Saturday, November 10, 2012

Winter Warning

Ice Fairy

This week we had our first local snowfall .
The flakes did not rest tree limbs or grass.
They merely floated from the clouds, then disappered.
When I  left work in the dark, frosty little flakes were glistening in the lamplight.
The icy sparkles brushed my cheeks and then were gone.
Sunrise revealed a frosty world ,but no actual snow.
However, Mother Nature's message was  received "Winter is coming"
Last year we did not  have  typical cold and snowy weather.
The entire season was relatively mild .This year the prediction is for more snow and ice.
I heard more than a few moans and groans when those first snowflakes fell...
oh no comes inconvenience of  those snowy,blowy  days.
This means days of treacherous driving .
It means anxiously listening to the "closed list "
Will the kids have work open?
We can expect freezing fingers as we scrape windshields and shovel walks.
Time to stock up on milk and toilet paper(why do people think they will need more milk and toilet paper when it snows? )
But  remember ...
Here comes the silent beauty of a frosted Wonderland .
Here come the unexpected snow days off .
Here come the cozy hours spent by the fire with cups of hot coco
( maybe that's why we need extra milk )
Here come the snowmen,sledding and children's laughter.
This week I should take warning
Time to  put the ice scraper in the car trunk
Time hunt to up that can of spray lock de-icer
Time to bring extra fireplace wood up to the porch.
Time to check supplies of flashlight batteries and toilet paper !
But, instead I spent my week making a little  Ice fairy and some "ice" frosted  beads.
No matter what our outlook... winter will arrive
this week celebrate Ice and Snow
Bead Happy!

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  1. a little groan here ... digging out my car in the morning to make it to the train is a royal pain in the derriere. I forgot to put my snow scraper in the car with our Nor 'Easter this week and had to dig out the car from the station on my return with my hands (oh yeah, and I forgot to wear gloves). Had to have a pot-o-tea when I got home!