Friday, December 31, 2010

Bead Connections

pendant by sculptedwindows
I talked a little last week about how beads seem to connect people.
This week I had the most wonderful proof of that ! My mailman delivered a surprise package.Inside was a gift from someone who has been buying my beads for years.Our acquaintance began as buyer/seller . However,we have become cyber -friends.When she was blogging (I wish she still had time to!)I faithfully read her blog.I think she usually reads mine ; )   I found we had more than just beads in common.My friend Cathryn cares for many cats including a feral colony. I work for a veterinarian center that endeavors to find forever homes for  the various kittens and older cats that happen on our door step.So I suppose you could say we have a bead /fur friendship!!! But, when I opened my gift I realized it was much more.

Cathryn had sent me the gorgeous necklace and earring set in these photos . She said it reminded her of me . She knew from my blogs and bead designs I LOVE all things ocean .
But ,here's what's  amazing. I have not shared here or anywhere on line that in November my family lost a beloved member.
My ex-husband Ron,died very suddenly and completely unexpectedly .We were married for 13 years.We have two wonderful children ,two  grandchildren and are expecting a new grandchild in March.We remained  close friends for 46 years.I am still coping with my personal loss.And I am dealing with the grief of my children ,grandchildren  and mutual friends.Most holidays were spent together at our daughter's home.This Christmas was a very hard one for us all. Ron also loved everything ocean .On my daughter's tree we hung a "remembrance ornament " , a shell exactly like the one on the necklace ! Any "just because" gift is a true treasure.Cathryn's kind gesture helped my heart to heal a bit.Her caring gift arrived  just when it was most needed.
The connection that made her send something so special just when I  needed it is amazing enough.
But ,that's not all ! I was very impressed by the work of the Kristie Lou Brigham who made the very  unique pendant .
I hurried  to look at  her blog and  on-line shops!
Beyond amazing !!!!! Kristie donates part of the sale of pendants like mine, to the Turtle Hospital in the Florida  Keys!!! I visit that very Hospital every year when I go to scuba dive !!! In fact, my younger daughter is considering applying for a job there when she graduates from  college in the spring !!! 

Some of you may think that what I perceive as bead connections, are mere coincidences . But ,I believe that when we create things with our hands we put a bit of ourselves into each item .As our creations move on to other hands a bit of our energy goes with  them .

I really have no words to explain how deeply I  have been touched by Cathryn's gift .
All I can say is 
Cathryn ,I thank you from the very  depths of my heart .

as the New Year begins....
take a moment to enjoy more of  the Beautiful Art of Kristie Lou Brigham
she creates wonderful clay faces and  fabulous wire wrapped pieces !!!
be sure to  visit the Turtle hospital blog to see what wonderful work they do
and of course ...
Bead Happy !!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays

Another year is almost over. Where does time go!!!
Much of my time goes to working with my polymer clay !!!
One of the very best parts of creating beads and pendants, is the connection I feel with the wonderful people who use my work in their designs.I also like to imagine who might be wearing my beads. My items have gone to places all over the world ! It's lovey to think of the connections we make when we create a piece of jewelry . Sometimes I am able to interact with my buyers .Many have become cyber-friends throughout the years. Others I never do get to know.But, I feel a connection just the same .
I put my heart into every bead I make. I believe that somehow that energy travels with my beads wherever they go !
As the year winds down, I am thankful for the opportunity to interact with beaders everywhere .
Sharing my love of making and designing with beads brings me great happiness.
I look forward to another year creating new and old bead styles and interacting with new and old friends.
I hope you have all had a year filled with blessings and beads!!!
Wishing you Happiest of Holidays
Bead Happy ,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

White Christmas

We do get plenty of snow in Maryland.But, we don't always have a White Christmas.This year we may have some snow on the ground for the holidays.The temperature has hardly risen above freezing!!! We've had several days of snow flurries and even an inch or two of the white stuff! My yard is a treasure trove of snowy inspiration.I found some lovely muted colors ,interesting patterns and even some cute little bunny tracks !

I should be thinking ahead to spring designs and colors.
However, I couldn't help but make a few frosty designs this week.
We may search and search for a certain type of inspiration. Sometimes we find what we had in mind .But, sometimes we find something entirely different . I had a table full of red and pink clay all ready to start Valentine hearts and flowers. But, those will have to wait ......
This week I'm dreaming of a White Christmas !
May all your holiday dreams come true...
Bead Happy,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

The weather has turned bitter cold at my house.
I'm staying inside where it's cozy and warm !
Most of my flower inspiration has been coming from photos and my memory.But, I did venture outside to enjoy my yard with a sparkling dusting of snow. I'm so glad I did!
I discovered a tiny treasure,a frozen rose bud made more beautiful with a coating of frost !

I was hoping to find some winter white inspiration in my snowy garden. But, I found something unexpected ! I love the mulberry tones of the frozen rose bud. And I love the special sparkle the frost gives it . In the summer these roses are pink and velvety.
I never expected to find one lone bud in my winter garden.
It's unique look really inspired me . All week I've been working in a mulberry palette . I've been adding metallic inks and glass micro beads to add that frosty feeling.
The color seems a bit Victorian to me . Nice for last minute Christmas designs!Perfect for some old fashioned Valentines Day creations ! Funny how beaders are always looking ahead to the next holiday!

Holidays are a time for tradition .They are a time to celebrate cherished rituals .
This is the time of the year I want to enjoy all the expected holiday treats and trimmings!
But , in the midst of your celebration
don't forget to keep an eye out for the unexpected
and be sure to
Bead Happy !

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Romance

For me Christmas is a time for spiritual reflection . It is a time to celebrate the magic of childhood. It is a time to celebrate the joy of good friends and family .
It is also the season of shopping ,decorating and cookie baking !!!

But, I've been thinking that to me " Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more "

This week my dear hubby patiently helped hang the lights,greens and other various "have to have up for the holidays" decor. I am a confessed Holiday Over Decorator.I have HOD!Helping me is no small feat.My hubby is patient as the gift buying $$$ go flying out of our budget every time I hit "pay now " . Most of all ,he is patient with my holiday excitement and high stress level.

When I was younger I measured "how much does he love me " by things like dates ,dollars ,gifts and flowers! . Now I'm much older and I hope wiser.I realize love is better measured by the being there,the patience and the support.
For me love=laughter,especially the ability to laugh together at life's little trials and tribulations.
I did have to kiss my share of frogs . But, I did find my prince!

So I've been thinking, that Christmas is a time for Romance.
Maybe it's the wine and flowers romance of a new love.
Maybe it's patient pleasures of many years together.
But, it is a season of Romance all the same.
this week it's time to hang the mistletoe
hug your honey
bead happy!