Saturday, December 4, 2010

Holiday Romance

For me Christmas is a time for spiritual reflection . It is a time to celebrate the magic of childhood. It is a time to celebrate the joy of good friends and family .
It is also the season of shopping ,decorating and cookie baking !!!

But, I've been thinking that to me " Maybe Christmas... perhaps... means a little bit more "

This week my dear hubby patiently helped hang the lights,greens and other various "have to have up for the holidays" decor. I am a confessed Holiday Over Decorator.I have HOD!Helping me is no small feat.My hubby is patient as the gift buying $$$ go flying out of our budget every time I hit "pay now " . Most of all ,he is patient with my holiday excitement and high stress level.

When I was younger I measured "how much does he love me " by things like dates ,dollars ,gifts and flowers! . Now I'm much older and I hope wiser.I realize love is better measured by the being there,the patience and the support.
For me love=laughter,especially the ability to laugh together at life's little trials and tribulations.
I did have to kiss my share of frogs . But, I did find my prince!

So I've been thinking, that Christmas is a time for Romance.
Maybe it's the wine and flowers romance of a new love.
Maybe it's patient pleasures of many years together.
But, it is a season of Romance all the same.
this week it's time to hang the mistletoe
hug your honey
bead happy!

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