Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seasonal Sensations

Time for PCAGOE'S monthly challenge! This month's the theme is "Seasonal"
Members have created Awesome Autumn and Wonderful Winter creations !
Check them out! Voting starts November 1
Don't forget you can win GREAT prizes just for voting !!!

My entry is a tribute to Winter's special beauty.I made a Winter Wonderland Bib pendant in a Poinsettia design.I chose a Snowy day pallet of white and silver highlighted with lot's of Icy Swarkie crystals.Amazing how colorful and bright these neutral tones can seem!Simply strung on a lovey ribbon or enhanced with lot's of beads and bling,I think this would be a perfect necklace for the Holidays !!!

I usually have a finished design in my mind when I am making beads and pendants. When they go to new homes, I wonder if their final use will be anything like I imagined. For me that's part of the special magic of creating jewelry components. I give each piece a start and someone else gives it life! Unfortunately I don't often get to see the buyer's finished designs . I am always extremely thrilled when someone shares pictures of a finished piece with me ! I am so happy when I see that my bead babies have good homes !

Make someone smile,
take a moment to share some of your creations this week !
Bead Happy ,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amusing Muse

I always love working with polymer clay. I find the creation process FUN . But,there are times I seem to be especially amused by the process. I have really been enjoying making my new"Bib "style pendants.These larger pendants give me more space to"play in the garden "

Outside my window,my summer garden is fading into lovely muted hues . As the garden prepares for a long winters rest , it has a special subtle beauty . I thought this week I would create a sort of "understated statement" piece . I was imagining a pendant inspired by my changing garden. I started out by arranging some clay blends in the colors I was finding in my garden .I sorted out shades of red from lipstick red to deep maroon . Greens from dark forest to a black pearl .My intention was to combine some of these shades for a pleasant muted palette .

But, my muse was looking over my shoulder . Sometimes she gets in a VERY mischievous mood !
While I was trying to pick warm restful shades ,she was whispering about wild and romantic !!!
As usual Ms. Muse got her way! I put the muted colors back on the shelf .
I kept out the lipstick red and pearl black . My design idea morphed from subtle to sensational !
I ended up with a Midnight Rose Romantic design.Not at all what I originally imagined.But, a fun and fanciful creation none the less!!!
I 'm not sure if it's always wise. But, I do always listen to my muse .
Do you ?
Does your muse ever lead you astray ?
This week let your muse lead you to the unexpected
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Time for Some Changes

My apologies to those of you who read this little blog .I try to post something new each Saturday. But, last week I was just too exhausted. I discovered I had been suffering from pneumonia as a result of my surgery 5 weeks ago!I'm on a round of antibiotics and feeling much better now !

Autumn has arrived in Maryland .I can't get enough of the beautiful foliage .The photo above is a view from the back door of my work place . Almost makes it worth going to work... LOL!!!!
I'm looking forward to a trip to my favorite orchard. Time for fresh cider and all the wonderful apple varies the grocery stores just don't carry. Pumpkins in all sizes and colorful mums are everywhere. Time for cozy sweaters and soon a warm fire in the fireplace at night .

Bead and jewelry designers do have to stay ahead of the market. I've been making Fall Fashion creations for weeks . I was working on autumn leaves when the temperature was 99 degrees!
Now that The air is crisp and cool ,I suddenly have desired for some summer memories.
I've been working on a new style , large collar style pendants . I love them !I can fit a entire garden on one pendant ! I am really having fun with these !
They look lovely strung on simple ribbon or cording . I know there are some jewelry designers who will add beads and bling for fabulous BIG fashion statements !

This week I also opened a new shop at "Artfire " . Click the icon on the right to visit me there . I'm still tweaking and trying to figure out all the features.
Artfire has lots of terrific shops and I 'm excited to be a part of it .

This week take time to check out some new vendors
You might find some very special items for the Holidays !
and be sure to ...
Bead Happy ! m.e. :)