Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cyber Links

I grew up well before cable TV ,cell phones and cyber connections. I wonder at our new world of instant communications.
My children gave me my first internet lessons. As computers became more and more a part of my every day life, I wondered if in the future face to face meetings might become rarer and rarer. At some point would people just sit in front of a screen with very little real human contact ?
Technically that may be happening . I no longer drag my art to craft shows ,I sell on ETSY instead. I did not even venture into a mall during the holidays. I did all my shopping on line . I think I found better gifts ,better prices and no mall madness.
Since my oldest daughter and I have busy lives and far different schedules , we e-mail much more frequently than we are able to meet . I am only able to see my grandchildren several times yearly.However,I get frequent updates, complete with almost instant photos of every thing going on in their lives.
I can do research and learn about anything I please, right in my own living room !
I have discussions with people all over the world! I can share my interests with friends I will never actually meet in person . I often share the in and outs of daily life with these cyber friends .
Events from weather to war are all happening where I have a cyber friend or acquaintance.
I can relate World news to an artist ,beader or jewelry maker I "know".

Instead of the world becoming more impersonal ,it seems far smaller and well known to me .
Computer technology does cause me to spend time alone at the key board.
But, it somehow makes me feel more linked to humanity than ever before !
This holiday season ,I am grateful for all the wonderful people on the other side of my monitor.
Grateful for all the human links that bring so much to my life each day .
"God bless us, every one!"
Bead Happy ,
m.e. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thinking outside the Season

Most people can sit back and savor the season they are in. But, jewelry designers need to think ahead . I enjoy making beads for designers ,so I have to stay one step ahead of them !
Others may be thinking of deep winter colors ,warm wool,icy snow etc.
But ,I've moved on to pastels and warm sunshine !

Lately I've been enjoying making some jewelry for myself using Art Bead Scenes monthly inspiration paintings. A nice way to relax and refresh my clay creativity!
I LOVE the colors in this months pick"untitled "by Krasnr
But, what should I make???

something graphic , primitive ...even some how Wintry you say?
Did you forget? My brain has fast forwarded to spring !

This the fall I planted some spring bulbs in rich reds and many shades of blue.
I've been gazing out my kitchen window looking at brown shades of my garden mulch .
I've been dreaming about how the garden will look when the my new flowers burst into bloom.
Last week we had a light snow and my brown garden was laced with white.

The picture is the perfect inspiration for a necklace design I'll call
"Think Spring"
No matter what season you're in ...ENJOY !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Time is it ?

Counting down to 2010 !
I'm soooooooooooooo busy with holiday preparations !
I LOVE the holidays ! But, they can be exhausting.
This years biggest challenge is to keep our new kitten from redecorating our tree !!!

I'm doing ALL my shopping on line this year .Saves money ,time and my tired old feet!!!
I am able to find some really unique gifts! And the coffee is much cheaper at my house than at St*rbucks ..LOL!!!

If you are home getting ready for your holiday ...
take a moment to check out PCAGOE's monthly challenge .
The theme is "seasonal'' Some really great entries this month .
Vote for your favorite and you could win some special gifts
and then go check out The PCAGOE AMAZING Stocking Giveaway
shop for fabulous gifts AND be eligble to win one of those stockings ! WOW!!!!

better go get yourself another cup of coffee and start shopping !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)