Saturday, January 29, 2011

What Goes Together ?

Both Sides of  Sandi's  Focal Pendant
Somethings just naturally seem to go together,like chocolate and peanut butter !
Other  things just  don't seem to be  likely combination's .
Chocolate and hot pepper for example.It may not sound very delicious.But ,in reality it tastes quite good...if you are a hot pepper fan that is!

Bead  combinations are like foods .Some  beads just naturally seem to mix and match,while others seem unlikely to work well together. But,the world of beads can hold some  BIG Surprises !!!

I received my Bead Soup Mix yesterday !!!!   I was sooooooo  excited to see that my focal bead was one of Sandi Volpe 's delightful soldered pendants! I can admit it now..I have been admiring them and was secretly hoping that one  would be in my mix!  What else did I get? A lovely sterling silver clasp, a beautiful strand of freshwater pearls,glistening little iolite chips and amazing "Bead for Life "paper beads from Uganda.!!!
Sandi wraped everything in a nice gift box tied with a wonderful ribbon. You just might see that ribbon show up in my design!!!
I really  like it!!!
But ,the "Bead for Life" beads gave me pause. The focal pendant is reversable .One side is a gorgeous iris water color print and the other a lovely muted landscape.
In a million years I would never have gone searching for bright African paper beads to go with this pendant!!!
I would never have imagined they could possibly work together . But, THEY DO!!! The swirls of color blends on the beads look Fabulous with both of the delicate water colors !!! Amazing !!!

The Bead Soup Party  is about thinking outside the box.
Sandi was already going beyond the obvious when she picked my soup mix!
What Awesome beads  I have to work with !!!
Thank You Sandi !!!

Now I just have to come up with a design  that will showcase this intriguing and unexpected combination !!!
Guess I'll  treat myself to a piece of Chili Chocolate and ponder design possibilities..........
this week  try out some unlikely combination's
Bead  Happy ,

My  Wonderful Bead Soup Mix!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time for Soup !

mixing the soup !
I think soup is the ultimate comfort food !
Add individual ingredients in just the right proportions.
Simmer together to make a delicious combination .
Soup can warm us body and soul . It just makes us feel good!!!

But, this week I've been working on a different type of soup ...
a sort of  Dis-comfort food !!!          Why ???
Because , I  joined Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party!!!
The idea is each person will send their partner a mix of beadie ingredients much different from the types of things they most often use. We will all soon  be receiving a surprise package that does NOT contain the colors,materials or styles we feel comfortable with! We aren't supposed to include anything our partner is truly "allergic" too maybe florescent orange or something of  that sort...something that  they just despise !!!
Also, no fair sending anything truly bead veges from the back of the fridge!!!
We WILL be sending  components we think are out of our partners comfort zone. 
We will be creating with a mix to make a Dis-comfort zone Design!!!
We'll be stretching our creativity .We'll be learning by working with new ingredients and inspirations.
Best of all we'll be having FUN!!!

My partner is Sandi Volpe . Be sure to visit  her shop ! She makes lovely jewelry .Her soldered  pendants are just wonderful !!!
Sandi works most often with silver metal ,lampwork and pearls.
I will NOT be sending her any of those!!! LOL !!!

This week I have been experimenting  with Vintaj  brand components .I've been creating some beads that blend with antique brass color metals.
Maybe something like that will be in the soup mix I send Sandi..............maybe not !!!
It's a secret !!!
You'll have  to keep checking back to see what  soups we invent !!!
This week try adding a few different ingredients to your own soup mixes!
Bead  Happy , 
Flowers with antique bronze highlights

Saturday, January 15, 2011

ABS January !

Time for a new ABS challenge !!!
This month's inspiration painting is Brown River by Wayne Thiebaud.

I love it !!!  What  wonderful color and light !!!
I'll admit I like a bit of snow and frost during the holidays.
I suppose because it brings to mind my childhood Christmases . But, right now I am ready for SPRING !!!  This  painting  just spoke to me of Springtime . I could almost feel the warm sunshine and see bright flowers starting to bloom .Even the title "Brown River " brought to mind the muddy little rivulets the Spring rains create in my garden!

I'll take a moment here to admit I am a confessed bead hoarder .
I buy beads... because I like them....because I want them ...but, rarely because I really need them !!!
I don't usually sell my jewelry  creations  .Most of my designs I keep for myself or gift to friends and family.
True to my bead hoarding nature,on New Years Eve I purchased several strands of  the most lovey,sparkly Czech crystal beads.
The only thing I had in mind for the beads was to hold them,admire how they caught the light and finally store them away for some unknown future project.

Imagine my surprise when ABS  posted the inspiration painting ! My new beads were all the colors of the rows of foliage in the foreground  ! They looked to me just like those  little rows !   And they captured  Thiebaud's illusion of light perfectly !!!
I actually had bought something I could use right away!!!!!!!!
I was so  happy I  didn't want to add too much to detract from my new beads. I made some bright flowers and a very sunny heart. The shapes seemed to mimic the curves in the painting .Then all that seemed to be needed was a foliage inspired toggle and a wonderful antique brass bead in the same curve of the river .

It's freezing cold and snowy at my house this week.
Spring seems to be such a long way off.......
But, I  now  I have a nice dose of light and color to see me through these dreary days.
Thank you  Art Bead Scene!!!
Are you ready for some bright color this week?
Stay warm ...and
Bead Happy ,

"Brown River"  collage

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Reflections

Sunrise January 1, 2011
What better inspiration for the New Year than a Gorgeous Sunrise!!! This one was right outside my front door !!!
2010 brought me my  share of joy and my share of sorrow .
But ,all  in all ,it was another  year of wonder. I try every day to appreciate each little gift I'm given.I try to "stop and smell the roses". There are so many wonders in life we miss  if we don't take time notice what's around us.

It's snowing at my house today .Outside my window the world is frosty white.But ,inside at my clay table ,my beads are the shades of  the Sunrise ! Winter is still be working it's frozen magic on the world of nature However,my world of beads has moved on to Springtime ! I suppose on many levels its good to live in the here and now. But,I do enjoy the opportunity to dwell a bit in the future. When you sell what you create ,you always  need to be  looking ahead .You must keep up with new trends ,seasonal colors and designs ! 
I LOVE it !!!. I can't see flowers outside my window today.
But, my work table is filled with cheerful blossoms!!!

As I sit here enjoying my field of  flower beads,I am reflecting a bit on the past year. What ideas will I   leave behind ,what ideas will I carry forward ?What inspired me last year ?How did I grow as an artist ?What changes did I make?What changes do I need to make?

The term  NEW year implies I can start fresh .I can change what needs changing and hold on to what is  worth keeping.I can evolve and grow .Both my beads and my business will have another new year to prosper and bring me joy!!!
As you reflect on 2010,
what new things might be in store for you ? 
Wonderful bead adventures I hope!!!
in 2011 may we all
Bead Happy !