Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bad News ~ Good News

Playing in the Wake

The Bad News is:
Bead Soup Blog Hop Reveal #3 is postponed until 4/27
The Good News is :
 Bead Soup Blog Hop Reveal #3 is postponed until 4/27
Now we all have to wait another week to see what wonders the participants in round 3 have created .
For some of us that's like telling a kid Christmas will be a week late... LOL!!!
However ,now we all have time to savor the Fabulous Soups from rounds 1 & 2
I ,for one, have not finished hopping!
I am happy for some extra time to visit all the blogs .
If you're still hopping or haven't had time to start
here are the links to the links
Reveal #1
Reveal #2

Bead Soup founder and Hostess Extraordinaire , Lori Anderson has been going through some difficult times .I know all her IBFF - "Internet Best Friends Forever " are sending her their LOVE

I don't want to get too mushy -gushy  here..But,more than once I've seen the internet Bead  Community pull  together to help each other in tough times . Bead friends the World over, gather to support individual and group causes . The Earth can be a big lonely place. It appears to me, tiny beads can make it seem  much smaller and friendlier .

This week I choose to follow along in the wake of personal and world events
I choose to bond with  people and reach out to people
though my love of beads.
I love the phase
"Changing the World one Bead at a Time "
Playing with beads can mean more than it seems

This week choose to
Play in the Wake
and Bead Happy ,

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