Sunday, January 31, 2010

I wasn't born yesterday....

Its' PCAGOE challenge time !
Time to vote for your favorite !
This month's theme is " birthstones and flowers "
Each artist created a piece using the symbols of their own birth month as the inspiration .

My entry is a pendant. A spray of Gladiolus with Peridot centers.
I thought the cooling colors would be nice for the usual hot humid August days
A perfect piece to celebrate my thirty- sixth consecutive 29 th Birthday party! LOL!!!
I do like my August Birthday . I don't have to share my day with any other holiday.
My oldest son was born September 7.Often his birthday fell on the first day of school!!!
Not cause for joy when you are a child !
Do you like your special day?

love'em or not ,birthdays seem to keep on coming ...
PCAGOE members have created some wonderful entries .
You might find a nice item for your Birthday bash !
And don't forget there are Fabulous prizes you could win !!!
When you vote you are entered in the drawing for some Amazing goodies.
Members donate their Best work to our prize pool !!!
see the Entries , check out the Prizes and VOTE !!!
and don't forget...
Bead Happy !!! m.e. :)

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  1. I love your pendent--my gramma's birthday was in August, my husband and I got married in Auguest, and my son was born in August. I agree--it's the perfect month with no holidays to interfere with birthdays!