Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twas' the night before...

Ho Ho Holidays

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring," except for my mouse.......
Because I Love,Love ,Love on-line shopping !
In every other way ,the holiday season is about old fashioned traditions for my family .
We like to do things the same way ,year after year .
It seems to connect the generations past ,present and future.
Even the small  details are important to me. do e way year after year.
For example ,that's the only time of the year I make mashed potatoes and gravy from scratch .I'm ashamed to admit it.
But,the rest of the year my family gets those instant pkts.
Baking cookies is a ritual of remembrance.
I use the time worn recipe cards written in by hand by friends and family .
My tree is not decorator fancy .Rather it is a hodge podge of ornaments that each recall a special time ,place or person .
The idea of merry shoppers happliy  picking out gifts  from stores decked out in lights and greenery  is a lovey vision.
But , reality is more like swarms of stressed out shoppers pushing and shoving to grab the best deals .
To that tradition I say " No Thanks!"
Here I sit with a hot cup of coffee , dressed my cozy pj's, mouse in my  hand.
Great bargains to be had..easy to search for the weird and wonderful...perfect gifts a plenty
What's the Cherry on the my Christmas Cake of  gift giving?
I  can select from wonderful handmade and one of a kind items.
since I have a shop on ETSY I shop a lot on ETSY.
In fact,often if I make $10 I spend $15!
Not really good business management ...but, FUN!
One of my BBB (Best Bead Buddies ) Sarah from Saturday Sequins is hosting a Holiday Craft Fair on her blog ..lots of great links to gift goodies.
this week shop
but don't drop
hurry on over to the Saturday Sequins blog
Bead Happy !

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Artisan Whimsy Metal Prong Challange

A Mermaid's Cuff

I always post a new blog entry on Saturdays.
This week I'm early . I have a very good reason why.
I have discovered a wonderful new bead group, Artisan Whimsey.
Check it out ...lots going on over there
This is my entry in the Metal Prong Challenge
Believe me, for moi this was a challenge!
For a long time I've been wanting to learn to solder .
It seemed like it would be a very useful skill.
But, I just never got "round tuit ''
Maybe because it involved flames.
My attempts at glass bead making were less than a success!
It seemed impossible for me to succeed if fire was involved.
However, when I read  Staci Louise Smith's  prong setting tutorial ,
I decided to take a risk .

I always ways use beads in my creations...beads as defined as something with a hole through it.
If the object of my beading desire doesn't already have a hole,
my dremel and I can usually remedy that in short order.
But, there are bits and pieces that are too flat or too fragile to drill.
I love putting teeny memorabilia in resin . Most of my resin molds are impossible to drill sideways.
Therefore, objects that I can not make into beads get a front to back hole and become  charms or pendants. But ,if I could learn to make a prong setting ,those pieces could be set like cabochons!
I decided to borrow a torch and soldering supplies from an artist friend.But, I didn't want to ask for any  help. Instead I wanted to see if I could follow the tutorial instructions.
Congrats to Staci ! She made it easy !
My attempts need some fine turning . My prongs are a bit rough and primitive.But, I think that works fine with my bracelet.
I like to imagine it was lost by a mermaid .
Then washed up by tides to be discovered by me....
it is possible...
anything is possible.....
After all I final learned to solder !
this week make one of your impossible dreams come true
Bead Happy !

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Warning

Ice Fairy

This week we had our first local snowfall .
The flakes did not rest tree limbs or grass.
They merely floated from the clouds, then disappered.
When I  left work in the dark, frosty little flakes were glistening in the lamplight.
The icy sparkles brushed my cheeks and then were gone.
Sunrise revealed a frosty world ,but no actual snow.
However, Mother Nature's message was  received "Winter is coming"
Last year we did not  have  typical cold and snowy weather.
The entire season was relatively mild .This year the prediction is for more snow and ice.
I heard more than a few moans and groans when those first snowflakes fell...
oh no comes inconvenience of  those snowy,blowy  days.
This means days of treacherous driving .
It means anxiously listening to the "closed list "
Will the kids have work open?
We can expect freezing fingers as we scrape windshields and shovel walks.
Time to stock up on milk and toilet paper(why do people think they will need more milk and toilet paper when it snows? )
But  remember ...
Here comes the silent beauty of a frosted Wonderland .
Here come the unexpected snow days off .
Here come the cozy hours spent by the fire with cups of hot coco
( maybe that's why we need extra milk )
Here come the snowmen,sledding and children's laughter.
This week I should take warning
Time to  put the ice scraper in the car trunk
Time hunt to up that can of spray lock de-icer
Time to bring extra fireplace wood up to the porch.
Time to check supplies of flashlight batteries and toilet paper !
But, instead I spent my week making a little  Ice fairy and some "ice" frosted  beads.
No matter what our outlook... winter will arrive
this week celebrate Ice and Snow
Bead Happy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Time for the November ABS challenge!
There are times when color seems to give a design all the impact it needs.
I love,love,love color!
For me picking out the exact shades of the inspiration picture ,is always a big part of my creative process.
But, this month I could not do that .
There was no rainbow of hues to match with my bead stash.
I do have plenty of black ,white and gray beads .
That simple, sophisticated palette can certainly be striking .
But ,I decided to creep outside my comfortable box a bit.
I wanted to try letting texture speak for me instead of color.

In the aftermath of the infamous  storm Sandy, all the trees in my area are stripped bare ,
The black branches outside my window seemed to mimic the ABS inspiration choice.
Somehow my muse  found the painting  a refection of the recent weather.
I just let my imagination run wild ,twisting and turning wire to create those images.
Maybe all that  twisting released at bit of of my pent up post storm frustrations!
My art bead is an image of one lone leaf that still hangs on despite the wind.
Vintage chandelier crystals represent the water in the painting.
They also remind me of  rain drops after the storm.

Nature can be a frightening force.
To all that suffered or are still suffering from Sandy's onslaught ,
you are in my prayers.
remember and respect the power of nature
this week
reflect on nature's Beauty
Bead Happy