Sunday, January 17, 2010

Visit from Ms. Muse

Funny how my muse works ...
When I first saw the Art Bead Scene inspiration painting ,I was thinking shades of grays,blue grays and whites. These are the colors I perceive as snow colors.
My muse was having none of that idea !!!
I had set aside all manner of pearls and silvery stuff. But, she said in no uncertain terms " CHOOSE THE CHIPS !"
So I did .
If you don't listen to your muse you could be in BIG Trouble.
I believe forced designs and lack of inspiration will show in your final product.
My semi- precious gem chips lost their tags . Maybe somebody out there can tell me what they are ???
I do think they fit the textures in the painting perfectly . I added some of my own floral beads to "match " because....well... I am addicted to making!
My design need a "magpie "
I found a wonderful pewter bead at Green Girl studios . I think it made the perfect pendant !
I am really enjoying my new necklace ! Just right with my warm woolly winter wear !
Thank you for the inspiration,
Ms. Muse !!!

I hope you and your muse are keeping busy!
Bead Happy, m.e. :)


  1. That's beautiful! I understand following your Muse...When mine gets stubborn, it's time to either pack it up and put it away. :D It looks like the multi-colored chips may be fancy jasper, but the pale version looks almost like mother-of-pearl, but not quite.

  2. Mary Ellen--I had to tell you that I along an award to you. Please check my blog for details! :D