Sunday, January 31, 2010

I wasn't born yesterday....

Its' PCAGOE challenge time !
Time to vote for your favorite !
This month's theme is " birthstones and flowers "
Each artist created a piece using the symbols of their own birth month as the inspiration .

My entry is a pendant. A spray of Gladiolus with Peridot centers.
I thought the cooling colors would be nice for the usual hot humid August days
A perfect piece to celebrate my thirty- sixth consecutive 29 th Birthday party! LOL!!!
I do like my August Birthday . I don't have to share my day with any other holiday.
My oldest son was born September 7.Often his birthday fell on the first day of school!!!
Not cause for joy when you are a child !
Do you like your special day?

love'em or not ,birthdays seem to keep on coming ...
PCAGOE members have created some wonderful entries .
You might find a nice item for your Birthday bash !
And don't forget there are Fabulous prizes you could win !!!
When you vote you are entered in the drawing for some Amazing goodies.
Members donate their Best work to our prize pool !!!
see the Entries , check out the Prizes and VOTE !!!
and don't forget...
Bead Happy !!! m.e. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carnival !

It's almost time for Carnival celebrations !
New Orleans will once again throw the Ultimate PARTY !
What is the only required party attire ?
BEADS ... of course !!!
Beads and more beads ! Beautiful beads!!!

Part of my personal yearly celebration is to make a few Mardi Gras clown pendants.
I love making these happy, dancing little guys !
How could I not be inspired by a festival that makes beads one of the star attractions?

This year I have a special reason to be excited.
In February, Art Bead Scene will be beginning it's own Carnival !
A blog carnival !!!
Sixteen bloggers, divided into two teams ,will be coordinating their individual blogs once each month .
Each team will write about the same subject .But, each person will be putting their own spin on the topic !
I 'm soooooooooo thrilled to be participating !
A blog party of Bead ideas and inspiration !!!
Just when the winter blahs really seem to set in..... it's Carnival time !!!
Grab your beads and let the PARTY begin !!!!
Bead Happy !!!
:D m.e.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visit from Ms. Muse

Funny how my muse works ...
When I first saw the Art Bead Scene inspiration painting ,I was thinking shades of grays,blue grays and whites. These are the colors I perceive as snow colors.
My muse was having none of that idea !!!
I had set aside all manner of pearls and silvery stuff. But, she said in no uncertain terms " CHOOSE THE CHIPS !"
So I did .
If you don't listen to your muse you could be in BIG Trouble.
I believe forced designs and lack of inspiration will show in your final product.
My semi- precious gem chips lost their tags . Maybe somebody out there can tell me what they are ???
I do think they fit the textures in the painting perfectly . I added some of my own floral beads to "match " because....well... I am addicted to making!
My design need a "magpie "
I found a wonderful pewter bead at Green Girl studios . I think it made the perfect pendant !
I am really enjoying my new necklace ! Just right with my warm woolly winter wear !
Thank you for the inspiration,
Ms. Muse !!!

I hope you and your muse are keeping busy!
Bead Happy, m.e. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snowy and cold today....

One of my goals for the New Year is to enter the ArtBead Scene monthly challenge as often a possible.
Be sure to check out their wonderful blog at

The painting chosen for this month's inspiration is "The Magpie" by Monet

Perfect !!! Almost like the view out my window !
We're having a VERY Cold Snowy winter thus far.
Inside ,I'm managing to say cozy.Got Coffee,got Clay and I'm feeling Creative !
Hope you are feeling warm and worry free too !

I was thinking of organizing my bead stash this year.......
But, instead I'm riffling through my beads and findings trying to come up with an idea for my Art Bead Scene entry.

My creative process goes something like this :
fix cup of coffee
print inspiration picture and put on my bed
dump all beads and findings onto my bed
sort out anything that seems to "go with "the painting
stuff all other items back into storage boxes
sit on bed and stare at items that "match" til my muse sends me a design idea

I am currently at the sit and stare stage
I did take a break to go outside and snap a photo of my Ice Queen Fairy pendant.
I was trying for a Monet inspired shot ! Maybe I should cut back on the coffee... lol !
For now , back to staring at beads and waiting for my muse to arrive...
Stay warm and
Bead Happy ! :) m.e.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Butterflies in Winter ?

I am thinking Spring and so are the members of PCAGOE
Our monthly challenge theme is Butterflies !
Members have created all manner of wonderful butterfly creations!
New rules this month ! you can vote for your 3 favorite entries !!!
We have an amazing grab bag of poly- prizes ! You are eligible for the prize drawing just by casting a vote! Hurry on over and pick your favorites !

My entry is a tiny Butterfly Fairy . I love this Fairy clan .
This particular one is responsible for those little flutters of the heart we feel from time to time .
Cupid gets all the press when it comes to falling in love. But, he's the one who shoots us with arrows ! Ouch can hurt!
I prefer the romantic feelings the Butterfly Fairies spread.
Those little flutters and the way your heart skips a beat when you think of someone special. Butterfly Fairies are busy year round . But, they become more active as Spring draws near .
I think they are much nicer for Valentines day festivities than Cupid and his arrows !!!
I hope they will fill your heart with love this year !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)