Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing with Pods

Pine Cone & Polymer Pods

I am loving all the rustic beads and elements that are showing up in Jewelry Designs.
I am especially enamored by "pod "shapes.
This week I decided to just play with that shape .
I didn't want to Borrow realist forms  from Mother Nature.
I just wanted take the idea of a seed pod and see were it took me.

There are weeks went my life needs a bit of structure .
At times like that, I think I benefit from organizing my brain to make realist flowers.
But,this week was particularly busy at the vet clinic where I  work.
We had a lot of fur-baby emergencies coming in our doors.
That's always very stressful  for everyone involved.
After a week of trying to multitask and keep organized in the midst of chaos ,I needed to free my head up a bit.
I find it very relaxing to let the clay take over. I picked some pleasing colors and just let the forms take shape on their own .
My beads are organic forms with micro glass beadie "seeds"
But , they aren't from any  real world garden.
They are fantasy  seed pods from the garden of imagination.
It's  a lovely garden to relax in . You never know what will grow there.
This week enjoy some time in the Imagination Garden
Bead Happy ,  


  1. Beautiful beads, and thanks for not mentioning that your in home therapy is because of your work place PTSD.

  2. oh I love what you've created here! and helping fur babies - good for you!! must be stressful, but rewarding

  3. Theses are lovely!
    Your imagination garden must be an awesome place.

  4. Gorgeous seed pods - love the shapes and colors!