Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal #3

Getting There Slowly

TA DA !!!
Today is the day !!!
Bead Soup Party Reveal #3 
This is the last ,but not least of the 3 Fabulous Bead Soup reveals .
I'm still slowly trying to read all of the blogs in the first 2 reveals.
But, I am loving every minute of checking out the interesting and inspiring bead work .
Sooooooooooooo many fabulous creations !!!
I am filled with ideas,inspiration  and awe !!!
Here's the link to the links

this week enjoy visiting the Wonderful  World of  Bead Soup
Bead Happy !
Polymer Poppies

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bad News ~ Good News

Playing in the Wake

The Bad News is:
Bead Soup Blog Hop Reveal #3 is postponed until 4/27
The Good News is :
 Bead Soup Blog Hop Reveal #3 is postponed until 4/27
Now we all have to wait another week to see what wonders the participants in round 3 have created .
For some of us that's like telling a kid Christmas will be a week late... LOL!!!
However ,now we all have time to savor the Fabulous Soups from rounds 1 & 2
I ,for one, have not finished hopping!
I am happy for some extra time to visit all the blogs .
If you're still hopping or haven't had time to start
here are the links to the links
Reveal #1
Reveal #2

Bead Soup founder and Hostess Extraordinaire , Lori Anderson has been going through some difficult times .I know all her IBFF - "Internet Best Friends Forever " are sending her their LOVE

I don't want to get too mushy -gushy  here..But,more than once I've seen the internet Bead  Community pull  together to help each other in tough times . Bead friends the World over, gather to support individual and group causes . The Earth can be a big lonely place. It appears to me, tiny beads can make it seem  much smaller and friendlier .

This week I choose to follow along in the wake of personal and world events
I choose to bond with  people and reach out to people
though my love of beads.
I love the phase
"Changing the World one Bead at a Time "
Playing with beads can mean more than it seems

This week choose to
Play in the Wake
and Bead Happy ,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal

Trade Winds

Time for the BIG Bead Soup Reveal #2 !!!
This is the wonderful soup I received from my partner Melissa Mesara
Be sure to see what she made with the soup I sent her

My Soup From Melissa

My first creation was inspired by the gorgeous ocean colors of Melissa's fabulous lampwork beads.
I decided not to use a toggle on this piece.
Instead I bent  my wire so it would gently flow around the wearer like an  ocean breeze

Trade Winds

I fell in love with the little manatee bead Melissa made me.
 I named it "Sassy'' for Homosassa Florida were I met real manatees.
 I wanted to be able to see her every day...
so I came up with an idea.... here's a clue

Here's Sassy on a fan pull I can enjoy everyday
 Fan Pull

This is the necklace I made with my remaining beads
plus a few from my stash 
Crystal River Necklace

Here's Sassy as a pendant on my necklace !
Crystal River Necklace

I really liked the way this turned out.
I plan to buy several matching toggle  bars.
I  going to use one "loop' that fits them all on a  necklace .
Then I 'm going to create changeable Holiday pendants to hook on for every season.
But ,that's blog topic  for another day .........

This week be amazed  and inspired by the 
Bead Soup Blog Hop  #2  Reveals
here's the link to the links !
have fun  hoppin'
Bead Happy !

Saturday, April 6, 2013

ABS April Challenge

Meadow in  Bloom

It's time for the ABS April challenge
WOW ! A whole meadow full of flowers to inspire me  !
How could I resist making those glorious wild poppies?
However , ABS is a chance for me to think outside the box.
So I decided not to make lifelike poppy  blossoms .
After all, Monet did not paint photographic images .
I decided I would create beads that represented my impression of wild poppies .  
I really wanted to contrast the bright orange with the misty lilac tone .
Off I went to rummage through my box of  purple and purplish beads.
Turns out there were plenty of good matches .I Love purple .
I choose some rough cut fluorite . Meadows are not precisely  groomed and well manicured like formal gardens. The beauty of a meadow is wild and carefree. I thought the rough cut beads fit that idea perfectly . Keeping with an informal natural look, I finished  with torn gauze in bright  grassy  chartreuse green .
I can tie this piece tightly to make it into a choker or more loosely for a longer style .

An easy to wear necklace in cheerful brights .
Perfect to wear when the day is gloomy or
on a day I feel gloomy!
This week
creation your own cheer up creation
Bead Happy