Saturday, November 26, 2011

Virtual Craft Show !!!

***My Give-away ***

Time for the first annual Virtual Craft Show !!!!!
Check out Lori Anderson's blog everyday  from 11/26-12/3
for Great  Give-a ways and some Wonderful bargains!
You can shop for Unique gifts and have a chance to win Awesome prizes!!!
70  Fabulous  Prizes !!!  New ones listed daily ! How cool is that ?
My give- away?
Three of my Poinsettia Pendants.
Three glamorous silk ribbons with metallic edges .
Sting together for a simple necklace
(great for those" oops I forgot someone " gifts)
Add to  your own show stopping jewelery designs
or use as a tie-on for your most extra special gifts !
Plus, I'm giving away one amazing  pine scented candle guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood !

I  Love,Love ,Love shopping on line .
No more wasting my time and gas money !
No more fighting crazy mall crowds!
Plus, I can find truly Unique gifts ...
no chance of giving Aunt Suzie something she already has if I pick a  one-of -a -kind item!
(no,I don't really have an Aunt Suzie ..but ,you get  the point )

I also feel good about supporting the  online community of artists and crafts people .
Handmade items seem to have a special feel so often lacking in our cookie cutter world.
So much hustle and hurry to make a zillion of this and a billion of that.
Don't misunderstand , I'm glad someone created a zillion computers like mine ...helps bring the price down ..LOL!
But, for holiday giving I prefer to slow down and make my gift more personal and meaningful .
A gift created by hand seems to me to embody the true  spirit of  holiday giving.
I really enjoy searching for that perfect gift for everyone on my list
I don't think the fact I can search here at my computer,in my P.J.'s,
with my cup of coffee; in any way detracts from the love and care I try to put into  choosing each present.
this week
hurry over the the Virtual Craft  Show
check it out Daily for Great Gifts
Bead Happy !

come back on Sunday 12/4
     for a Sneak Peek  of my 
ABS  Ornament Blog Hop creation !

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Harvest Time

Amber Waves  of Grain

This is the Season  of  the Harvest .
Summer's bounty is being stored away for the long winter.
It is the time to rest from the labor of the growing season .
It is a time to give thanks for what we have harvested .
Since the first nomadic people settled down to plant crops, this has been true.

However, most of us are removed from field and farm .
We don't labor in the fields or survive winter with stores from hay stack or root cellar.
But, I think even for jewelry designers this is the season of harvest.
A time to store all the inspiration planted throughout  the Spring and Summer.
A time to gather in all the new tecniques and materials we want to keep .

It is a time to give thanks for our blessings.
A  time to reflect on all the bounty  life has brought us.
including ..yes ...our beads.
My beads add a bit of "fun money " to my income
But, more importantly  they bring me happiness.
Because of beads I have made good friends the world over.
Throughout the year I have learned about politics,religion, world events ,art and much more! I like to call this my "beaducation"
Not less important , because of my bead connections I've just plain had FUN.
I have reaped a bountiful harvest of  laughter and joy !
this week
take stock of  your Summer's Harvest
count your blessings
Bead Happy !

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Eclipse of the Heart

Time for the Art Bead Scene Challenge !
This month's painting is
Madonna Pietra degli Scrovigni by Marie Spartali Stillman 
I immediately searched my stash for elements that would  reflect the colors and shapes in the painting.
I had some brass filigree components that seemed to suit  the painting's theme.
The saucer beads mirrored the pleats on the sleeves perfectly!
I found some lovely kyanite disk beads that had all the shades of green.Best of all the shape reminded me of the crystal ball in the painting !
I can never resist a touch of nature in my designs .
With the help of saw and Dremel I had a "branch bead "
For the  blossoms I added some fresh water pearls.
But, how to tie it all together?
I kept thinking  about this quote
"The woman is a character from the Italian poet Dante. She was described as a heartless lady dressed in green."
 Was she really heartless,or did life and love just leave an empty place in her heart ???
empty place in her heart........
ah ha !!! A heart toggle !!!

Lately I have been busy creating handmade toggle clasps .
I have also discovered Gliders paste!!!
Wonderful stuff !!! You can turn anything metallic !
My family steers clear of me whenever I have those little cans of  paste in my hands. They  fear  I'll gild them!
More than once this week I've gone to work with metallic fingertips!

I created a heart toggle impressed with a flower/leaf design  .
Then I "gilded" it with a mix of colors to match my brass beads.
The clasp worked as a focal bead too!
It's refreshingly easy to put on a necklace with the clasp in front !
I am having the best time creating toggles !
And I'm having so much fun with Gilders paste!
I love that I was able to use both in my challenge entry !
this week try using  a new tecnique in your jewelry designs...
Bead Happy !!!