Sunday, June 30, 2013

Up, up and away...

My Beautiful Balloon 

Holidays are very busy at my work .
Our veterinary hospital also has a boarding facility.
When the rest of the country is on vacation,our staff  is working extra hours taking care of the pets.
This week I felt a bit too tired to seek any beadie inspiration .
But, Friday on my way to work , inspiration flew right over my head !
A gorgeous hot air balloon riding  low in the early morning breeze floated over my car.
Luckily no other vehicles were on the little back road I travel .
I had to stop short,  pull over and take photos !
I really,really wish I had taken my "real"camera with me that morning .
Thank goodness I had my cellphone . ( I must try to save for an upgrade ! )

I rarely work in bright primary colors. I usually gravitate to muted shades.But ,those balloon  brights against the black stripes look wonderful !

The Fourth of July is a day off  for  me.
Of course I'll celebrate with a cookout and local fireworks.
But, I think I'll also get out my clay and  work on my own version of stars and stripes.
Sometimes inspiration arrives in subtle whispers that are easy to over look. But, when it's big ,bright and seems to come right out of the heavens ,I listen !
Right now I'm gathering up my clay in primary colors ....and I'm  humming the Fifth Dimension song... "Up, up and away ..My beautiful, my beautiful balloon "
This week I hope
great inspration comes your way
I hope you
Bead Happy,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make Hay....

Straw to Gold

I'm still making  "word " beads. This week  I tweaked them into toggle clasps.I have been thinking quite a bit about what words to use.

I love jewelry with whole quotes .
Everyday I wear 2 simple stamped metal bracelets
One says "If life gives you limes make margaritas "
the other says  " Living in their pools, They soon forget about the sea "
both useful inspiration to keep life's little trails inperspective

Whole quotes can be wonderful. However, adding a single word to a design gives the meaning some flexibility. Don't we all  embrace "hope" a bit differently . Don't we all dream a slightly different dream?
So far I have been using the most familiar  words. Partly because they seem to be the best ones,and partly because they fit on my beads ...LOL!

But, I have found one remarkable thing..
Concentrating on a single word has put me in a"stop and smell the roses "frame of mind.
 Somehow the effort to  simplify my thoughts ,has made me stop and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.
This week the field in front of my house was cut , raked and bailed.
I spent hours admiring it in every light . I reflected on the colors ,patterns and the act of harvest itself.
The photo above is of the morning sun turning the rows of straw into gold.....
this week seek the simple pleasures
Bead Happy,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

I had so much fun making the word beads for my ABS design last week,I couldn't stop !
Adding a word to a design gives it an immediate scene of focus .
I think most jewelry sets a mood. You probably wouldn't select the same piece for a night out with the girls as you would for an important job interview .
We all have jewelry we wear that makes us feel happy and cheerful.
And we have pieces that make us feel more clam and serene. 
Do you only pick jewelry to match your outfit?
Or do you pick pieces that fit  how you are feeling?
There are designs for every mood
Bright ,Bold ...feelin' Bitchy
Dark,Moody ...feelin' Dramatic
Sleek, Sophisticate ...feelin' so Smart 
you know what I mean ...the list goes on and on !
maybe the mood is your secret ...

But, when you add an actual word ,your focus is apparent to all .
Today I dare to DREAM
I will not loose HOPE
My life is about the JOURNEY
It seems to me that when you boldly wear an affirmation ,people around you  "kinda" hop  on board
When your jewelry says this is what I need to focus on , maybe others think " I can help with that " Or maybe people  identify and  think "I need that too "
A word  included on a gift of jewelry is certainly a perfect way state your intention.
My wish for you is the gift of HOPE
Never stop BELIEVING
I wish you JOY
this week make a  design with special Word
for yourself or a friend
Bead Happy,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

ABS June Challenge


Its Time for the June ABS challenge !

It's always interesting to find out what part of the ABS  inspiration will grab me . This month it was the subject itself ,a lovely village by the sea in  a restful muted palette.
I've been very busy lately . I really could use a vacation.
When I saw the painting, all I could think of was how I would love to be relaxing in that little seaside town . I imagined leisurely strolls along the rocky shore. Maybe stopping to collect a pretty pebble or a bit of sea glass......
Ah ha ... my design inspiration !
I drilled holes in a nice piece of sea glass  I found in Nassau .I think found objects made great art beads . However,my seaside treasure hunts have all been along sandy beaches.No pebbles to be found in my stash. But , creating faux polymer clay rocks is easy and fun .
I made up an instant collection of pebble beads in the colors of the painting. While making the beads, another idea came to me
ABS Sunday has been discussing "Word Beads" I have always loved the  idea of  an inspiration word you can wear .But ,I have made very few beads with words . I decided to try some faux beach pottery shards with words. What words to pick? How about where I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing ?
I added a little sea weed green gauze ribbon for a pop of color . My entry was complete.
The surprise outcome.... I felt relaxed and refreshed.
I don't have time for a real vacation right now. But, spending time concentrating on my seaside escape design ,was just the  break I needed.
Sometimes beads and bead work can be almost like mediation .... a mini retreat from everyday stress
this week
relax on your own Design Stay-cation
Bead Happy ,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing with Pods

Pine Cone & Polymer Pods

I am loving all the rustic beads and elements that are showing up in Jewelry Designs.
I am especially enamored by "pod "shapes.
This week I decided to just play with that shape .
I didn't want to Borrow realist forms  from Mother Nature.
I just wanted take the idea of a seed pod and see were it took me.

There are weeks went my life needs a bit of structure .
At times like that, I think I benefit from organizing my brain to make realist flowers.
But,this week was particularly busy at the vet clinic where I  work.
We had a lot of fur-baby emergencies coming in our doors.
That's always very stressful  for everyone involved.
After a week of trying to multitask and keep organized in the midst of chaos ,I needed to free my head up a bit.
I find it very relaxing to let the clay take over. I picked some pleasing colors and just let the forms take shape on their own .
My beads are organic forms with micro glass beadie "seeds"
But , they aren't from any  real world garden.
They are fantasy  seed pods from the garden of imagination.
It's  a lovely garden to relax in . You never know what will grow there.
This week enjoy some time in the Imagination Garden
Bead Happy ,