Saturday, October 23, 2010

Amusing Muse

I always love working with polymer clay. I find the creation process FUN . But,there are times I seem to be especially amused by the process. I have really been enjoying making my new"Bib "style pendants.These larger pendants give me more space to"play in the garden "

Outside my window,my summer garden is fading into lovely muted hues . As the garden prepares for a long winters rest , it has a special subtle beauty . I thought this week I would create a sort of "understated statement" piece . I was imagining a pendant inspired by my changing garden. I started out by arranging some clay blends in the colors I was finding in my garden .I sorted out shades of red from lipstick red to deep maroon . Greens from dark forest to a black pearl .My intention was to combine some of these shades for a pleasant muted palette .

But, my muse was looking over my shoulder . Sometimes she gets in a VERY mischievous mood !
While I was trying to pick warm restful shades ,she was whispering about wild and romantic !!!
As usual Ms. Muse got her way! I put the muted colors back on the shelf .
I kept out the lipstick red and pearl black . My design idea morphed from subtle to sensational !
I ended up with a Midnight Rose Romantic design.Not at all what I originally imagined.But, a fun and fanciful creation none the less!!!
I 'm not sure if it's always wise. But, I do always listen to my muse .
Do you ?
Does your muse ever lead you astray ?
This week let your muse lead you to the unexpected
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

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