Saturday, November 12, 2011

Harvest Time

Amber Waves  of Grain

This is the Season  of  the Harvest .
Summer's bounty is being stored away for the long winter.
It is the time to rest from the labor of the growing season .
It is a time to give thanks for what we have harvested .
Since the first nomadic people settled down to plant crops, this has been true.

However, most of us are removed from field and farm .
We don't labor in the fields or survive winter with stores from hay stack or root cellar.
But, I think even for jewelry designers this is the season of harvest.
A time to store all the inspiration planted throughout  the Spring and Summer.
A time to gather in all the new tecniques and materials we want to keep .

It is a time to give thanks for our blessings.
A  time to reflect on all the bounty  life has brought us.
including ..yes ...our beads.
My beads add a bit of "fun money " to my income
But, more importantly  they bring me happiness.
Because of beads I have made good friends the world over.
Throughout the year I have learned about politics,religion, world events ,art and much more! I like to call this my "beaducation"
Not less important , because of my bead connections I've just plain had FUN.
I have reaped a bountiful harvest of  laughter and joy !
this week
take stock of  your Summer's Harvest
count your blessings
Bead Happy !


  1. Beautifully said. Like you, I have made some great friend here on the web, ones I would never have met if it weren't for my need to bead.

    I'm thankful for not only my talent as a jewelry desiner, but also the encouragement, support, and fellowship of all these lovely people I've met along the way.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. How nice! I feel the same way but couldn't have said it nearly as well. My beads are my friends, and they've introduced me to so many other friends. It is the season to be thankful. Like your designs, your words are eloquent.

  3. As the others said - beautiful said!