Sunday, June 16, 2013

Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

I had so much fun making the word beads for my ABS design last week,I couldn't stop !
Adding a word to a design gives it an immediate scene of focus .
I think most jewelry sets a mood. You probably wouldn't select the same piece for a night out with the girls as you would for an important job interview .
We all have jewelry we wear that makes us feel happy and cheerful.
And we have pieces that make us feel more clam and serene. 
Do you only pick jewelry to match your outfit?
Or do you pick pieces that fit  how you are feeling?
There are designs for every mood
Bright ,Bold ...feelin' Bitchy
Dark,Moody ...feelin' Dramatic
Sleek, Sophisticate ...feelin' so Smart 
you know what I mean ...the list goes on and on !
maybe the mood is your secret ...

But, when you add an actual word ,your focus is apparent to all .
Today I dare to DREAM
I will not loose HOPE
My life is about the JOURNEY
It seems to me that when you boldly wear an affirmation ,people around you  "kinda" hop  on board
When your jewelry says this is what I need to focus on , maybe others think " I can help with that " Or maybe people  identify and  think "I need that too "
A word  included on a gift of jewelry is certainly a perfect way state your intention.
My wish for you is the gift of HOPE
Never stop BELIEVING
I wish you JOY
this week make a  design with special Word
for yourself or a friend
Bead Happy,

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