Sunday, January 24, 2010

Carnival !

It's almost time for Carnival celebrations !
New Orleans will once again throw the Ultimate PARTY !
What is the only required party attire ?
BEADS ... of course !!!
Beads and more beads ! Beautiful beads!!!

Part of my personal yearly celebration is to make a few Mardi Gras clown pendants.
I love making these happy, dancing little guys !
How could I not be inspired by a festival that makes beads one of the star attractions?

This year I have a special reason to be excited.
In February, Art Bead Scene will be beginning it's own Carnival !
A blog carnival !!!
Sixteen bloggers, divided into two teams ,will be coordinating their individual blogs once each month .
Each team will write about the same subject .But, each person will be putting their own spin on the topic !
I 'm soooooooooo thrilled to be participating !
A blog party of Bead ideas and inspiration !!!
Just when the winter blahs really seem to set in..... it's Carnival time !!!
Grab your beads and let the PARTY begin !!!!
Bead Happy !!!
:D m.e.


  1. This is amazing. You do great work. I'm really happy to learn from you and everyone else in the PCAGOE.

  2. This is precious Mary Ellen! Congratulations on writing the blog! I'm so very happy for you!