Monday, May 27, 2013

A Second Shop

A first for me ... NO polymer clay appears in my blog  this week !
Instead this is about a new venture .
Several months ago I stated selling earrings at the veterinary hospital were I work.
I decided to donate all the money from sales to a local no kill animal rescue.
Since I have a ginormous stash of beads, I thought this would be a good way for me to support a cause I strongly believe in.
The Good News ... my earrings were a big hit and I was able to donate a significant amount of money right from the start.
I did manage to use some beads from my stash .
However, I kept finding really ,really great animal themed components to buy.
I have soooo much  fun searching for neat new  beads and charms !
Every week clients and co-workers look forward to seeing the new earring designs.
The Bad News... I  realized I needed  a way to pay for my supplies !
I did get a foot in the door of a brick and mortar store ,which has helped a lot
But, I like doing my own merchandizing . So I decided to take a chance and open a second ESTY  shop.
 ETSY  is a jungle of jewelry designers . It's easy to get lost and be swallowed up by lions ,tigers and bears ...oh my!
The completion is tough .There is some amazing jewelry for sale on ETSY!
I am  not making any Paris Runway ,OOAK or Glam designs .
I'm making fun stuff  people can wear everyday.
My earrings are not about making a fashion statement.
They are about making people smile.
I figure I can list 100 pairs for an investment of $20 .That seems worth a gamble .The only down hand is falling off after posting 24 listings!!!

So many lost and lonely dogs and cats need medical care and forever homes.
I hope my new venture will help support my "pairs for paws " fund
this week stop by and check out my new shop
Bead Happy !



  1. Good luck with the new venture and I love that you are helping the fur babies (as one of mom's cats is sitting on the keyboard as I write this). Have fun and good luck with those postings - I feel your pain :)

  2. Congrats! on all of the above ... working with a local animal shelter! a local store and opening an Etsy shop!! like me ... I just want to try to afford my expensive bead-a-holic tendencies!