Thursday, May 9, 2013

Something Old is New

My New Floral Cabochons

I love making polymer clay flowers. I have been making flower beads for a long,long time!I have also started making simple earrings to sell at the Animal Hospital were I work . I donate all of the profits to a local Animal Rescue .

It's been years since I made earrings to sell . Flower brooches and earrings were the creations that got me started on this journey.
Recently I sat making little floral cabochons to glue onto earring backs. Suddenly my muse slapped me up side da head !
Why not add some cabochons to my shop she said.

The market is  full of easy  to  use findings with nice little round plates for gluing.Just add a  tiny flower and voila instant accessory ! Perfect way to add some inexpensive items to a shop or craft show line up . Or invest a bit more time and add a small flower or two to mixed media pieces. Polymer clay is very light weight .You can you can create ginormous designs that remain wearer friendly .
I love combos of unexpected elements all nicely arranged  into wonderful wearable  ART .
I haunt ETSY  and yard sales for bits and pieces of  weird and worn stuff I can use in my jewelry.
Often the very best finds are broken,missing parts etc.
Who wants one earring and a lock with no key ?
I do ! Broken + Bargain  can = Beautiful Beadie collage !
Do you ever use found items in your designs?

Making flowers is Old news for me .
But ,  using them as cabochons is a New twist .
This week
turn something Old into something New
Bead Happy
m.e. .

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  1. Love your flowers ... such a sweet design. :) thanks for the bloggy support - so very appreciated! ... very rough day wrestling with Google ...