Saturday, May 4, 2013

May ABS Challenge


If I had the time,I might spend hour after hour picking flowers from this painting.
I could gaze at this for hours and still find a new element to delight me .
And so many wonderful rich colors to choose from.
Is there such a thing as inspiration overload ?
I love making flowers .This month I almost wanted to make the entire vase full!
But, it is rather unpractical to spend 24/7 playing with clay and beads.
At least this is what my family tells me... LOL

Therefore, I decided to select just a few of my favorite elements and begin
I picked some shells and seed pods that were almost perfect matches.
And I found a large dragonfly that seemed just right.
Then I tried to duplicate my favorite flower,the striped one in the corner.
But, how would I pull it all together?
The elements made me think  of a collection of treasures saved as a reminder of a special life event.
Perhaps these could be mementos of a Summer love  ......
I decide to add a vintage escutcheon . 
For me peering though a key hole is a bit like peering into one's heart
A secret place that holds special memories......

A simple necklace with it's own untold story
Perhaps I will make up  a tale to go along with this piece
It may begin :
She agreed to meet him at the garden .The hidden one that grew so near the beach...........

This week imagine a memory
capture it in a piece of jewelry  
Bead Happy !


  1. so much thought behind this one! I love the idea of the key hole!

  2. Beautiful post and such an elegant design. The dangles tell a story in light and airy colors, and then the whole palette is elevated with that fantastic, deep red in the flower. Gorgeous!