Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What Time is it ?

Counting down to 2010 !
I'm soooooooooooooo busy with holiday preparations !
I LOVE the holidays ! But, they can be exhausting.
This years biggest challenge is to keep our new kitten from redecorating our tree !!!

I'm doing ALL my shopping on line this year .Saves money ,time and my tired old feet!!!
I am able to find some really unique gifts! And the coffee is much cheaper at my house than at St*rbucks ..LOL!!!

If you are home getting ready for your holiday ...
take a moment to check out PCAGOE's monthly challenge .
The theme is "seasonal'' Some really great entries this month .
Vote for your favorite and you could win some special gifts
and then go check out The PCAGOE AMAZING Stocking Giveaway
shop for fabulous gifts AND be eligble to win one of those stockings ! WOW!!!!

better go get yourself another cup of coffee and start shopping !
Bead Happy , m.e. :)


  1. I love shopping at Etsy and the various shops. I can't wait to finish up my semester to start beading and baking!

  2. Dear Mary Ellen,
    I've chosen your lovely blog for the Dream Blog award. Please check out the details in today's post at http://polymerclaychameleon.blogspot.com