Saturday, December 18, 2010

White Christmas

We do get plenty of snow in Maryland.But, we don't always have a White Christmas.This year we may have some snow on the ground for the holidays.The temperature has hardly risen above freezing!!! We've had several days of snow flurries and even an inch or two of the white stuff! My yard is a treasure trove of snowy inspiration.I found some lovely muted colors ,interesting patterns and even some cute little bunny tracks !

I should be thinking ahead to spring designs and colors.
However, I couldn't help but make a few frosty designs this week.
We may search and search for a certain type of inspiration. Sometimes we find what we had in mind .But, sometimes we find something entirely different . I had a table full of red and pink clay all ready to start Valentine hearts and flowers. But, those will have to wait ......
This week I'm dreaming of a White Christmas !
May all your holiday dreams come true...
Bead Happy,

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