night.
Gorgeous Graphics in black and silver splendor !!!
I still had silver fingertips from my recent Guilders Paste experiments! How 'bout a polymer clay bib to mimic those great windows.Somewhere  in my stash was some really interesting metal ribbon. I bought it some time ago. But,I never seemed to find the right design for it .Then what to my wondering eyes should appear,some vintage chandelier crystals I had just purchased !  Ah...just the right little touch of bling.

The whole combo just shouted New Years Eve to me !
I will be celebrating at home with friends and family. I plan to "dress casual'. I think this necklace will be just right with a  black turtle neck .

When the crystal ball drops at midnight 
I will be toasting  2011 ,welcoming  2012
I will be thanking ABS for another Great year of Fabulous challenges!
this week get ready to welcome 2012 with a New Year's design
Bead Happy !


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ABS Ornament Blog Hop

Winter Rose

New for my tree this year
a shiny ,shimmery Winter Rose ornament !
I glammed up the branch with Guilder's Paste.
Then I wire wrapped it with  Swarovski crystal "ice",
added silver metal leaves and  one of my polymer clay Rose beads.
The hanger is a wonderful piece of recycled sari silk ribbon.
I  think it looks very pretty.
But, to quote the Grinch
Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store.
Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more!

What makes this ornament extra special  to me ???

I picked up the branch on a walk with my daughter.
Not a milestone day, just a quiet summer day after her college graduation
We walked and talked about her hopes and dreams for the future.
Every year when I hang this on my tree, I will remember the time we spent together that day
Someday she will hang it on her tree ...remembering as well.
I love collecting "memory "ornaments from trips and special events.
But, some of life's simple moments need to be treasured as well.
A branch , a stone ,maybe a fabric reminant ...anything can be
"gussied up" to  become a lovely reminder of a special time .
This week  make a memory
Enjoy the Wonderful ABS Ornament Blog Hop
Bead Happy !!!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

ABS Ornament Blog Hop ~sneak peek

***my ornament components ***

My Ornament blog is posted But the link seems wonkie
please click here

Coming  12/7  the ABS Ornament Blog Hop !!!
Wonderful  Unique Handmade  Ornaments
Don't miss the fun !!!
It's sure to be an eye candy feast.
Plenty of inspiration for your Holiday muse.
Fabulous ideas to decorate your home
and remember,
Handmade ornaments are Wonderful  gifts !
here's a sneak peek at the things I used to make my ornament.
come back on December 6 to see what I created
why I used this branch ....
I'll have links to all the other participants Ornaments Extraordinaire !
see you back here Wednesday 12/7
til then
Bead Happy !