Sunday, June 30, 2013

Up, up and away...

My Beautiful Balloon 

Holidays are very busy at my work .
Our veterinary hospital also has a boarding facility.
When the rest of the country is on vacation,our staff  is working extra hours taking care of the pets.
This week I felt a bit too tired to seek any beadie inspiration .
But, Friday on my way to work , inspiration flew right over my head !
A gorgeous hot air balloon riding  low in the early morning breeze floated over my car.
Luckily no other vehicles were on the little back road I travel .
I had to stop short,  pull over and take photos !
I really,really wish I had taken my "real"camera with me that morning .
Thank goodness I had my cellphone . ( I must try to save for an upgrade ! )

I rarely work in bright primary colors. I usually gravitate to muted shades.But ,those balloon  brights against the black stripes look wonderful !

The Fourth of July is a day off  for  me.
Of course I'll celebrate with a cookout and local fireworks.
But, I think I'll also get out my clay and  work on my own version of stars and stripes.
Sometimes inspiration arrives in subtle whispers that are easy to over look. But, when it's big ,bright and seems to come right out of the heavens ,I listen !
Right now I'm gathering up my clay in primary colors ....and I'm  humming the Fifth Dimension song... "Up, up and away ..My beautiful, my beautiful balloon "
This week I hope
great inspration comes your way
I hope you
Bead Happy,

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