Monday, May 20, 2013

WiFi & Flowers

Bead Bouquet

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Nothing makes that quote more clear to me than the absence of my internet !
You don't know what you have until you lose it .
Besides my ETSY shop ,Pinterest and all things Beadie
My computer is my bookkeeper ,banker and link to  friends and family.
With internet access I have the world at my finger tips
Without it, I'm cut off from the sources that help run my world .
And I'm without many things that make me smile .
This week  my internet provider was down for almost 24 hours!
I was not happy !!! OK...I was in major melt down !
But the good news is, I used  my  unwelcome free time to make some extra beads .
I liked the flower style I created for the May ABS challenge so much ,
I decided to try it in a few more colors .
Before I knew it ,I had a bouquet full of flowers! Thanks for the inspiration ABS.

These are big focal type beads . I like them as simple pendants as well as components in more complicated designs.
I think a statement piece with a huge bunch of these flowers might be fun too.
But,that will have to wait....
I have lots of blogs and e-mails to catch up with !
This week enjoy your favorite cyber connections
and don't forget to
Bead Happy ,



  1. Gorgeous beads - love them! I know what you mean about not having internet - when they were digging out mom's flowers they cut the cable and we were without internet for a week. I just about died without it. How did we survive before internet? I am glad you were inspired to create those gorgeous flowers!

  2. The internet is great but its also a terrible time waster, there are always so many things I want to see! I bet you wouldn't have made all those beautiful flowers if you didn't have some down time lol.

  3. Really beautiful work! I know what you mean being cut off from internet! But I do seem to get a lot of things done when I'm not distracted by blogging and emails - ha!